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Real Estate Disruptors

Video Replay of Interview with Brent Daniels Podcast Replay of Interview with Brent Daniels Show Notes: Transcription of Interview: Steve: Hey everybody, thank you for joining us for today's episode of Real Estate Disruptors. Today we've got Mr. Brent Daniels, and he's here to explain one simple concept, which...

Video Replay of Interview with Jamil Podcast Replay of Interview [smart_track_player url="http://media.blubrry.com/real_estate_disruptors/content.blubrry.com/real_estate_disruptors/How_Jamil_Wholesales_More_Than_30_Homes_per_Month.mp3" ]   Transcription Steve: All right. Hey, everybody. Thank you for joining us on today's show. Today we've got Jamil Damji, who I personally consider to be the king of wholesaling. Jamil: Funny. Steve: I know you don't consider yourself...