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Brad Bone of RiverX AI discusses the potential of AI in real estate investing, emphasizing the importance of customization and controlled language models. $300k In 3 Months Using AI in Real Estate | Video Replay https://youtu.be/dTRlNsMqGDo $300k In 3 Months Using AI in Real Estate To Close More Sales...

In this episode of Disruptors, we have Austin McCurdy from Sharper Business Solutions, who flew in from Chicago to discuss why most businesses fail and how to avoid it. Why Most Businesses Fail And How To Avoid It | Video Replay https://youtu.be/AWN6e5azMZ8 Why Most Businesses Fail And How...

In this episode of Disruptors, we have Olufemi Ajose of LandVerse. He flew in from LA to talk about how he's bought and sold $5 million worth of land. How He's Bought And Sold $5 Million Dollars Worth Of Land | Video Replay https://youtu.be/p8CYrGT5WSc How He's Bought And...

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