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What Self-Storage is and Why People Invest in It

What Self-Storage is and Why People Invest in It

Self-storage properties offer high profit potential with a relatively low overhead compared to other commercial real estate assets. Investors should understand how the self-storage industry works, though. A small to mid-size self-storage business can be nearly self-sustaining, with only part-time management. Since tenants are not living in the home, they don’t have any emotional attachment to the property. Leasing is month-to-month, so the landlord can increase rental rates as quickly as he or she wants.

Basics of the Self-Storage Market

A person has a piece of real estate and allows others to rent out that space, giving them a nice place to store their personal belongings. This can be done on a weekly or monthly basis. The space’s size depends on how much storage space your customers need. If the maximum amount of storage is needed, you might want to buy a climate controlled unit, if a little more storage than climate control is required you might want a regular unit. Having the right kind of unit is a major decision, regardless of whether your company is large or small. As a business owner, it is important to find out which type of unit you need and if it is within your budget to purchase one. You can make changes in your lease contract every month. By doing so, you’re given an opportunity to alter the price for a monthly lease agreement. Real estate contracts do not apply to self-storage properties.

How to Invest in the Self Storage Market

You can purchase shares in a real estate investment trust (REIT) or a publicly traded company to make your money grow, or if you’re interested in taking over management of your own self-storage business. In this article, we will teach you how to become an owner of a self storage unit. It’s your decision how much time you want to put into managing your rental property, but many people prefer to turn over all aspects of day-to-day management to a professional property management company.

Find a Self Storage Investment Property

A great way to find real estate is through the Internet. Use websites like Loopnet.com and ReMax.com to search for properties that meet your requirements. So if you want to make it a reality, you can enter the actual price range that you are prepared to spend, your location, and the desired size and age of the house. Many investors will only buy property located close to them because they feel safer and more comfortable within a short distance. However, while this may seem sensible at first, it’s more important to look at the situation from a broader perspective. If you are an active investor then you may be limited to nearby locations. On the other hand, if you are a passive investor you can have access to anywhere within a certain radius of your property. But you have to know the different options that are available and then use your best judgment when making your decision.

Types of Self Storage Facilities

Storage facilities can vary from those built specifically to be self-storage centers to those that were originally made for some other purpose and later converted to serve as a storage facility. Generally speaking, self-storage centers are large enough to store a variety of items and they should be equipped with an overhead door to permit customers easy access to their vehicles. Self-storage facilities offer a wide variety of building styles, ranging from one-story building with drive-up access, to multiple stories with climate control that can be accessed through secure entry points.


Drive-up outdoor storage is the most popular. Your entrance door will open up to reveal the interior unit. There are many different options for you to choose from when deciding on a storage facility, but the cheapest one isn’t always the best option. Because these units aren’t using electricity to keep it cool, they don’t require a lot of maintenance and upkeep. Their usefulness is obvious, because they are often used by people who need to store their items.

Climate Controlled Storage

When temperature and humidity extremes are extreme, even dry, stable goods can be affected. If these conditions persist over a long period of time, they could damage a piece of furniture, carpet or rug. For this reason, a climate-controlled storage unit is essential. The growth of these storage facilities has been rapid. No one would want to store their things in a dangerous place. When you have important documents or furniture, it is critical to store them properly so that they won’t be broken or stolen.

Vehicle Storage

The storage industry has become the most reliable provider to people who need space to store personal belongings. Even if you own a lot of cars, boats or recreational vehicles, the best place to store them would be self-storage facilities. The safety of your property is of the utmost importance to you. A properly sized vehicle will always be available at the facility. Even though a vehicle’s value can only be protected in your garage, you should still keep it in a climate controlled unit. As more and more people use these facilities, the number of garages which offer services in such places increases. Rental cars and airport parking spaces are necessary for people who travel a lot.

Mixed-Use Storage

Every community has its individual demands and requirements. The very first step that a storage business will take is trying to meet those needs. The result is the creation of numerous niche services which often combine together to make up a complete storage service. The rise of real estate investing is evident in the market, and it is obvious from market dynamics. One great example of this is when a business provides space for customers to store their things easily accessible from the surrounding area. Another example would be industrial areas where most staff are immigrants and have limited accommodations. Mixed-use space is the answer.

Developing a self-storage facility

This method for investing in the oil and gas industry is very time-consuming and labor intensive, but is the most lucrative method for those that are highly skilled. You need the ability to generate a highly skilled and knowledgeable team that’s committed to the success of the project. Self-storage facilities which are newly built and made of steel or concrete have been classified as Class A facilities. It’s a good idea to buy a piece of property with an area that’s not oversupplied and filled with similar companies. If you are looking to acquire such a piece of real estate, first consider a location where there is a low supply of facilities. Ideally, a site should be three acres or more, but multistory buildings can be constructed on less land. You need to make sure you consult the local authorities in advance so that you are aware of all the details regarding planning and building. You want to make sure the plans can be built upon the location as intended. The more land there is available, the cheaper the property is going to be, and the more profit you’re going to make. However, the greater the cost of building, the lower your profits will be. It is necessary to find a suitable location for your project at a price that will yield your investment a satisfactory return.

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