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CONSISTENCY – True Sign of a Champion


CONSISTENCY – True Sign of a Champion

I want to talk about the importance of consistency. It’s not a sexy topic, but it’s what separates the winners from everybody else. If you’re watching my podcasts, one of our consistent messages is consistency. 

To be a champion, you have to commit. To be a champion, you must have the desire. To be THE champion, you must have the consistency of action. Be a champion. Watch this lesson to find out how

Consitency = Champions

Everyone’s always talking about massive action, massive action, massive action. And that’s great; possibly trying to push your product. But, what wins in the end, what separates champions from everybody else, is consistency.

Consistency Wins

Kobe Bryant, Michael Jordan, Peyton Manning, and Tom Brady. They’re doing the same thing every single day. It’s not the most fun thing in the world, but their consistency wins. I want you guys to look at this from when you’re going to the gym—working out and crushing it. Are you going to look as good as if you went two to three days a week, spending 10-15 minutes? Or if you’re trying to lose weight, do you say all right, this Saturday, I’m going to eat my broccoli. No! It should be an everyday thing. You got to eat your veggies every single day. I don’t love doing that, but I love the results. 

My Routine

I work out every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. I’m running sprints. I’m 42. I’m old, I should not be running sprints, but I do it. Do I enjoy rolling out of bed? Not at all. Do I enjoy the results? Yes. Also, I don’t eat carbs. You know how much of a sacrifice it is if you see my stomach. I love to eat good food. I sacrificed it. Why? Because I love the results that I’m getting. Someone asked, how do I stay consistent? How do I keep moving on when I don’t want to? My answer is generally the same. The pain you suffered today is not big enough to stop you from your habits or keep you moving forward on the good habits you know you want to have. 

Staying Consistent

One of the guys I always look up to the most is Jim Rohn. This guy was a freaking Trailblazer. And one of the quotes I always love from him is, “We all get to choose two pains in life. We can choose the pain of discipline or the pain of regret”. 

Discipline sucks. Having to cold-call three hours every day and getting rejected all the time sucks. How much does that suck? Compared to what you could have with multiple properties, passive cash flow, traveling the world, do whatever you want, retire your parents, or whatever motivates you. Would you rather lose that versus cold calling, prospecting, and doing the activities? And I’m not talking just about the new people; it’s for everybody. I’m talking about holding regular meetings, doing your profit and losses, reviewing your balance sheet, or checking your sales team’s production. It shouldn’t stop once you elevate to once you’re no longer cold calling anymore. The sucky things you got to do to run a business, are you consistent with that activity? A long way to answer the question about how do you stay consistent. 

Overcoming Adversity

Another part of consistency is overcoming adversity. There are times where you don’t want to do it because you’re not in the mood. Right? You’ll say I’ll put it off until tomorrow. It’s just too difficult today. You’re thinking about not picking up the phone right now, not going door-knocking, or not training the team. 

Are you willing to do what is needed to get the results that you want? It’s essential to be clear on why you’re doing things. After affirming, constantly program your brain that you deserve something on your purpose. It’s feeding yourself on what your goals are and then visualize it. These are the three steps to overcome adversity. It’s like buying a red Corvette; for example, you see red Corvettes everywhere, your brain actively finds things that it’s thinking. You’re talking about how I will be buying all these rental properties, and your brain will start seeing ways to attain rental property opportunities. These steps pull you from your subconscious and consciously motivates you to things get things done. 

I hope that this helped you as far as reaching your goals. Just be consistent on the things that work well. For sure, you will be a champion.

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