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Some FAQs on Mentorship

real estate mentorship

Some FAQs on Mentorship

What is a mentor?

Most definitions from the internet state that a mentor influences, guides, and directs an individual in perfecting an interest that both the mentor and mentee have in common. From a business standpoint, they are individuals or experts who influence their personal and professional growth.

Why seek a mentor?

You probably heard from our podcast guests and me the importance of having a mentor. I can’t help to stress out time and time again its significance, especially to most beginners. Not only it feeds your brain with all these ideas in real estate investing, but it also saves you the time, trouble, and money in starting things on your own.

Is reading books enough?

Books help give you the desire and motivation to take the first step in immersing yourself in the real estate investing world. With thousands of them on the bookshelves, some proven, some are not; you’ll never know unless you try. Let’s say it’s from someone who has the reputation and credibility; mainly, the dilemma with the beginners is how they put this brilliant idea into action. If only the author could walk through and provide you enlightenment, especially when you encounter confusing steps. Even The Bible needs an interpretation.

How about YouTube or other social media platforms?

In the age wherein everything is dominated by screens, many of us go to these social media platforms like YouTube to seek knowledge and understanding of specific concepts. I mean, it’s great. We are using technology to our advantage—a virtual tutorial of almost everything that you can think. But something it lacks is the personal human touch that a video cannot provide. And know what you are dealing with in various scenarios. It’s almost there. If only it could answer and relate to your experiences in matters of the complexity of your localized situation.

Why pay when I can learn on my own?

We already heard the golden rule time is gold, right. It applies to mentoring as well. When we seek mentorship, the time allocated or spent to you is valuable to be just given away for free. We get the knowledge and experience they incorporate, which are like bank deposits accumulated through time. It would be right then that, in any shape or form, that we reciprocate the time and effort they spent in molding us into what we dreamt of becoming.

Are there any other alternatives aside from paying?

Yes, of course. But what you’ll be giving in return are your services wherein you could work for them initially and earn just in commission. One strategy that works is bringing deals to someone proven in the industry and split with them 50/50. Not only that you get to learn and earn with the expert, but you also get to have an individual connection itself. It’s a cheat code. Unlike the usual mentorships, you’ll be paying thousands of dollars for a mentor but still not having their number or personal touch. Working or splitting the profit with them is a no-brainer.

How do you know the right one?

Look for someone who knows your area and your niche. You could find these mentors usually in REI gatherings and social media groups. Associate with someone with that you can resonate, a person with whom you share the same vision, mission, and core values. The most important thing is a mentor who is a walk the talk guy who still crushes it on real estate, and the mentorship part is one of his arms in the business in sharing his success with others.

How about you, Steve? 

Definitely, yes. You learn and sharpen your skills with a sales trainer for some of the top wholesalers in the country. Who understands that everyone needs a different level of help at specific times. That’s why he has several options, all designed to take you from your current state to a new, elevated condition that passes your goals. He provides not only mentorship but also live and virtual sales training, courses, and workshops—all benefitting from a direct connection with him.

So don’t waste your time, effort, and money figuring things on your own. Reach out to a mentor and streamline your road to success.

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