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Interview with Josiah Grimes

Interview with Josiah Grimes

Josiah Grimes with KeyGlee Shares How They’re Wholesaling 80 Houses Per Month

Video Replay of Interview with Josiah Grimes

Podcast Replay of Interview with Josiah Grimes

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00:00:00 Hey everyone, thank you for joining us for today’s episode of real estate disruptors. Today we have Josiah Grimes with Keyglee and he’s here to share how Keyglee is doing 70 properties a month, and even peaked a couple of times over 80, which is astronomical. I came in. I imagine that if this is your first time tuning in, I’m Steve Trang, broker, owner of Stunning Homes realty, founder of the offer fast homes app, the only app you need for wholesaling. And I’m on a mission to create 100 millionaires, so please message me if you ever need any help with your business. If you’re excited for today’s show, please give me a wave, give me a thumbs up. And as a reminder, I do not charge anything for the show. There’s no I don’t make any money doing this. So here’s all I ask. If you’re getting value out of this show, please tell a friend by sharing this episode right now, tagging a friend below or tell me to best takeaway from the show later on. That way we can all grow together and don’t forget this is a live show, so please post your questions. Josiah will be happy to answer them for you. Cool. Ready? I’m ready to man. All right. What got you into real estate?

00:01:05 That’s a fantastic question. I love that question. I’m sorry. I always wanted to be an entrepreneur when I was like super little. So from like probably age, age for something like that, I was like lemonade stands, snack bars. Really? Yeah. All that fun stuff. Um, so any, any stuff like that. My mom owns a business which just kinda cool. That’s awesome. How we’re connected. Yeah. How we’re connected there. Um, so my mom owns a music school and so Steve’s kids go to the music school and yeah, it was, that was fun. But uh, yeah, so a lot of encouragement from my mom. Uh, you know, just in that space she had, she owned her own business. She was successful. Uh, so that was super fun. She would play like Rich Dad, poor dad on audio cds in the car. Really? Yeah. So that’s cool. Yeah, that’s super cool.

00:01:51 So, um, so always wanting to be an entrepreneur, a super excited just about business. Um, I was that guy that would sit there like in, in my high school classes or junior high classes and like literally I would just write out numbers so I’d be like, okay, so the business is going to look like this, like it’s going to look like this and then be like, okay, but that’s, this is the product we’re going to sell, the product will sell for $13 a piece. Okay. If I sell 75,000 of them are at numbers, look pretty good. Like that was like, that was my life. I started early. Yeah, 100 percent. So, um, yeah, that was my life, right? I just loved, I love business was always had a passion for it and interest in it. Um, and then when I was 17, so at 17 I was, even though I’d done all these little business things, I was still really quite naive as far as how a real business works.

00:02:41 There’s a big difference there between like what people think it is and then what it actually is. Right. Um, and so I went to, I went to an event, right, which is really just like a pitcher thought. Um, so I went to an event, met a lot of interesting people and really if you’ve ever been to an event like that, it’s basically you get an hour of, each speaker gets an hour and then they talk a little bit, they give a little bit of content and then the rest of the hour is just like a pitch, like selling something good. Motivated. Yeah. It’s like get motivated and then the way you’re going to make a million dollars is by buying this for 15 grand. I’ll see you in the back of that type of. You can write a book for 40 grand. I’ll help you, although the whole way.

00:03:17 Yes, exactly. I’ll help you the whole way. Awesome. So, um, yeah, exactly. So I went to that pitch on event and one of the guys talked about, he’s like, his whole thing was like, I will teach you how to take $10 and turn it into $10,000 in real estate. And I was like, wait a second here, hold on. You know, like I’ve Read Rich Dad, poor dad talks about it, talks a lot about being financially literate, but also talks about rentals and I was like, dude, like rentals costs a lot of money, you know, how do you make money in real estate if you don’t have money or. And so I actually asked the speaker, I was like, you mean like $10 or you can take $10,000 and make another $10,000? Right? And he was like, no, like $10. I was like, Dang. So, um, so the minimum number for consideration and state of Arizona, $10.

00:04:06 And so, uh, yeah, so I was like, Dang, that’s interesting. At the same time I was like, that might be false, you know, like he could be lying to me. Um, and so I went to a, I was talking to the guy that cuts my hair. Okay, that’s talking to the dude that cuts my hair. And I said, hey, you know, like this, this is my circle of influence here. These are the people that I, my advisors, right? That’s the guy that cuts my hair. I was like, Hey, so I was at this event and this guy said that he took $10 and made $10,000 in real estate. Right. Like, hey, have you ever heard of that? Does that make any sense? Like, that’s just fake, right? Uh, and like my hairdresser, a hairdresser, Barbara, whatever, without sort of advisors. That’s right. Boom. Okay. Board member.

00:04:46 Here we go. Uh, without missing a beat is like, oh yeah, I cut the hair of a guy that does it all the time. I was like, Dang. Okay. Well who is this guy? He was like, well, you know, I can’t give you. I can’t like give out his information or anything. Uh, but like he just started a company, a little company is called a clever investor. I think that they have like a social media platform, something like that. So I was like, okay, cool. Um, so anyhow, that led to a, uh, reached out. He, cody had just launched a or coding for those who don’t know, cody sperber, uh, but had just launched like a social media website. So before he had the education business, he was like, I want to make it big in the social media market and so lots of social media website for real estate investors.

00:05:32 And so I logged on and I was like, all right, I’m making an account. I was trying to be super active, a messaged cody directly and basically said like, hey, you know, I’m really eager to get started, blah, blah blah blah, blah. The guy that cuts my hair to also kind of like giving me a good word, you know, and said like, hey, it’s pretty cool. He might reach out to you through your platform or whatever. Uh, and so from there basically it was like a long, probably a few months of just like following and being like, hey. And then I bought the first version of like they had like someone, like a fast track is what the product’s called. So about the very first version of that with like all the money that I had a. and then I spent all the money that I had. And then, um, I was working for my mom at the time cleaning the music school and so I, I can’t remember, I think she might’ve forwarded me a couple hundred bucks to buy bandit signs because I was going to go put up bandit signs.

00:06:22 So. Cool. Yeah, it was fun. It was cool. He was, it was awesome. So, um, Bob and science and then, uh, essentially a cody gave me a call just to be nice and say like, Hey, you know, let me check in and help you out. Give me a call and said, hey, what, uh, you know, where you at, what are you working on? And I told him like, Hey, I’ve watched all the videos and I just, you know, trying to figure out how to apply this, right. How do I apply this in cody’s like, okay, well really what you need to do is you need to find somebody that you can kind of follow around or work for, for free, you know, so you need to go down to the auctions or something like that. Talk to somebody there and then find somebody who could work for, for free and they can teach you, you know, it’s worth working for them for free because I’ll teach you the game essentially.

00:07:01 Great. Because you don’t have a lot of money to invest in coaching, something like that. So do that. And I was like, well, could I just work for you for free? Like, hey, that sounds good. And he’s like, Nah, like I don’t really do that, you know, like that’s not my thing. Like I’m busy with my investment business, stuff like that. I’m just like, okay, cool. And so I just kept falling up and I said like, Hey, I’ve got, you know, 200 bandit signs here and like I’ll put them out for you for free. No, you just tell me what to do and then I’ll go like, put these out for you. Um, you know, I’ll go, I’ll do whatever, I’ll work for free, just tell me what to do. Uh, and so he’s like, okay, you got a shot, you know, like, meet me for lunch.

00:07:35 So I met him for lunch. Uh, and then God just like literally just hooked me up, open the door for me, I put out, I think like he gave me one property to sell, right. And it was a lease option a, so it was price like 125 percent of that market was a. and then you put, you put a certain amount of down, right? Or you put a certain chunk down is your option consideration and then they’re in the property for two years, then they can exercise their option a and then rent is also slightly higher than what a normal supermarket. Yeah. And so, uh, so yeah got, just hooked me up, I put out the signs, I got one phone call and that phone call. So I was like, okay, cool. So I drove out there and my dad’s car, right, like drove their Odesk, I think I was 17.

00:08:14 17. What year was this? A 2000. Ten? Yeah, 10 or 11 I think. Yeah, 10 or 11. So um, drove out there and uh, I think it was 10. Yeah. So drove out there anyhow, just for the details are important. So, uh, but drove out there, it was trying to be like super charming and nice. So yeah, I showed them the house and then uh, okay. And so cody had told me one thing, he’s like, if they seem interested, ask them like, do you want to see what this looks like on paper? And I was like, okay, I got that, I got that. That’s my line. Right. So we’re looking around in, okay, granted we walked in this house, smells like cat piss. It’s in Maryville, right? It’s not, not when I in that house I was like, isn’t that so? I’m like, Dang it.

00:08:57 Um, but they walked, they were walking around. There’s been a lot of time looking stuff, uh, you know, his whole family, super nice. And so they’re like, okay, well, you know, like, it’s pretty interesting. I was like, okay, well do you want to see what it looks like on paper? Right? Like that was my line. And they’re like, yeah. And I was like, okay, great, well let’s, let’s set a meeting, let’s meet at starbucks tomorrow morning and then I can show you everything on paper and get that all set up for you. And then you would just bring a rent deposit. Right? And so they’re like, okay, cool. So they just said like, shirt. It’s like this is amazing because easy. Yeah. So, uh, next day they are basically cody called or I called Kudos like, Hey, great news in Cody’s response at first was like, okay dude, like I don’t want to drive out to the starbucks in West Phoenix of like, these people aren’t legit, you know, like this is your first day on the real estate job, there’s a solid shot that you think these people want to buy it, but they don’t.

00:09:47 Right. So are there, are you sure that they want to buy it? And I was like, I mean, I think that I said you’re lying. You’re like, I think they want professional opinion is yes, yes. My professional or my nonprofessional opinion is yes. Right. Um, yeah, by non provisional opinion is yes. And so basically he’s like, okay, you know, like I’ll come out and like just do it, whatever it was, come out and see how it goes. So went out there, they had the check for like eight grand or something like that, sign all the paperwork and like cody, like looked over and he was like, all right, your money winter. And so then that’s job interview. Yeah. So that kicked off A. I’m working for free for cody for a little bit and yeah, it’s fun. So that was 2010 and you were still working under him or how long I worked.

00:10:36 So I was an intern, then I was employed and then I was a partner with cody and his investment business. So that was my progression through that. Um, and that was, that was a solid probably four or five years, something like that. Okay. And what Atlas Investment Start Atlas Investment started out. Dang, all these dates. I need to sit down and plan these out so that way I can accurately say them. Right. I’m alice investments maybe. Okay. Because there was Aptis, which I owned with cody, right. Then my own company when I branched off and did my own company. That was originally atlas. Right. So those are the first thing I did a. So that would have been to two or three years ago. Three years ago. Yeah. I think. And then that’s young thereafter. He kind of joined forces with hunter. Yes. Yes. So when I started my own thing than a hunter and I started working very closely together.

00:11:33 Essentially what happened was a Jamil was handling all acquisition, right? And then, uh, so he was sending, you know, sending me properties to sell or my, like, I was like, Hey, what does that mean, what does it mean to something else? So he was sending me properties to sell and then I was like, Dang, like this too, I can get. So all these houses, you know, like it’s do analysis. And so that’s when I said, hey hunter, I know that you have a great buyers list and you’ve really been developing this and you saw a lot of houses, you want to help a brother out. Right? Uh, so originally we all worked separately, we’re all like a separate, Jamil was bringing in properties and then hunter and I were selling them, uh, and then uh, about about two years now we incorporated into Kigali.

00:12:14 Yeah. So, okay. So, um, I’ll just rearrange the questions here. So I want to talk about how we met. Yeah. And I think this is a funny story is that we, you and I, we met at a meth house. Yes, we did. Okay. So I got this property tied up in a J. Nice, beautiful one acre lot. Trent, right? With this house. That was a manufactured home with an addition. Yep. With another house. Oh my gosh. Remember the addition in the back? Nice. Another house, another manufactured home. And then there was the tractor, a tractor with a trailer that was just parked there and no one knows who owned the trailer. Yep. So on talk to the homeowner as like, all right buddy, I understand that the guy in the front house was evicted or not evicted, arrested by the police a couple of days ago.

00:13:07 But here’s the thing, I’m not going in this house, so we need to get an idea of what the house looks like, but unless you get those people out of there, I’m not going in and he’s like, I can’t, I don’t know what to do. I don’t know what to tell you. So I called your meals like Jamil, look, I got this property, has an Aha, it’s crap hole. And we need to get inside. Was like Steve, I got it. Don’t worry about it. I’ve got this guy big dude. It’s like a bouncer. He’s got the holster where you can put the guns on both sides. Right? Okay. All right Jamie, all that works. So like let’s meet 1130, whatever. And I pull up 11, 25. I’m sitting there waiting, waiting, waiting. I was like, Jamil, it’s like almost 12:00. Like where’s your guy is like, bad news, man.

00:13:49 My guy bailed on me but I got this other guy. You’re going to be fine. Awesome. So fantastic. So I’m sitting there and waiting and I see you and hunter pulled out. I was like, okay, this guy is the opposite of the balancer with the two guns. Especially because we had a hunter. Do you like hunters? Like my little side Gig. That’s awesome. I think I get hot. Do you know how old hunter would have been then? I think he was like 19 at that time. Yeah. Yeah. Oh, that’s awesome. Yeah. So, but like Jamila is right. Like you’d knock on that first door. I talked to that lady walking around and took photos. I even walked into that house, uh, a teams out front. I was like, Nah, I’m good. You guys, you handle it. I’m going to wait up here for the homeowner. I was just chilling with hunter, right? Yeah. You’re the one doing all the hard work. So then you went there to trailer. I remember that. And then you went to the back house and I was like, okay. It partners in there for like 10 minutes. Either it’s safe or someone needs the rest of you seriously, or I’m dead. It’s just dead. So let’s go find out. So that’s when I eventually had the courage. That’s awesome. Yeah, I remember that house, but it’s crazy how we met. Okay.

00:14:51 So one of the things we’re talking about was one of the benefits you guys can provide to new guys. Yeah. Right. So if you’re new in the wholesale world, this is somewhat intimidating from the outside looking for is. Yeah. Yeah. So what, what kind of service do you have for like the new guys? Yeah, so the biggest, I think the biggest thing that I struggled with when I was like starting in real estate and this is like, I have some, I have a couple very key examples of this, but you know, like the enticing part is like, okay, I can take $10 and make $10,000. That sounds awesome, right? Like sweet, like I’ve got 10 bucks, you know, I would rather have $10,000, I’m down. Right. So, uh, as far as that goes, wholesaling is a pretty easy pitch, right? Like most people want to do that.

00:15:34 It’s the get rich quick scheme, but real. Yeah. But real seriously it’s like winning the lottery. Um, and so that part’s great. Right? Like, that part’s awesome. When you don’t realize is it’s $10 with the promise that you’re going to buy somebody’s house. Yeah. Right. And then if you don’t perform like you just straight up lied to that person. And that sucks. Like, sorry, that part’s not fun. So um, it’s Kinda like a little bit of a bait and switch because you’re like, oh, 10 bucks, I got that. They’re like, oh, well, you also have to tell someone that you can buy their house. Like, well I have tend to, I’m in this because I got 10 bucks, you know, like, because I have it now because I have hundreds of thousands of dollars to buy them. So, um, so that was a big struggle when I first started.

00:16:17 It was like, Dang, sure I can get the house under contract, but you know, where am I at morally here if I’m telling someone I’m going to buy their house, they’re moving their stuff out of the house. They’re planning. Yeah, they’re planning money’s already spent or they put a deposit on some place to go next. Um, yeah, just, you know, all of that stuff that comes with moving right that you would normally do. Um, and especially back then because like all of our contracts were like 30 day closes in like 29 day inspection periods, which like don’t do that. Okay. If you’re starting out in wholesaling and you do not have a solid dispositions line, like don’t act, don’t have your inspection period, go all the way up until the day before close unless you want like a really pissed off seller if you have to cancel. Not a good move.

00:17:01 Yeah. But that was a big issue, right? Was like Dang a, as Josiah, I don’t go into these houses, I don’t feel comfortable telling us to buy his house if I’m pulling up into kind of a beat up car and I don’t have the money, you know, to fulfill in this. Uh, so one of the big things that we do now that we’ve been super successful with and uh, I’m really happy and proud that I get to do this. Um, but, and it works great. Like it’s a win, win win. But for like, you know, guys that are guys that are out there and they’ve got the 10 bucks, right? And they got the 10 bucks, they have some time to go door knock or to dial or to whatever. We’ve been in science, make bandit signs, right? Yeah. Uh, you know, then we were like, we step into either backer.

00:17:45 Right. And so they hit us before they go to appointment. They say, Hey, uh, this is the property, what can you pay for this? And I said, that’s my binder, like this is my number. Um, and then I think we might be able to sell this, sell it for a little bit more. If we do, we’ll split that, right. We’ll split that bit over it. That way they know they’re going out there with like a bonafide by number, right? Yeah. And then they’ve got to buy a number. They know if we sell it for, you know, chunk more we can do, there’s maybe a cool split there. Um, uh, but yeah, it’s just like, it makes it easier, um, or it makes it great for them. Right? They’re able to go out and feel comfortable that when I tell this guy I’m going to buy this house for 150 grand, right, that

00:18:23 I’m actually going to buy it, you know, like, we’re actually gonna close. So. And that’s it. It solves, like you said, like a great issue you have as a new agent. Like you don’t have a buyer’s list. Right. So now they’ve already figured out the wireless problem. Yep. These guys figured out that the distress sellers. Yeah. So it solves their problem, like they get halfway there much faster. Yeah, absolutely. Uh, so that’s a really cool service. So let’s just kind of elaborate on that. So I got a property tied up as a waitress. I got this appointment at 3:00 today, um, and it’s one, two, three main street, text it to you and then about to like 30 seconds to five minutes later say, hey, this is a, this is what we think we can sell for, or this is our by number or this will will pay for it. Yeah. So that’s great service guys. If you don’t, you guys should definitely check this out. Um, all right, so what are three things you would tell a new guy to do if they were getting started getting started? Two or three things to, to tell them. That’s awesome question. That’s a fantastic question. Um, so there’s lots of different ways to bring in properties.

00:19:31 Yeah, there’s lots of different ways. I think a huge thing is like networking and getting to know people that’s important. So you have to network with people, you have to network up, right? If somebody asks you to get a cup of coffee, probably not worth it, not worth it. Um, whereas, uh, if you like strategically say like, Hey, these are like Steve here in Phoenix. Okay. Steve’s like stud, like he does an awesome amount of business here, runs an amazing brokerage. I appreciate that. Yeah, absolutely. So that would be somebody that would say like, hey, I want to connect with Steve, how can I do that? And then to do it in a way that adds value, so to say like, Hey, Steve wanna, grab coffee. Okay, well if you’re just getting started seizing, be like a bro. Like I love you, you know, you’re great, but I don’t, I’m not getting anything out of it.

00:20:17 Go, we’re going to get coffee with you. So that doesn’t really work. Um, whereas like what we tell a lot of guys is like, Hey, if you have, you know, because our focus is mainly on the sales side, right? The dispo side, that’s what we focus on. Um, and so it’s like, you know, people will say like, Hey, I want, you know, want to grab a cup of coffee. Like, okay, well meet us out at the house, you know, like use that when we’re looking at a house, we can walk through it. Um, you know, like in that way it’s like we’re already working, they’re just showing up to meet and then they’re going to, you know, they’ll get something out of it. Right. I’m that way. There’s value both sides. So just you want to create value or real like figure out a way to bring value to those situations or show up where they’re already getting value.

00:20:54 So like if, if. Okay guys, so if you want to hunt down Steve. Okay. Like, you know, Steve is going to be at a particular meetup every, you know, every first Thursday of the month. Okay. So that’s a great opportunity because Steve’s going to be there because it’s already value for him. Right. So that’s a great place to meet Steve. Whereas if you’re like, Hey Steve, can I get coffee? I mean if somebody just consistently pings me to get coffee, I’m like, I love you. Sorry. No, like I love you. I’m busy. You know, like, that doesn’t get anywhere, but if you, if. So that’d be like one of the biggest things for guys that are just getting started. So now workup is now workup and then do it in a way where like they’re already there for value and so you’re a bonus, right?

00:21:33 Yeah. We didn’t use a bonus. That’s, I think the way to do it. Um, because some guys are like, man, no one wants them to give me coffee or get coffee with me. It was like, well Duh, you know? So, um, that’s a big thing. Uh, and then I think another thing that especially younger people don’t realize is that we’re as humans, I think they’ve done actually like decent amount of studies on this, but we’re more motivated by the fear of loss than like potential then potential gain. Right? Right. And so I think a lot of new entrepreneurs just in general, but also a lot of new real estate investors when they’re starting, they, the reason why there’s not as many successful real estate investors as there should be. No, besides like lack of good training and stuff like that. Yeah. Is really because uh, they’re, they’re, they’re not realizing that as a human you’re going to be more concerned with what can I lose?

00:22:24 Right. So like if you have to dial, you know, if you’re going to dial for two hours every night calling people and that means you’re going to lose two hours with your family, you’re going to really start to think about that as a regular human being. After about a week, you’re like, Dang, I’m losing two hours of family time every night. Now obviously you’re doing that for your family, right? And you’re doing that and that’s eventually gonna reverse and it’s going to be well worth it. Uh, but when you’re first doing it, you just gotta realize like as a human, you’re going to say like, Dang, this sucks. Right? And how can I avoid this loss? It’s to suck because I slept for a while. Yeah, it’s going to suck and it’s going to be awesome. Right? Yeah. So I think that’s the biggest thing is people don’t realize like we’re naturally more concerned with what can we lose as humans. Uh, whereas an entrepreneur has to consistently remind themselves I’m in it for this game, like I’m in it for this game. So yes, I’m taking a loss, but that’s okay. I’m going to for this.

00:23:17 So, um, and I think one of the things that I find interesting about the way you guys do business too is you guys have kind of taken this, um, you know, I like to, I like to look at it as a Ritz Carlton Nordstrom’s customer service feel as applied to the wholesale.

00:23:32 Yeah. Which is weird. Very nice, very nice, very nice. And you know, seasons, literally I tried to grab a bunch of stuff from the way four seasons, four seasons and Dutch Bros. Okay. YOu ever go to dutch bros? Okay. Like everYbody, there is way to have. It’s always a party. Yeah. It’s always a party. So a dutch bros in four seasons. Both of those. You walk like four seasons. You show up and you’re more taken care of then you are anywhere else. So yeah. So, uh, I was really impressed when I walked in because I was walking in, oh, this is a starbucks cup, but I had another cup just from my office and I walk in and kevin’s like, hey, you know, glad you can come in and watch you have a seat, let me get you a bottle of water and you’ll need a top up or a top off your coffee.

00:24:11 I was like, where am I freaking love it. This is not a wholesale operation. I love it. So let’s talk about how you applieD service to your business. Yeah, I love that. Um, yeah, I love that. So I think it definitely starts with like our hiring mission and the type of people that we hire, right? So I’m asleep. Nobody told kevin to be ridiculously nice. People when they come in the door, seven just does it Because he’s an awesome person, right? You just the nicest guy ever. Um, and so, uh, when we hire like the real mission, I’m like behind our hiring is like, or the belief that god’s given everybody like an individual plan and purpose for their life and god’s given us this company to grow his people for that purpose. So when they come in, they should obviously learn real estate, can be at the top of their craft in that area, but then also be growing as people, right?

00:25:08 And sO like love, love begets love, right? So if there, if you have that great culture, if you’re able to cultivate that culture where people can love each other and that’s a regular thing, then when somebody walks in, they’re walking into that culture, right? So it’s more, it’s more stirring up the culture and the correct way than it is. Hey, when somebody waLks in the door, be nice, wouldn’t quite work. That’s kind like when like, oh, we’re having a party, we got to clean up the house. Yeah, exactly. right. Okay. So you’re hiring a intentionally or selectively the people that you’re bringing into the culture. Yeah. So why is that important though, right? Because there’s a lot of wholesalers that are very, um, what was it, transactional versus relational? Why are you guys different? That’s a great question. So, okay, I think this is one of our, one of our very awesome strengths and it’s what helps us be so good at dispo, right?

00:26:06 As did at selling houses for like wholesalers that are bringing them in. And so, uh, and that’s because like our guys stay around, right? and it’s because they’re taking care of, uh, the, like their one super appreciated and loved, like I love everybody that we have in our office and they want to see the team succeed and grow. But then also when somebody Is around longer, they can build a better relationship with the buyer. Right? Like if somebody, if you’ve known somebody for two years and they’ve always been the same, the always been consistently like loving kind. Nice. You’re way more comfortable like buying a house from that guy. Yeah. Versus somebody that just shows up, like sends you a text blast and was like, yo, here’s, here’s a, here’s this property you want to buy it. It’s like, I don’t know this person. So it’s like, it’s absolutelY strategic in that one.

00:26:59 That’s the type of culture I like, right. That’s the type of company I want to run a where I can feel proud of it. And just like love walking into work in talking with people. Yeah. So, uh, yeah, so for the culture aspect, but then also very strategically for longterm growth. And then also in real estate, I mean, it takes, it takes a couple of years to get very proficient, you know, to understand even just understanding, uh, like the jargon right now, obviously you can have success if you’re okay if you’re watching this right. and you’re like, dang, I don’t got, I don’t have two years, you know, to spend to get my first deal. That’s not the case, right, that’s not the case. Uh, but to get to a very high level of professionalism in real estate where you like on the edge, that can take some time, you know what I mean?

00:27:43 So to get the two houses a day. Yeah, you can take Some. Yeah, it takes some time. Right. AnD so, uh, that’s what we, that’s why we need a, that’s where we want that culture is because we need these guys to stick around because they have to go through all of that training to really build it up so that they can provide a very high level service to our buyers. Right. And then, uh, yeah, provide a very high level service to our buyers and just be at that level. And then, uh, this may be an uncomfortable topic, but what a fantastic with your organization right now. I mean you’re doing predominantly disposition. Yep. But you’re, you’re, you’re in all in the same building, right? Primarily. Yep. I’m keeping the lights on. Keeping the operations writing. What does that cost per month? It’s expensive, man. That’s expensive.

00:28:29 Um, I always defer all financial questions to hunter. Okay, so he’s the one with the glasses? Yeah, he’s the one with the glasses. All right. He’s also the one I gave most of the time. I dressed up for steve kay. I appreciate that. But on this blazer, my white v-neck, I never wear it because I was spill stuff on white shirts. Um, yes I just received but uh, at the office and I’m in shorts and a shirt, tee shirt or whatever. Right. Hunter shows up. He’s got like custom fitted freaking custom fitted shirts, pants. His shoes are like from a san antonio in new York, flies to New York and has some custom made it nice. It’s a good taste meant. Uh, so yeah, I do for all financial, financial aspect questions to hunter, but it’s a lot. Okay. It’s a lot of money. I mean round numbers a rally. It’s like a lot. It’s a lot. Okay. And that’s because we want to invest in our people, right? We want, we want it to a, we want this to be the best opportunity for them. Sure. We don’t want this to be like, ah, I’m working here because I liked the culture. But really I could get paid more somewhere else. We want it to be like, I like this culture and this is the legitimately the best spot for me to be in. Okay. Yeah.

00:29:42 So what would you attribute your success to? Because this is a competitive market, right? You guys are standing out. Thanks. Well, not just standing up dominating. So thanks. So what, what do You attribute your success to? Um, that’s an awesome question. So, um, I think it’s like an umbrella, right? So the top of the umbrella. I absolutely attribute it to god. God just awesome. He’s super, I could tell you tons of stories about that. Yeah. So I think under that, like he gives us a lot of, um, like a lot of things to work with, right? And where he’s like, hey, here’s an idea, right? That I wake up with. I’m like, that’s a good idea. Like, awesome, let’s try that. All right. um, but I don’t think it’s a. So obviously we always want, we’re always trying to think how can we, how can we do this better?

00:30:31 Right. Um, but I think really the biggest thing is how we handle relationships. So real estate people don’t. People think it’s like a, you know, a property business rarely, oh I have to deal with properties and that’s part of it, but it’s really relationships. Like it’s really how you interact with different people. Like one of, one of the biggest things that we teach the disposition guys and this was something that I had to learn. So for everybody that’s a new or getting started, this is like useful, is that I’m like, you’re not customer service when you get on the phone. People want to buy from their best friend. Yeah. So how do you, how are you interacting with your best friend? Right. Are you friends on facebook? Probably. Alright. Are we, you know, do I like your instagram pictures? Probably. All right. Do we go out and grab food or something?

00:31:21 every now and then? Probably when we answered the phone, do I say like, hello? This is dodododododo at [inaudible] like, no, right. I Said, what’s up man? What’s up? Good. Looking like how are we doing? It’s fun, right? It’s fun. It’s relaxed. It’s goofy, you care about the person genuinely, you don’t sell them a house if it’s not going to be a good fit for them and their family. And So that builds a lot of repeat. It gets really relationships. It builds a lot of repeat business. Um, that’s like the majority of our business is repeat business obviously. We always have new, a new macro cloonan yeah. So, um, you know, agaIn, going to some of us would love to have 10 a month. Right? Then you get to like 30 than 50, 60, 70. And you’re like, you said earlier you picked at 80 a couple of months.

00:32:08 yeah. What are some of the pains along the way of my gash to get there? All types, all types. I will say I’m somewhere between like one. Okay. Obviously if you have zero, that’s the worst case because I was like, this sucks. And so somewhere between one and fIve, a like somewhere between one and five. That’s where I think it’s the worst because, or at least that’s where it was the worst for me because it was like, dang you. That’s when you have two properties and astro and maybe a third, but then one’s fallen out and you’re like losing your mind, you know? Yeah. It’s just stressful, right? So it’s not fun. Um, that’s where I was like, I don’t know about real estate but just kinda sucks like this. I don’t know if I like this. So, um, I think that’s like the toughest part.

00:33:00 And then just knowIng that, like when that comes about, like it’s okay and it’s not going to be that stressful. Yeah. Right. Like, it really isn’t a. And then a big part of it is like who you choose to do business with. So never be never. You should be on offendable, right? So if somebody treats you incorrectly, you should never be like, ah, I’m not doing business with you. Right? Like, that’s nOt, that’s not what I mean at all. Um, but you should never be a. So you should never be offendable or somebody can say something that you need to get bad. so I’m not going to do business with you, but you can strategically choose to do business with people that aren’t going to call you screaming, right? That aren’t going to make things terrible. uh, but when you’re doing one to five, you just kind of do the deals, you know what I mean?

00:33:43 So that’s the, that’s like the tough sticking part. And then, uh, yeah, there’s, I mean there’s definitely a process to it, but then it gets, you know, where five I like obviously now. But um, even when it was just me, like there was a point where I had like five in the pipeline. It was like, oh wow, like this is kind of low. but also I had, I didn’t know I had time, I wasn’t worried about title or anything like that. Like I could get all that done and be focused on other things. Whereas it took, it took me awhile to get there. Whereas, you know, when I was first starting, if I had like two deals in escrow, I was losing my mind just trying to handle those two. Like, how could I ever get, you know, how could it, how could anybody ever do like, it’s impossible.

00:34:24 It’s impossible to do more than two. Right. So I think that’s the toughest part is getting past that once you’re past that, um, a lot of guys will sit between like eight and 15 a month or eight and 12, something like that. So a lot of guys hanging out in that area and I was like good healthy business, right? I think at that point you have to decide do I want to start hiring for longterm, you know what I mean, like, do I want to start hiring for longterm because then you can start turning over some of your high, high level roles. Whereas if you, if you don’t, you can run a one man show and have like a revolving door and do between eight, you know, like eight to 12 deals a month pretty consistently, right? Yeah. You’re just always going to be pretty dang actively involved in that business. So. And then after that it just goes.

00:35:12 So I mean, you guys, I think we’re doing like around 32, beginning of the year, right? Beginning of this year.

00:35:19 Ah, okay. That we were, we’ve been pretty consistent. I think we were above 50 of getting of this year.

00:35:27 Okay. So then let’s just say last year when you were in a 30 to 40 ranch. Yeah. What’s the difference? What’s the difference between a 30 to 40 range to now the 60 to 80 range?

00:35:36 Um, really it’s the,

00:35:38 the education of and the fact that they’re just insanely awesome but of the employees. So, uh, now I don’t have to handle, you know, things that like before, like if a title issue comes up or something happens, I need to be there, rIght? Like I am the one that has to say like, yeah, do this, now that’s not the case. Right. So now if I don’t find, go to the office, like it’s taken care of, like there’s, I don’t know how many files and pending right now. Right. And I don’t even Know. I really don’t know what’s going on. And it’s because, uh, you know, the employees are now at a very, like they’ve really worked hard and they’re at a high level where they can handle that stuff. So, uh, the new. There’s a question from somebody here. Do you do any business in North Carolina?

00:36:17 Uh, okay. So we’ve looked at North Carolina. I liked that market. Um, we were rigHt now we’re focused on, we rolled out in Florida so we’re doing more there. Um, so it’s on its insights in our sites who eventually we’ll get there. Currently we’re not doing any in North Carolina though. Okay. All right. So for encino buyers because he was wondering how you could partner with you. So right now I can’t really do love it, so unless you want to expand out to Florida or Arizona and I mean it’s pretty nice right now. It’s time of year. It’s not bad. Not bad at all. Not bad at all. So. Alright. So uh, being that your business is predominantly disposition a, what would you tell a new guy on how to build his buyers list? How to build? Okay. So first. Yeah, yeah, after, yeah, after keighley, right.

00:37:03 I think that’s cool, right? I think, uh, I think you can, you can strategically choose how you want to do it, right? It’s never bad to have a few pocket buyers, um, by any means so that you can strategically choose, like there’s a lot of guys that do more deals because they use us to sell all of their properties. um, and then there’s some guys that are like, yo, I get one deal every six months, you know, I want a couple of pocket buyers to hand it over to stuff like that. So I think that’s good. Um, so like with that said, best way to get there is different types of buyers, right? And the ones that you want, ones that are proven buyers, so they’ve purchased a. So you can do that two ways. One, you can see if they’ve purchased in cash, right?

00:37:44 Which is great cash or hard money. Um, so you can pull those, call those people, you know, reach out to them and all the different different ways and then start to build that long term relationship. And then the biggest thing is just being diligent in that, right? I think that’s, that is the biggest thing is, uh, we’re insanely diligent about that, right? Like we don’t miss a beat when, when it comes to that and overtime that pays in really big dividends, right? Um, and it attracts other people, right? Then you start to build a presence, everything like that. We have a lot of, uh, you know, now we have a lot of investors out of state, out of country that are like, oh, hey, we heard about you. Right? Then you build the next bill’s. Yeah. Then stuff starts to come to you and it just builds on itself. It’s like you hit a tipping point and then it starts to be more exponential. Right? So that’s like what you’re headed for it. but the way you do that is just diligence. So then you, you’re looking at lsc is I bought in the area. Yeah.

00:38:38 Uh, you can say, you can post a couple of different different ways. We have a tool that um, that does it, but on a monsoon here in phoenix, he’s monsoon basically if you’re in tax records state that if you’re not, sometimes the data provider will actually have the data for you. And then you’re looking for cas. Hold on. Got this cash purchases a or hard money purchases. Yeah. Yeah. So you just pull up, pull the list for both of those. Find the llc. If you’re in phoenix, acc.gov, you can pull up the llc in Arizona. Yeah, there’s no secrets in Arizona. You can literally just pull it up. See who owns it. Yeah. Uh, yeah, I grabbed their name. All their information’s there. Sometimes their phone number’s listed there. Their email.

00:39:23 Alright. So you can skip. Trace them, knock on their door. So it’s just. Yeah, it’s crazy. What’s crazy, what’s available? Public records. Okay. So sourcing deals, you guys get a lot of deals brought to you, right? What percentage of your deals are other wholesale is bringing to you? What percentage of your deals are you guys sourcing?

00:39:42 Yeah, that’s like basically all other wholesalers. Okay. So that’s our main thing.

00:39:49 So then how do you connect with those other wholesalers and how do you connect to people that will want to bring it up?

00:39:56 Deals. Um, you go on awesome podcasts like one, you know, like this, it, steve training might run, I don’t know, presented a lot of networking, right? Yeah. That’s pretty much do meals, forte. So, um, a lot of networkIng, going to meetups, especially high level meetups. I think there’s definitely different levels of meetups where you can, after time you can figure out like these are were like high level performers are going to be and these ones are fun, but they’re, you know, there’s not a lot of performers there. Maybe one or two or none. Yeah. And so, uh, yeah, just a lot of meetups we get a lot of people referred to us honestly, whIch is amazing. Um, and yet really that’s like the main, the main chunk of, of how we bring in those types of

00:40:43 leads and jamila is, is an amazing, amazing networker is so unassuming. He just relaxed because flip flops on, just chill was a cup of coffee. Yeah. But like, I’m calling people like, hey, you know, I’m looking for some deals. You got any things, like I said, I’m everything in the job. I was like, ugh, jusT come on, just tell us a. Okay. So hunter, I understand there’s a lot of the operations as far as the, the escrows and so on. You guys have a system you guys like to use.

00:41:13 Um, so we use, you mean as far as how we keep track of all that. So he’s podio and then connected to global flow. We have some in house tech guys that make that all masterful. Awesome. Because at a certain, a certain point, like really for a long time you can just use podio, you know what I mean? Or you can set up any of functionality you want with globiflow globiflow at yourself. LIke it’s pretty simple. Um, but at some point it’s like, okay, this is like too much work. We need somebody that actually knows how to write this and make this flow correctly. Um, but yeah, podio and globiflow. Okay. And then I’m just gonna do a shameless plug for an escrow officer that you. And I both use. Cool. Cool. So what is critical to you about the escrow officer that you work with?

00:41:55 Oh my gosh, that’s such a good question. Okay. Uh, and especially because we’re doing deals in Florida where we don’t have, like we’re, we’re just, we’re finding out which title companies are great, which ones aren’t. So there’s a lot, right? Obviously they have to be comfortable with assignments, double closes and then the other thing is you have to check to make sure that they’re doing them with other investors and have been doing them for a while. So just because they know how to do an assignment does not mean they to have the conversation when the seller comes to sign. Right, right. Or streamline it. Yeah. Or streamlining or that they’ve, you know, staff knows how to do it. Yeah. Their staff knows how to do it. I’ve also had like a signers, you know, when we’re not at our chosen title company, be like, oh, so they’re, you know, they’re making.

00:42:40 So you’re selling this for this much. well they’re making 45, you know, they’re making $41,000. That’s not fair. That’s not fair. What you’re like, what do you like your title, you’re a third party, you know, we, we’re doing. Um, and so yeah. And obviously we always want to make it as fair as possible. So, uh, but with that, so you want to make sure they have some experience too, right? So because they can say that they can do them but then not know how to have the part that comes with experience or the conversations and that’s what you really care about the conversations or how they, how they drop the hud write different stuff like that. Um, you know, were the fees listed is right at the time, was it at the bottom are you know, adjusting the purchase price to include the assignment or not included these, just like all of the little details like that.

00:43:25 So just You want to make sure that they have. Because that can make or break a deal all 100 percent or, or just make you go a lIttle bit insane. Right? Because then the sellers calling you and you’re like a firefighting. Yeah. You no reason. Yes. When you should be having dinner with your family. Yes. And when you want to do a high level of a high number of deals, then like once you times that by 10 it really matters and it really matters and it also really matters when you have one deal and if it doesn’t go through then you’re like, I can’t pay rent matters too. So that was a big deal. Yeah. So to answer [inaudible] question, so we use magnus title, we use a carry persons and then it could be with a, I think title east or fta. Uh, either way.

00:44:06 Carry title west. Yeah. West title west, sorry. West or fda. So carrie does an amazing, amazing job. We all her. Yeah. Uh, so what are you going to do if the market dips do good question. Moved to The Bahamas. Call it a day. No, I’m juSt jokIng. Okay. Sorry. Wholesaling in Bahamas. that sounds great. Sounds awesome. Yeah, I think about that a lot. Um, and it’s kind of, I, I, you know, obviously normally like every eight to 14 years we’ll see some type of correction in the market. Yep. So that’s, or some type of downturn in the market, right. So we normally have a bull market for about eight to 14 years. I think 14 is like the longest we’ve had period, like where it’s been a bull market and then we normally have about a two year bear market. Uh, and so that’s expected. Right.

00:44:52 So we’ll definitely bump into that so it makes no sense not to be ready for that. Um, so when it, uh, when it does hit though, it doesn’t always necessarily affect real estate directly, so it’ll be interesting to see how it does this time around, uh, how it affects real estate. So depending on, depending on what happens, there’s a lot of different options, right? Uh, so, uh, if it tanks in real estate’s really cheap, like we’ve made sure that we have the cash reserve to really capitalize on that opportunity. Like I really hope, I don’t hope that happens, but I really hope that that happens.

00:45:25 Seeing as how you and I cut her teeth during the recession. Yeah. We feel like we’re better prepared this time. Yes. Okay. We missed out last time. I was like, oh, there’s all great deal. Yeah. This other, this other house for $40,000 I can’t afford. Yeah, I know. Seriously, 100 percent. I remember

00:45:38 like being. I remember being driven to a. Like it was in, my mom was driving, we were going, I was going to high school, right. I was going to, I don’t know, 11th grade or something like that. Seem like a super 11th or twelfth. Seem like super cheap house and be like, I know I should buy that. Yeah, dang. I was like, I wonder how I could get money together to buy that. But at that point you don’t know anybody. Right, right, right.

00:46:00 You know, zero money guys, you know, so it’s just. Yeah. So I’m corey, our friend corey gary. Yeah. He tied up a property last week and I saw it and it was over on thomas. Cool. Right. And he’s like, arv is 1:50, one 60. I got a title 120. He’s like really happy and I’m looking at that because I know that address. Yeah. Because as an reo agent, I sold one of those properties for $10,500 a head am. I bought that five. How good at it right now? It hurts. It hurts. Yeah. No. So that’s our, that

00:46:33 that’s easy. You can also be a short sale clearinghouse. Uh, you can work really well with oreos. Um, there’s a lot of different, you know, there’s a lot of different options depending on how it’s affected.

00:46:43 And a good thing is your licensed, so you, you’re, you’re even more tools at your disposal. Yeah, yeah, exactly. And I mean even fix and flippers, everything gets better when the market does it. Yeah, right. Well the margin has a better. Yeah, everything’s better. So yeah. So I’m pretty excited. Okay. So what is your biggest struggle right now?

00:47:04 BiggeSt struggle right now. So really the bIggest struggle I think is we’re trying to, uh, we’re trying to roll out a. We really want to, like eric make our model airtight, right? so that when we drop it in, some new market just rolls out. Right. And it’s like

00:47:21 fascinating. Beautiful. It was impossible. So yeah, I kNow seriously. Okay. That’s why we took it head on or like, we’ll do that. So that’s,

00:47:30 that’s the, that’s the biggest challenge is, and you know, at every time, like in Florida, right when we were allowed to roll out in any market. Uh, so we’re in tampa, orlando, miami, looKing at jacksonville, which will be fun. But uh, so every time we roll out we’re like, okay, cool. Add this and add this, right? This needs to change, this needs to change and this will get us to like x number of deals faster. Right? So that’s the, um, that’s the, like, the biggest thing that we’re working on right now is really honing that in making an airtight. Interesting. So should we have a stunning homes, Florida that I’m just saying, I wouldn’t complain when a complaint. uh, what is your superpower?

00:48:11 That’s an awesome question. Awesome question. Well, I have red hair, so I’m digging that. I think god, I was like, thanks. God got cool. Red hair superpower. I think the thing that I enjoy, I think the thing that I enjoy the most, or maybe like a superpower is actually like building a culture. Right? And really like what, what do we have to pull in together or what do we have to act like, how do I have to act as a leader, right. Or what is needed in order to make this, that culture. We want it to be a where People can really thrive and do well. All right. Very cool. Very cool. And then obviously, like I said, I’ve experienced this right. Thanks. Walking into your office and he’s a, what is the greatest lesson you’ve learned? The greatest lesson. Oh man. Oh, okay. I think dana, there’s so many lessons. Should’ve prepared for this. Just the biggest one. No, no pressure. Yeah, no pressure. Just the biggest one. I love it.

00:49:07 I think something that’s super important and that bogs down a lot of younger entrepreneurs or just starting not necessarily younger, right? Because you could, you could be a startup entrepreneur and be like 85. Okay, that’s awesome. I got a hands off, like not or like hats off to you. That’s awesome. Um, and so, uh, I think the biggest thing is like you get bogged down with stress just like day to day stress. And so like, if somebody, if it seems like a life ending situation, uh, it’s definitely not. And then also will you have to remember is that most people sell a house like one, two, three times in their entire life. So we’re experts at the thing that causes the most stress for the majority of the population. Yeah. So since we’re experts, it doesn’t have to stress us out as much as it stresses them out and so we’re going to get a lot of that overflow of that stress. Like they sell one, two or three of these and it’s like a big chunk of their wealth or their savings, they’re going to have a lot more stress than we are where this is like, like dealing cards, right? This is our regular day to day. Yeah. Day to day. So I think the biggest thing is just a not holding onto that street, like just giving that up, not, not worrying. Right. So it’s interesting. Yeah. Uh, what is your favorite best or most interesting failure? Favorite, best or most interesting failure.

00:50:29 Dang, that’s tough. Every time I think of like failing. Okay. Um, let me think.

00:50:38 I tried, so I like trying to think of failure as a positive thing. Um, for the most part at least almost always is. Yeah, I don’t. It almost earned even kind of always is. So I’m trying to think of one where I was like, dang, you know, that was a, that was a bummer. I don’t know. There’s a ton man. Yeah, I’m trying to think of something that would be substantial. Most of the time it’s little stuff, you know what I mean? Like most of the time it’s a like, You know, I had a phone call, like my first phone call with a buyer, right. I was like straight and this kind of had, you know, a couple million dollars to spend. That was the info that I had on the person was like I have a couple million dollars that they want to spend to buy properties. And then I was 17 at the time and some guys like work jobs.

00:51:22 I was a gymnast and then went to a prep school and so I didn’t have, like, I never took phone calls ever. Right. Or made phone calls, so to make a phone, I don’t even know what to say, you know, like, it was weird and so I was just so insanely nervous and butchered the crab call. Alright. I just stuff like that, you know what I mean? Where it’s like, oh gosh, like what was I think or um, or like showings, right? It took me a long time to crack the code on how to do a good showing where the sellers at the house and you know, we’re bringing buyers. Right? And so that’s always an interesting situation. That’s always an interesting question there, right? Lots of wildcards. They’re selling you the house for 1:20, you’re selling it to your buyer for 1:30, right? Or 1:29, nine or whatever.

00:52:07 And they can’t talk to each other, bUt you can’t make it weird. So it’s like a dance. So I think a lot of fun failures in that area. Uh, and that’s all good, right? You learn from them and you’re like, oh cool. And now we’ve got a pretty airtight and how to do that again. Yeah, yeah. Uh, no one wants to know, are you licensed? I am licensed. I’m licensed with uh, my man steve over here at stony homes. As much appreciated. What book have you given more than any other? Oh dang. Okay. It’s the bible. Straight up. I have a, I’m like, I can do some good business supplier. Seriously. I can give you some good business ones that I liked a lot too. Okay. Um, but yeah, I actually have a box of you can buy it for like 37 bucks. You can buy like a ton of bibles. Right. And so, uh, and I just hand those out like with like $5 bills to like homeless people and stuff. So it’s definitely the bible, but uh, uh, as far as like business book that I think would be useful. Um,

00:53:06 dependIng on what, like where you’re at, obviously there’s like the greats which are like thinking grow rich, stuff like that one that I like, I really like from this year is thinking fast and slow. That’s freaking awesome. I love that book. Like it really changed a lot of how I negotiate. Right? Or we have our guys negotiate and it’s been great. Right? So can you give me example, like something that a, it talks about. So a lot of it is, are things that we know, right? But then or, uh, we didn’t, I didn’t know as clearly instinctively knew instinctively, but then they do like clinical trials, clinical trials, like this is how it works and there’s a ton, like a, um, like anchoring, right? so there’s a lot, there’s tons of these that I could go through, but anchoring is one. Um, or if I say like, hey, how much, uh, how much older than 114 years old was gandhi when he died?

00:53:57 And then like, wait a second. I’m like, well how old was he when he died? Right. So the answer is something like 20 percent different based on if I. The first question said 114, or if the first question maybe said 40, right? Because you picture 100, 14 year old, like just even for an incident. Um, and so anchoring, right? Like when you’re, when you’re making an offer, a anchoring the price. So my partner wanted, you wanted me to offer a 65 for this, uh, but we, you know, I was able to Get them to 80. Right. And you know that they want 100. Right. So instead of saying, I know you want $100, I was able to get you to 80, right? You start with 65, I got you to add a. And they did the same, like some of the tests for like they would ask them, they would spin a wheel, it would land on a random number and then they would ask them a question and the answer that was given was directly affected by the spinning of the wheel that had nothing to do with the question.

00:54:49 So just goofy stuff like that. So thinking fast and slow thinking fast and slow. And then another really good one. I didn’t originally read this book because I thought it was like, I don’t know, I thought it was going to be too simple. It’s never split the difference. So I just, I think it’s by chris voss. Chris boss. Yeah. I thought that was going to be like lame. You know, I was like, dude, never split the difference, like there’s times where you got to split the difference. Gay. And so I originally, I just pushed that book off, but that was really great book.

00:55:19 That was my favorite book of last year. Yeah, it was awesome. It was really good. So um, so anchoring on that topic, one of them are, what our guys are trained to do is hey josiah, you know, before you give a number or you’re telling me a number, whatever. And it’s my turn. Yeah. Like, hey, just so you know, it’s like 200, you know, and we want to offer him a 40. Yeah. Hey, you know, just so you know, like investors in the area, they’re like between one 2130. Yes. Perfect. Great. Yeah, that’s perfect. But what we can do but what we can do, right. I got you. Yeah. That’s. So, it’s anchoring. Yeah. You can even do it with a not even talking about price, just throwing out a lower number. Yeah. Like, yeah, I bumped into this lady. She was like, hey, I’m 47. It was weird. Anyhow, I can offer you 70 for your house, like, seriously even that works. No, that makes sense. But yeah, when we were talking about. Okay. So the other thing we’re talking about relationship with transactional. There’s a lot of turnover in our industry and the wholesale side. And uh, you know, I kind of posted a, a question yesterday about how many people we think, how many wholesalers there are because it seems like there’s

00:56:24 like an infinite number of them in our market, but a lot of them leave. So what, what do you attribute that to? People leaving or people will not making it in wholesaling, not making it a wholesale. Oh, that’s a great question. Um, I think it, so obviously, um, I think maybe you could wrap it all together and saying like spending time in the wrong places. So even going back to the like coffee, going to get coffee example. I know a lot of guys are like, man, I tried wholesalinG for like one, you know, a month or whatever, a couple months maybe. Right. And like I was worked on it every day and like, it just got nowhere and like, okay, what would you do? And you know, it was a slew of like coffee dates and stuff. I’m like, bro, if you’re just starting like, coffee dates are not the way, unless you have like a mentor that’s like, there’s some, some guys and gals are like older, you know, and they’re like really good mentors and they’re now at a place where they’re like, yeah, let’s grab coffee.

00:57:22 We have time, let’s do it right then. That’s cool. They’ll probably say, they might say yes, right. But somebody that’s in the thick of it, they’re not taking time out of their schedule to go grab coffee with somebody that’s just starting for the most part. Right. Um, so I think being specific with your time, right? What am I doing if I go to a meetup I talked to, you know, 14 people, right? But if I sit on a dialer, I can call 300 in an hour or a couple of hours. Right. Okay. Well that’s more, that’s a better use of my time conversations, more conversations. Um, yeah, so more or less being attention every time, time management and then the last, the last little bit cash those in their extra bonus a would be, there’s the uk, wholesaling is easy, you can do it quickly, you can make money, super fast rate and that’s awesome.

00:58:11 I’m at the same time. There’S, you know, there’s competition just like in anything and a lot of people are like, hey, I’m going to. Or even with starting a business in general, they’re like, I’m going to break into this space. Like okay, so first off there’s not, there’s not impending impenetrable competition anywhere, right. Whatever business you want to get into, you can get into, right? Like people die. The people that are in the business now and get recycled about every generation. So you for sure can find a place for sure. Um, and so you have to be competitive with, with them. What are they doing? Right. Okay, well they’re working full time at this, right? So just having the understanding of like, okay cool, they’re working full time. They’re not necessarily looking for the next thing because they’re comfortable now. So I’m going to, I’m going to have to invest my time, I have to think what’s that next thing going to be a that’s important, right. Whereas a lot of guys are like, well, you know, I called for a couple hours, a few days for a couple of weeks. It’s like bro, I love you. You know, but that doesn’t work. You know, I can cut it. You can make it in like 100 percent. You can make it in, but you have to be, you have to realize what your competition is and be competitive. Maybe all in. Yeah. Alright. So no one wants to know how do you protect against how you protect yourself against. Since

00:59:22 you’re licensed. So you and me. But I’ll just let you run with it. I was going to say, steve, you just take it away. Brian. Take it away. A. Well, as a broker, I think it’s pretty simple, right? You just got to fully disclose, disclose, disclose, disclose. Right. I’m a licensed real estate. I’ll just give you guys my example. I write everything on ar contract and I’m, as I put seller is aware that buyer is a licensed real estate broker in the state of Arizona. A seller is aware of the buyers and tending to resell for profit, um, buyers buying as is, um, what else is there? And buyers paying all traditional closing costs, less property taxes and other assessments and liens. Yeah. Perfect. Right? So that’s how we protect ourselves when it’s disclosed as close, as close, don’t be stupid. Yeah, yeah. Just disclosed. Yeah. And then, uh, also connect with a connect with connect with a good broker. Kayla,

01:00:12 steve over here. but uh, um, yeah, connect with a good brokerage to that has people there that their comfort like that are wholesaling and that they already understand if you have to show up and then teach your broker how to wholesale. It’s a little, it’s like you can do it, but it’s a lot of conversations and then

01:00:30 you know, it’s kinda like you’re the bad guy, which isn’t fun. Whereas the good, the bad guy, it’s like a time of your day to explain yourself. Exactly. And over and over. And I was actually speaking with an agent that’s doing this, another brokerage. He’s like, yeah, there’s these four disclosure forms that we have to put in a, you know, he’s got the brokerage name on top and this. And that was like, uh, yeah, brutal. Or some, some, some brokers are like for assignments you need, like 17 pages need to be signed or they just don’t do them. They’re like, we don’t deal with that. Yeah. So you just have to have the right broker and then disclose, right? YeAh, I’m okay. Don’t be stupid. so yeah. Good lesson. Good lesson. Okay. So, um,

01:01:06 we were, we were chatting about this momentarily, a coaching program. What’s, yeah, what’s going on with that? Yeah. So, um, okay. So we’re, it’s not like a sound, like a big deal, right? It’s definitely nothing. Yeah. It’s certainly not like a big deal or anything like keighley is that business, but I am starting a coaching program. Really the concept behind it is a, there’s kind of a myth that like once you catch your first deal, like the second one just comes right. That’s not our. Yeah, I know. Well, it’s just like, you know, you get your first deal in the door and then all of a sudden you know, you’re going, uh, and that’s not the case. So. Okay, checks out. Alright. Alright, we’re, I’m pretty proud of this, right? At first you can think the name’s a little goofy and then I’m going to explain it.

01:01:50 So, uh, uh, the program is called astro flipping. Okay? Which just like, haven’t even put the website up or anything like that. Uh, but it’s called astro flipping. And the concept is there are certain strategies and things that you can do a where it’s like, if you’re going to do a front flip, right, okay. If you do a front flip on the ground, then it’s, you know, it’s kinda hard to do, right? It’s not super easy. You know what you’re doing, you’ve got to be practiced. Then you can do a front flip. Well, if you want to do five front flips in a row, like each one after the one’s going to be harder and harder and harder and harder. Um, and so that’s where astro flipping comes in, right? And so if you’re, if you’re in a zero gravity situation and you do a front flip, well it’s just easy, right? It juSt keeps rolling. And so it’s really honing in and talking about the strategies and things that we, uh, did a kigali to get us from, you know. Okay. We did one, two, and now you know, now we’re doing 70, 80. That’s the concept, right? Is how do you like open that switch or open that window so you can just go and it’s just easy.

01:02:49 Well, I think that’s brilliant and I’m a very big believer in coaching. I do a lot of different various coaching programs and so I, you know, I don’t know what the cost is, but whatever it is, I am convinced it’ll be worth it to learn from you. Right? Someone has done it. It’s not, it’s not a, a guru that’s not in the business that someone’s actually doing it. So that’s cool. That’s exciting. um, what is the best way for our listeners to get ahold of you?

01:03:15 It’s a fantastic question, man. I’m a. So my assistant answers my emails. So if you send an email to josiahj, o s I a h at kigali, so k e n g l e e.com, that’ll go to a, it’s my personal email. They’ll come to me and then carly’s my assistant. So she is the one that like, like sifts through it and helps with that. basically she makes sure that I don’t forget to answer emails because otherwise I will. I definitely will, but that’s probably the best way, the best way to get ahold of me.

01:03:48 Okay. And summer, who you’ve dealt with yells at me for not checking my email. So that’s all we both have similar faints or at least our admins have similar. Yes. Yeah. Uh, okay guys. Again, if you liked this show, please share this episode right now and then do join us next week at danny, uh, with highest cash offer. She’s um, from what I understand the smarter or the, the better looking, the definitely the better looking half of highest cash offer a. So do check that out next wednesday 2:00. Thank you guys. And thank you. Fantastic. Thanks guys. Go.

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