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Social Media In Real Estate. Why should it be part of your routine?

Social media in real estate

Social Media In Real Estate. Why should it be part of your routine?

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I bet every person you know is into Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, and the likes. Social media is everywhere. It’s there to inform, educate, entertain, and influence us for our consumption and real estate investing—a vital tool in achieving and sharing success in the real estate industry.

So the question is, why should I need it in my real estate routine?

Source Private Money Lender

Use it as leverage in letting would-be investors know how serious and what you do in real estate. Not all will believe in proposals without an actual Exhibit A in business. Posting significant components in your real estate transactions entices them to join your success as an investor or private money lender, to the extent that they will reach you and ask you how they can have the opportunity to be a part of the ride.

Mentoring People

Showing your success to people is not just bragging about your hard work. The shallow ones may see it as a boasting parade, but for the open-minded, it’s a motivation for them to persevere consistently in achieving their goals in real estate investing. Unknowingly mentoring people, I can do it as well in real estate if that person can do it.

Earn More in Real Estate

You may not earn immediately until reaching a decent amount of followings and interactions in your social media handles. But suppose you consistently work on your content, volume and be lucky enough. The rewards could be astronomical from private money lenders wanting to invest in real estate, social media followers referring some deals, marketing, up to being paid by these social media platforms from the content engagements.

Establish Connections

Social media is a venue where connections can start and flourish. You can hire people, source funding, and joint venture all through social media.

How to start?

Just do it. You don’t need an expensive camera or smartphone to start with. What’s in your pocket is good enough. 

Do it in volume.  Make it a habit to make at least one content in a day. You’ll never know which one attracts people to make it viral until you have a ton there for them to view. Once you see what content pops, then you can strategize the sustainability stuff. If it doesn’t do well, nobody sees it. Who cares? So keep making one.

Do it consistently. Just like muscle memory in taking cold calls and dealing with sellers, doing repetitions improves the output. Always making content takes care of the shyness and hesitation and lets you evaluate what works and doesn’t.

Don’t worry too much. People will criticize you regardless of what you do. Just take it positively. No one will bother if your content is terrible. So keep making one. Once your content is good, then people will start to engage. 

👍 vs. 👎 Be grateful for the likes, for it values your effort. Re-assess and move one with the dislikes; what’s important is that there’s engagement. If you believe you’ve done wrong, correct it. Because haters, regardless of what you do, will all hate. Just be glad for their engagement. The more people talk, the more these social media sites like it.

Get noticed. Purposely do stuff to grab attention and interaction. Stand out and be unique.

Track your content.  Know where you stand. Evaluate and plan what works and doesn’t. Replicate what works and improve what doesn’t.

The best platform to start?

TikTok is the platform where you can start your initial exposure to social media before scaling to others. There is no need to be professional; think of content that stands out, point and shoot with the camera, edit, save, and share—all in TikTok. Plus, you can link TikTok on your other platforms to broaden the reach of the content.

Go ahead. Social media could give you a big break in real estate. It doesn’t hurt to try. You’ll never know unless you do it.

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