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Interview with Elijah Rubin

Real Estate Disruptors

Interview with Elijah Rubin

Elijah Rubin with Wiin and Young Millionaire Society shares how he’s sold over 750 properties for more than $250MM in sales volume.

Video Replay of Interview with Elijah Rubin

Podcast Replay of Interview with Elijah Rubin


00:00 Hey everybody, thank you for joining us for today’s episode of real estate disruptors. Say we got Elijah Rubin with win and young millionaire society and he’s here to share how he sold over 750 properties for more than $250 million in sales volume. If this is your first time tuning in, I’m Steve Trang, broker and owner of stunning Homes Realty and Co, founder of the offer fast app, the one app unique for wholesaling and I help people become real estate entrepreneurs. If you excited for today’s show, please give me some waves, some give me some thumbs up. And before we get started, I started this show because I wanted to give back to our community. Uh, I’ve struggled before. You were telling me you started this 14 years ago. I’m sure there were some struggles along the way and we want to shortcut that struggle for as many leaders as possible. So I don’t charge a dime for this show. I don’t make any money doing this. So here’s all I ask is the cost to you. If you get value out of the show, please tell a friend. Either tag friend below, share this episode right now, or tell them your best takeaway from today’s episode. That way we can all grow together. Don’t forget, this is a live show, so please post your questions for Elijah to answer. And Are you ready? I’m ready. All right. We’ll start. We’ll sample. What got you into wholesaling?

01:09 What got me into real estate wholesaling? Well, I’m time go back many decades ago. No, I’m. This is back in [inaudible] four. My sister was working for an ex football player, his name, um, and at the time I worked at every call center in Arizona, apoe at long time. Right. And so I remembered that he was, uh, during the off season, he was collecting money from his football buddies and he would buy properties at the auctions. So I just got done reading rich Dad, poor dad. I’m all glued up. I’m ready to do something with entrepreneur side. And I, uh, my sister introduced because my mom is from Trinidad and his wife was from Trinidad. So she introduced me to him. I started buying properties, looking for property deals, and he introduced me to the whole world of it. You could buy properties, auctions, start wholesaling deals, didn’t quite know how to do wholesaling as he was paying me a thousand dollars to buy a property at the auctions.

02:05 Long Story Short, I bought the first one after like four or five months and after I did that first one, oh my goodness, I try to read and everything I can about it really locking in and then I’m probably about two months after that he stopped answering the phone. He ends up taking the calls. I mean completely ex-girlfriend. Treat me, just ghosted me, right? I’m like, oh, my sister got fired because I guess the older Trinidad and they like the younger Trinidadian being around anymore. So I got fired. And so at that time, exactly. I’m like, but I’m like, mom, I’m a guy. What do you mean? So I thought that was gonna be fine. I wasn’t fine. So I ended up finding, um, I used to, back in the day I used to take the Arizona, Arizona Republic a newspaper and every Sunday I used to circle the for sale by owners and they used to be like six, seven pages and so from there I went and got an, a circled a, that’s how I created leads, got ahold of one, this lady in East Valley. And um, I went back down to the auctions. Why be outbid a couple investors? I’m like, if I find a deal, can I bring it to you now? Quite honestly, the whole dynamics of wholesaling. But um, I got one lady who says, greeted, sell, and she decided to, um, she said she was willing to sell it, called my investor. He said he’d be willing to buy it and got that first deal done. And

03:20 after that is lights out. So you’re tying up for sale by owners? Yeah. First one was to investors. That was the first one. East valley. This was 2005 ish. Yeah, he does. At the end of 2004 began 2005 yet. So there were still opportunities on a for sale by owners.

03:36 Yeah, because everybody had during that time the market is going up and up and up. So people are just waiting for ’em and we thought they could sell it on their own. We don’t need a realtor. So. Hey, I negotiated it.

03:46 Okay. So, uh, so you had that rise. Two thousand five, but then obviously thinks took a shift at some point.

03:52 Yes. And so before I got into, I’m doing cells. Well I did. And during high school I was doing concert promotions. And so when I was doing club emotions, um, I used to have a street team, so the street team where I had like 15 guys passing out flyers. And so yeah, you get past that 10,000 fliers, you might have 500 people at the club, but promotions, we’re talking Scottsdale, Scottsdale. Whereas value, remember at the time I’m only like 20 years old, but still, you know, negotiated my way into clubs. You’re ready, hustling. I’m already hustling. Final out ways to create a, create more opportunities for myself. Right? So after cash out that first check, things are going good. I’m doing deals, I’m making the money on burning and as fast as I’m making it then because I’m half Jewish, right? My yarmulke started tilting so I knew the market was going to shift.

04:36 I knew it was coming, I just didn’t know what to do. So this around like, oh seven. Oh eight. Right before. Oh, it happened. Started slowing down. So I told her some of my guys, will you spend my street team guys? Hey, come over here. The march is going to shift. We’ll start door knocking. So I made my own door knocking team about five guys. I started door knocking knowing your market is going to shift. And I was absolutely right. Oh eight. The market started collapsing and that’s when we really started going after pre foreclosures and short.

05:03 So what are we doing with all the short sales?

05:05 So what I should have known a wonderful man named Steve who did was killing the short kit sell game back in the day. I wish I didn’t. So I was given a lot of my short sells. This Guy Dan Dan Shirt, sharpened sharking has been many years since I talked with them, but um, as feeding him a lot of my short sells do it, start doing a lot of loan modifications. That was about it. That was a different time, different time. Took a lot of time and effort, headaches all the way around.

05:32 So we were joking about this earlier, but you saw that I promoted, you know, check out the baby face assassin and wholesale. You’re telling me if on Europe in San Francisco or were people saying,

05:41 yeah, so people will walk up to me like, hey you steph curry like, yeah, yeah man, Yep, I’m stuff car. You know what? I need a donation, I need a donation. You got some else’s cell. So just got to trim this up a little bit. It’s got to trim it up a little bit. Depends if he’s injured and he grows it out a little bit more, you know.

05:57 So how did you end up this niche? Because I have people say, you know, for awhile now you got to, you got a burnt house call Alijah. How did you end up in that niche?

06:10 So, um, how did I become the fire damage king? Yeah. So, well this probably goes back about four years ago. Um, so I’m doing a lot of. My father was a, um, a labor law lawyer and so he worked with the national labor relation law. And so I started to tell him, Hey dad, when you decided to be done with this, become a probate attorney, like, like we’re Jewish, we don’t want, we don’t retire our knowledge, like let’s leverage the knowledge. So he’s like, okay, so let me think about it. Let me think about it. So I knew I had to learn more about probate deals. So I started talking to more probate attorneys about opportunities while I started realizing those probate deals were sitting vacant. And then so I started doing a lot more city violations where they’ll city violations or probate, but a lot of those in a fire because people was, the house was vacant for a while.

06:55 People go in there and cook up their math cooker, whatever they’re cooking in there and house will catch on fire. So I’m asking like, I’ve started looking at Sinai who buys these things and nobody was buying these. So I went up the Yamaka, started tilting again. I’m like, ah, I got, I got a lane here with not a lot of people in there. So I started, I got with a couple of claim adjusters. I got with a couple of restoration companies. Try picking the brains. Just trying to standing than when a fire happens. Well, I mean, you’ve got so many people come out to these houses. You got the board of people, you’ve got the fencing people, you got the restoration people, you’ve got the um, the demolition people. Then you’ve got the firefighters, your shirts, people. These people are show that’s like one of the worst tragedy a family can happen.

07:33 And got night people hocking on him. I realized there’s only, there’s no one person that’s kind of organize all these pieces. These are all different vendors. People come together. So I started realizing that I could go after these properties. Not only can I buy the property by, it can help add value to the client by not only get them all the resources and tell them who these people are and use my re, my refer people, but I found out that there’s insurance money part of it and insurance money. Oh, that’s like, that’s the part of the secret sauce because the insurance companies only give them a fraction of what’s really owe to them. I could go back and get additional money that was owed to them on top of them. Keeping all over the originally was paid to him. Plus I’m able to get additional money that they even know what’s going to be available to them and give them part of a for profit share together with it.

08:18 So you’re, you’re fighting on behalf of the homeowner against the insurance company,

08:23 is that right? I mean it would be, um, citizens champ, I guess I get to be there. You know, they’re rocky Balboa. Go round around with insurance companies. And because a lot of times, 85 percent of the time, the only get an 85 percent of the money that’s owed to them. And if you look at a house, so that might be appraised for 100,000. If you look at the appraisal, the cost of build approach is $150,000 or homeowner doesn’t know what a holocaust of build approach even works or how does that play in their negotiations. So they might get Mr Smith only 80,000. I could go back in there like hold on a second, you, oh Mr Smith 150,000. And if you during the, during the great collapse, Aig, they can’t go under there too big, too big to fail. So it’s never that dollar amount that mastered insurance companies only held one, I claimed stays open.

09:06 And so once I realized that my gesture knows that I’d be my claim adjuster to table, he keeps 50 percent of any new money he finds and I get 50 percent of what he captures. If he doesn’t get a red penny, they don’t pay them a dime for his time. So there’s no cost to the client. So he does a forensic audit. The smithy as old 80,000. Well, hey you really old $150,000. Dad Digital. What’s that additional $70,000? I slept off the table. We’re going to capture that for you. He goes into negotiate with the claim adjuster. Only one in five family members even uses as a claim adjuster. So they realize leave this will litigate this all year if we have to. Remember if they have too many open claims, their insurance gets downgraded and that’s how they go out of business. So they’d rather just pay this, make it go away and make it up on other forests suckers who are just gonna, listen to whatever they say

09:47 or take whatever they want. Okay? So let’s just say I am not in Phoenix because the king of Phoenix. Sure. Out a standard. This is more than enough. There’s abundance for all of us, but let’s just say I’m in Dallas, okay? Alright. And I want to start. I want to be the fire guy. Okay? Alice, what do I do?

10:06 So would you add what you want to do this? A couple of different things now in different states have different policies with regards to insurance claims and understanding insurance. Money is a big piece of this. A lot of people don’t know how to operate around there. Um, however, just to go ahead and go after one thing that I would do if I was going to give somebody advice to start becoming the fire damage king in their state, right? What I did, because these aren’t as easy list to get as I can just go and get a pre foreclosure list. These are hard to get. Sometimes certain counties you might be able to get what’s called incident reports even though sometimes they, they, uh, crop blank out the address and make it very difficult while I like the snitch because not everybody can just hop in.

10:42 So what I did is this, what I recommend everybody else they’re listened to. This is something easy to do, cause a couple of dollars we’ll start with. But I, I learned this from my promotional years. People do business with people they like. All right, so make yourself more likable. Well, when a guy takes a girl out to dinner, she likes them, right? Because you paid for dinner. Same type of mindset. So I will take three restoration company guys, all the dinner, all together at the same time. We bought up guys all at the same time, three fencing guys all at the same time because at the end of the day, I don’t see competition, we’re all comrades servicing the same community. And so if you’re already talking to my client for me, so because you already had the phone number, the address you already talking to you, they trust you and already dealing with you. If they don’t want your services, if they don’t have the insurance to cover your services or if they elect to go a different route, we refer them to you and if you end up buying the property, building a consulting fee for them and make it a win win. And that’s how I start right off the bat.

11:35 Okay? Uh, anything else?

11:37 Um, another thing I would do in addition to that, there’s also ways you’re able to go and connect with some other private and public claim adjusters because they are also talked to other people as well at the same time. Sometimes their insurance, they’re going to know more than insurance side if the insurance doesn’t plan out, those will be a motivated seller. And so if you could build a relationship with those people specifically, they are going to give you a good source of ongoing deals that you constantly come and you could go to, um, adjusters. Basically there’s claim adjusters like board meetings, quarterly meetings, and just make relationships, right?

12:12 Um, and then there’s a book that you wrote about firehouses.

12:17 Yes. So how to survive, how to survive a fire damaged property. And so what that’s more for, that’s not really for a, on my real estate young gurus out there, it’s not really for teach you how to get into the niche is really kind of positioned me as an expert. So I give this to the homeowner.

12:32 Well, that’s what I was gonna say if you were okay with it, Basta a blueprint. Go take a license book white label it, change the, change the content to what’s applicable to your area. [inaudible]. Give that to the homeowner.

12:44 One hundred percent authority. What are you able to get out in front of the home owners for sure, and you’re more than welcome to reach out to me and anything. I always like to be a blessing. I’ll operate from the mindset of each one. Teach one. So if I could give the value and give the knowledge and they’d create opportunity. You generate some additional deals, you know, send me a testimonial letter. Right? That’s all I need. But for sure because once they know that you have a voice of authority and is used to be very few people in this, in this, in this space, that’s good time. All the various pieces they could connect together. They get to know you, they like you and they will refer other people to you.

13:16 Right? And I think the power of branding, of being the guy. I mean we can’t talk about anything I can think of. I can’t think of anything off the top of my head that’s more niche than fire houses.

13:27 Yeah. It’s a fire proposition, right?

13:31 Uh, so, uh, I still think you should go with what I was talking about earlier about the king of Chris, but Chris. Alright, keep it crispy. So the other thing is we were talking about, you know, the testimonials and the giving back you put out there in the universe. I want to have a big deal in 2018.

13:49 Yes. And then you just did it. Yeah. Talk about that. Okay. So, well we had um, will be around some of the, you know, that some of the other titans in this industry. I mean Arizona is a real estate guru. Capital. I’m here in Florida. We got a lot of them out here, but then there’s real players who are really doing it like Carlos, like sal and Alex. I mean the all in family, they’re really getting into numbers. They’re doing numbers. And then there’s this group called seven figure flip group and um, we went to a mastermind and just being around people who are getting numbers to that next level, you just just makes you know that you’re able to do it. Now, don’t get me wrong, selling $250,000,000 worth of real estate doing 750 deals. I’m happy, I’m proud of it, no question about it.

14:28 However, I’m more than willing, did a third of the deals and make double the money. I don’t want to work out hard. I had to work to get those deals. So just seeing people knocking two, $300,000 deals, knock him out at a time. I’m like, Whoa, what am I doing wrong here? Right? So I decided at the beginning of the year, like, right Elijah, you had the ability, you’re your uncanny closer, you able to make relationships. You could find our deals list, use your skillset for bigger deals. You have to do a lease at least one six figure deal this year and in and then beyond. So I started to get into land developments and new of elements was a big piece. I saw other investors and knock numbers out. I like to creative ways of structuring come very creative thinking and deal structuring. So I, I decided that I reached out to a couple of my investors, ask them, hey, who do you know who’s really big and land developments while I have this one guy, Jack Martin used to be a big investor with bakers and investments out here, big investor.

15:18 Um, he only does mobile home parks now and that’s all he does. He doesn’t touch any wholesaling, even blew up. So he’s like that little stuff we don’t touch anymore. My goal for the smallest thing. Yeah, bring it here. I’ll take those crumbs, bring over here. So he ended up connecting with this engineer and it’s engineered. John, him and I met at the beginning of the year. We went back and forth. So after talking for a while, I’m telling him like, John, I’m a closer. Give me your hardest deal that you ever, you had that you know you have a guaranteed buyer for. I want you to have a building for it, but given the harsh though that you can’t close and let me work my skillset, she’s like, oh, I got one. I got one for you. Lodge a, here you go. So he tells me about this 10 acre deal off 11th, Eleventh Avenue and southern 10 years ago he closed on a 10 acre deal and sold it to this builder the.

15:58 And so he’s been chasing this deal for over 10 years. Now he’s saying it’s a Chinese family that they won’t negotiate and every time they negotiate keeps going up and up. I’m like, Hey, I’m half Jewish. So I’m used to hard negotiations. All right. So I’m fine for it. So I ended up. I’m like, give me as much details you have on it. We went back and forth. I got the phone number, I skip trace them. He’s been calling this lady’s um, work number. I got a cell phone number. So I had to talk with her. I was gonna, I was gonna. Um, I paid for a massage for her. I’ve built relationships. I wanted to add value first. People do business with people they like. We talked about her. I’m her accountant business. We talked for almost three months straight. Me and her. Then she finally passed.

16:35 It was like, all right Elijah, I like you were willing to sell the property. We still haven’t talked price. Three months already building. Really build a rapport with her. Then she connected with her brother. Now there’s five errors now, so I had to talk to all the other family member. They want a one point $2 million. We went back and forth. I finally got down to 800,000. It’s like I’m down to $800,000. I went to the engineered engineer, John. He went back and he really, um, he looked at me lots. We could get about 50 lots subdivision out of it. We turned around, we sold it to one of his builders for 975,000. And so we made $98,000 on the 2000, 2000 less than a hundred grand. But I, I’m counted as my six figure deal. It’s nice to experience while we talking to. But let me tell you why it wasn’t because I took 3000 on my side.

17:17 That guy, Jack Martin will connect me with them. Never said you wanted anything out of it. I took three grand out of my, out of my side and I sent them a cashier’s check for $3,000. He’s on my appreciation because if you invest those little seeds that, that’s one person gave me more people you send me if you just go above and beyond. So I would have made 101, but I only made 98 on that one. But because of that, I mean, you and I are talking about deal. We were talking about before when we walked in here. Now I got this piece of land also house, but pretty much land. Sure, sure. I saw some of the pictures. So you know it because you’re doing this.

17:50 There’s more opportunities. Absolutely. Right as well. Um, and then we were talking about a incredible follow up. So we were talking about success story earlier. Talk about that one. So

18:00 followups. Oh Man. And I think that’s one of my, uh, I think my, uh, to my super power is my polite persistence, my critical thinking ability and my followup game is mean. I mean, I’m telling him about it because I. and for all you guys starting out there, this is a very good gem, gem, alert, alert. Be Willing to take the l upfront when I say be willing to take the ela from, be willing to take the loss. Let other people say, Oh, it’s my fault. The phone hung up. You know what? Knowing that they hung up on me, I’ll call my back. Like, Oh, I’m so sorry my phone hung up on me. I never would want you to think I’d be rude and disrespectful and just hang up on you like that. I pulled. I have great upbringing just like you. I apologize.

18:38 I apologize. And so I’m willing to cover dinner first. I’m willing to buy whatever, whatever I need to take first. Let people know, like, Hey, I’m willing to invest into relationship first. So be willing to take the l. So if you’re willing to take the L and you go into every relationship, every opportunity, hey, if I have to cover it first, cool. I’m already knowing what to do that. So in the follow up side, what I ended up doing, I had this lady had a guy from, um, he works with the city he sends, he sends me referrals to people he’s about to put city violation on. I’ve been doing this for so long. He’s like, you buy all these, let me just try to send them to you and we’ll work out smaller relationship. And so, um, when he ended up doing this lady about a year and a half ago, all right, she has a property.

19:16 We go back and forth. We talking about the property. I’m calling me like at least once every other week talking about it. Then she’s like, Hey, I have a really bad pinched nerve. I’m going to be down for about three weeks. Call me back in three weeks and we can talk about the property. Like, just like clockwork. I call back in three weeks. What she do, she sells the property. I’m like, I’ve been calling you for six months. He was six months. We, you know what, it’s my fault because I should’ve called you every two weeks, every three weeks or so because I didn’t do that in each other. That pinched nerve. I sent her a massage, got her massage and massage envy and because of that she felt. But she was like, well, you think at Madigan, throw hissy fit on me. So like, okay, well I have another property.

19:52 I was a neighbor of the stadium sheet and because we were neighbors for so long, she made me the personal representative of her estate. So she’s like, she’s willing to sell this one, but she’s not ready yet. So I really follow up once every two weeks for almost another year. Wow. So this about a year now. So I know a story about our kids or as you’re traveling to her arthritis, we know are her shopping schedule. So after going through all this time, she finally, just about two months ago, she finally said, all right Elijah, I’m wanting to sell the property. So I ended up getting it for about $150,000 and turned around and sold it for 190,000. Just wholesaling it, followup the followup king to father. Well, during the daytime I’m followup king during nighttime on the fire damage king and during the daytime on the followup king.

20:32 Very nice, very good. It’s a good lesson for a lot of people trying to get into this business because it’s really simple. It’s not easy. It’s not easy and because it’s so much, you have to either be organized, you have to be willing to make time for it. And yet the incentive value of, hey, even if I’m making that phone call, that message, even if you didn’t talk to them, they’ve seen your effort and it’s kind of like planting the seed. The bamboo tree map the water for five years, but on that fifth year, within nine weeks is sprouts up 90 feet. So it, it’s just that mindset of just constantly watering it. So knowing what you know today, would you do anything differently?

21:06 Yes and yes and yes. I’m don’t get me wrong, I’m grateful for every experience learned every last. I absorbed something from however, I have a couple of two big pieces I for sure would want a give as far as advice to younger being or to of those out there. One, you don’t need real estate partners. I had A. I had a lot of, I call it the homey management style. I had a bunch of homies were cool with me. They didn’t have skill set. They didn’t have more knowledge on enamel relationships or critical thinking ability to me, but they’re my friends and because I’m making six figures a year, I’m like, well hey, I know I figured out how the windy scratchers let’s do them with me. That didn’t work and if they don’t have the right mindset personality, you could partner up on deals but don’t partner up with people unless they have more knowledge where relationships or more are more skill set than you.

21:53 So it’s like the MC hammer business model. Yeah, exactly. And the broke. So that, that piece for sure. And then the second piece I would have, I would definitely recommend is to make sure, um, because because the half Jewess side of me, I just did not want to invest in real estate. And so that’s the reason why I’m 14 years in the business, not multi-multi milled out because I just don’t. First five years, I put $0 into marketing, $0 into marketing, $0 on a mentorship. I wasn’t going to pay for it if it wasn’t free, I couldn’t do it myself. I wasn’t doing it. And because it’s because of the way the market was. I still making $200,000 a year who’s out, who tells me I’m doing something wrong. But as soon as it’s fool’s gold, because if I invested into some relationships, if I went into an event like the way all in event is on September 21st and 22nd.

22:39 If I went to events like this and learn real knowledge and real set and paid for mentors, I would have expedited my learning curve. So it took me a long time to learn one way. And then I was learning the wrong way. And I was linking to slow route, so invest in marketing, invest in yourself as you can get double the return. You just won’t see it at first, but right. Or she could spend 14 years and still is still on the climb up. Who knows where you used today? Yeah, for sure. So if I were brand new and I was looking for a mentor, what would you tell me? So what I would tell you, I would say I would write down all your skill sets right on one list of all your skillset that you know that people told you your value. I like to call it your usp, unique selling proposition.

23:19 Why? When you walk in a room, what separates you from everybody that just gives you your own skill set. Then I would write down everything you could possibly do for an investor. I’m kind of everything now. You might not have. Can you start now? You might not know all the other aspects, but think about what would you do for your cool uncle or for that one person who you always wanted to hang out with. What’d you do? Would you wash your car when you go drive and get cheesecake for them? We do get their starbucks coffee every morning. What can you do to add value first? Find ways to add value first because that’s going to make you more valuable. And people like people like people like doing business with people they like make yourself likable. Talk about thinking that they talked about. Find out what books they liked about what podcasts. I send them articles and interview clips to find a way to make yourself likable and once you’re able to do that, then they’re going to find more inclined to give you the more knowledge. Let you take you in on meetings, bringing on events and that was hands down so that I would start off. If I’m brand new, I want to get my mentor down. Puts you in a winning position.

24:12 I love it. One of the things that I saw, it was an, I think one of the groups and the guy was like, you know, I’ve been getting fired over and over again. Right? And that’s what I was going through. My mind is like, this guy’s not adding that value. It’s like I’m overqualified. No, you’re just over a defensive. You’re not absorbing whatever they’re telling you. They’re telling you something. If they’re not using words and their actions are telling you something,

24:32 yes. He will learn what it. What’s the good thing is that, um, if you don’t learn to humble yourself, life will do it for you. Notice the sign.

24:41 Okay, so you’re doing these facebook live negotiations.

24:45 Yes. Facebook lab negotiations. I mean, it’s definitely like the new technology because I’m 35, I feel like I’m going on like 68 because the real estate gives you those dog ears, you know, those dog ears. And so shout out to Mike, but Michael powers, she worked. Um, he’s with the acquisition director with the wind LLC team and Jennifer Vornado, operation director. They’re like, Elijah, we hear you make these calls like what you say, these people are unbelievable. But I’ve been doing sales literally for over 20 years now. Really have, I mean 20 years. And so what I do and just, it’s natural. It’s like you go and shoot the shot. I’m shooting a shot, you know, so I like steph curry. He just, he has that muscle memory. Well, I realized so I started. Um, so Michael’s like Elijah, can I just put one call on facebook live?

25:28 We’ll shoot with response we make. I’m like, all right. I mean you just don’t mention the whole name. Right? And all address people start taking the deals. So I put one on a facebook live and I was talking with sellers and just seeing them hanging up on me, but I take the next call and seeing the interaction of everybody was like, wow, I can’t believe you said that. Whoa. You hung up and took the number phone call. You don’t have to go smoke a cigarette route. So it made it where as I’m humanizing this is not because you see these people on instagram hopping out the jet, hopping out the Mazzarati just picked a bad close four deals. Well yeah, that’s cool. But how am I going to get to that? This shows you, hey, you can make a phone call next call onto next call.

26:04 Play on my lower hip hop instrumentals in the background. I set my own five. I’m having a good time. I’m laughing. I don’t take it too personal. I’m onto the next one. I’m big and making relationships every day and then I’m able to kind of do something like, um, one of our mentors, Eric Thomas, the hip hop preacher, he does his thing. God is Mondays. While I’m able to get my good word of the day from Elijah, Elijah and I give him like a little little gem, a little tidbit that they are able to add value to them. Then I’ll do my precall affirmations just so they understand. Every time I get on fault I do my precall affirmation and that’s why I’m getting people to answer the phones, getting people locked in and don’t get wrong. I went like 20 episodes, no deal savvy people hanging up on me.

26:42 You piece of crap. How dare you make this low ball offer. But I think people would like to see am I going to get conquered or I’m going to create. And so they liked it and seeing that happen every day. And then I find got one deal and we knocked out $27,000 on that one deal. And so we have everybody go to wash my Elijah I rubin page, they get notified of the call. Well if people are like, well how can I connect with you more? Like we’ll go to my consistently closing facebook closed group. And by um, so we went from like 200 people in the consistent closing group. As soon as I closed that $27,000 deal and like 2000 people go to consistently closing, you’re locking in. And now we have people from all types of industry, not just owning real estate. We got insurance guys, we got diamond jewelers, auto sharing skies people because closing is closing and at the end of the day, so it was, it’s a transfer of enthusiasm and being able to go from failure to failure without losing enthusiasm. And I’m like a walking resolve that if I could do it, so it can they.

27:36 Well, another thing too is I think a lot of people will look at the successes and we want to celebrate the successes and the checks and that’s cool, right? I mean that’s not a bad thing, but people will want to success without the pain possible. So you’re capturing the 95 percent. That sucks for sure, and that’s what they need to see. If they were going to try to. They’re going to try to blow up. They were trying to get your success. They’ve got to also copy your pain,

27:58 right? You have to be able to go through pain and that’s I think what’s so hard right now with the, especially with the instagram world in the facebook world. I mean a lot of this generation, they want that microwave success is already like, Nah, he ain’t ready man. I’m cooking this up. Fourteen years. I’m still cooking up and just understanding that every call I’m learning for every relationship I’m learning and finding ways to correct and continue, but understand you have to go through as many no’s to get to. Yes, and if you’re, if you’re, if you’re struggling with taking notes, start putting a dollar amount to have, you know, you take and then that knows worth x amount of dollars so you know, hey, I gotta get to 30, 30 more notice so I can make $20,000. And so I think you shift that knowledge, but them seeing me gaining, taking the phone calls, getting beat down and still taking on the next call, still waking up the next call as no issue. I think that’s a key piece to see if I could do it. They could do it too.

28:48 Right. So what would be, are we talking about the mentor but you know, again, you know, you’re starting brand new. What are some things you would do today? You’re starting?

28:57 Yeah. So when things are due today, if I’m starting a brand new, great question, what I would start, I would definitely go to all the meetups. I’ll look up on meetup.com. I’ll go to that. Whatever local reassure into, um, bigger pockets I climb has a lot of resources to meet with other people because the three things I feel like especially starting out, you can never have enough of and this and it’s across the board in any industry, but specifically in real estate page at the most you can ever have enough knowledge, you can never have enough relationships and you can never have enough critical thinking ability and a models to you have the more you make. So to start that out spend, I’ll spend a least, I like to call it blocks of time. I’ll spend at least five hours a week blocks of time, maybe an hour day of just learning because the more you know, the more you grow.

29:40 So I’ll be learning, I’ll learn the jargon, I’ll learn how contracts work. I’ll read other posts and alcohol, people do marketing, and then I’ll go to a network in advance and make sure I collect as many cars as I want and I’ll set a goal of at least they want to collect at least 10 business cards because that may mean cards you pass out. Nobody’s following up with you. All right, you just started, but you want to capture their cards because now the ball’s in your court. Now you can follow up that polite persistence. All right, I’ve just sent a phone call. Send a text message slide. Dial them if you have to do whatever you got to do, get in front of them, and then the next part, and this is a key part, take action. I call it the one third, two third formula. One third of the time you need to be learning.

30:17 It’s important to learn because you don’t know. You don’t know what to do. However, two thirds of the time, you better be doing can you go to learn more from doing ever do from just reading a book, and so what can you do? Especially if you want a Jewish friendly budget. You don’t wanna spend too much knowledge. You don’t know what you’re doing out there. So what you want to do, I’ll do what I call I have. I want sessions, so I’ll take those cards and I do. I have this deal. I want this. What do you have? What do you want? Then I’ll make sure one player every, every Friday to one play out to coffee. You go forward the coffee, don’t do lunch. You can the graduate to lunch and I do a coffee. That’s three, four bucks. You drink of water. We pay for to have coffee and pick their brain.

30:51 Have your questions. Please plan. Don’t freestyle on bumble. Have you questioned preplan so they know that you respect their time, you mean business, that you’re serious about yourself and you value their time. Then spend a set of bucket time out to a driving for dollars. Drive for dollars to what opportunities you could bring to the table and they don’t do nothing. I call which is called craigslist hunting. Craigslist hunting, and people think it’s still dead and because of how saturated is, but craigslist hunting will allow you to key words and you take. You take less of 15 keywords, must sell fire damage. I mean anything that motivated sellers and then new titles in there and you look at those two times a day. Then your goal is to get a thesaurus and now you want to come up with 50 words to say those same words in a different way.

31:33 I bought two houses, one house with $5,000 on craigslist. I own another house I bought for $5 on third street and camelback for five grand, not rams a house I rent out to this day still and I and I, and I’m walking with my acquisition director because I want them to create more opportunities just outside of what our va’s are providing. And so I’m like, you know what? Let me see. Yeah, it’s been a couple of years yeses. I, craigslist, I spent one hour, Steve, one hour I found have one seller had had two lots that we have locked up right now in escrow. So it works in this market. Now still still works. So those are the three things I would recommend. Like I said, build a Belgian knowledge, go to events and have meetings with the relationships and create opportunities via drive for dollars.

32:12 And craigslist sentence was for some huge gems use champs. So you’re passionate that much. So this question is gonna be a little weird, what are you passionate about? Because it seems like. Well, I’m really, I’m really passionate about empowering others around. Yeah. I’m in. I’m into impact over just income as we talked a little bit about one of our mentors, etc. To hip hop preacher. Yeah. And like he’s The closest thing I feel the martin luther king. We have of our time and current presidents. I mean, I remember about four years ago, I, uh, I went to one event and, and when the vip rack room and I’m standing across the street across the room and some lady came up and they’re talking and, and so she starts, she gave him a hug before she goes. She started to cry but not like, oh, it’s justin bieber’s here.

32:58 I’m crYing. Oh my god, he’s famous now. She started crying. He hugged And embraced and it was, I don’t know what they talked about, but you just saw like some type of breakthroughs have some type of, I don’t know, he says it’s a family member or he helped, um, some, uh, some, uh, her relationship happens. Something personal breakthrough happened, but is the language of the heart heart care. I’m like, that’s the impact. That’s what a god he had. That’s what martin luther king had. That’s what jesus said. He’s the impact you can live on that’s goIng to establish alleged and makes you legendary. And I understand that it is possible to be that way if you were more interested in the impact and just income. So when I see the light flick on in other people’s eyes and they see that, well, I could do More with my life.

33:37 I could have more in that mindset of abundance and tricks on I’m, I don’t think there’s much in Life more than that piece, right? That love first year. I can never get ahold of that. Are you trying to emulate that? Yeah. So I think to, um, do a young millionaire society platform is my wealth creation platform where I’m able to help people from all walKs of life, find the real path, find the real purpose and help them keep that light path, keep that light on their path for them. And so I like to be able to help them do real estate, be able to see, hey, there’s another alternative is just an engineer, means I love real estate, but by the time I’m 55, I Want to own my own island, I want to. And I want to have my own underwater city. I wanted my own cloaking device will for me to do something like this with big, audacious goal, I have to help impact a lot of people.

34:22 So real estate is just a platform I’m using so I can make a bigger impact on how uninspiring empower a lot more people. So can I have a house on that island? Oh, but we’re building it. We’re building a tabernacle in your name. You know what I’m saying? We got floating castles. We got sideways to get you from wing to wing. So we got you covered. All right. So, um, your relationship with, with, uh, the hip hop preacher, how’s, how’s that impacted you? So eat the hip hop preacher. I’m Dr. Eric Thomas. That has been one of the biggest, uh, I’ll say transformations in my life because, and then shade laws of attraction. I mean, because, uh, I mean during the club promotion world, I mean I did everything else. Like society tells you the more grows you get more cooler, you’re going to be a more time you out there, the drug that you could get, the better life is going to be for you.

35:06 And I and I experienced all that world and I saw it got me, got me duis, it got me in a substance list. Relationships. They put me in a position where I was still empty inside and I didn’t know what to go to and what to chase. So then when I saw etc. The hip hop preacher, you have to succeed as bad as you want to breathe. And I’m like, man, this guy has, he’s sincere, has lost substance without jeopardizing swag. I’m like, that’s perfect. oh man, I love the school. But I didn’t ever think you’ll come out to Arizona is just thing that has ever happened. Well, there’s a bigger real estate guru in town and he happened to be bringing them in town and I haven’t known them over the years so he kinda took a little real estate deal for me that take you.

35:45 But if my yama could tilt, we both workIng on trying to go after the same seller. It didn’t work out so I called them up and I’m like, hey, it didn’t feel right and so can you do a personal introduction for me for it and take me out. I’ll take him out to lunch. We’ll call water underneath the bridge. So I cool come on up. So it makes a personal introduction for me. I ended up talking with his business partner who’s 32 young do and this is the first time I ever pay for any type of speaker, consultIng, any type of consultant of any sort can remember I told you that why I problem at the beginning. I just don’t like him. At that time I didn’t like investing in myself. Well, so this is the first person I did and having him in my circle seeing how we operate.

36:21 I mean, him waking up at 3:00 AM him, I’m given the 11th pushup mentality. He’s a multimillionaire, ahrens, his wife’s clothes still at this time before he leaves the animals wife’s clothes. Um, the, the, when people just stopping and just say, hey, what you did for me, this world tie one quick story and this is type of impact he had. He had, um, he has a building in m and Michigan. He calls me, I’ll be like, elijah, I had this building. I need your help. I’m like, I’m just a trinidadian jewish boy in Arizona. You’re calling me for, you need my help. Like whatever it is. Yes, yes. WhateVer It is. And he’s like, well, I need the amount of by this, um, this building, 13 acres, 30,000 square feet. They want one Point, $1,000,000 for it and want to go to, I want to buy one to turn to one of my churches.

37:01 So he goes to chase, tries to get as a church. Well, they don’t offer chase chase. Exactly. Don’t, don’t, don’t want to foreclose on god, right? So they don’t go to the church. So he’s lied to, what can I do? So he ended up talking with the doctors to doctors are at just about five doctors. One of the doctor’s daughters was addicted to opiates, oxycontin. It was really bad. Well, just from her watching [inaudible] videos, she never met 18 just from watching the videos. She overcame the opiate addiction, got clean and changed her whole life. So once the, once the doctor found out that he was buying it, they want them to ask for one point, one they sold it to him for 600,000, took a 50 percent discount because the impact and the work you’ve put in years earlier. So long story short, he had 300,000 to put down. He came to me. I was able to get my dad to do a self directed ira and had my dad funded deal. So now like I funded this, builds the house where he went from living in buildings. You don’t trash cans now he owns his own building, doing his own charter school, have his own church out of there. so cool. Extremely till my leg got a lot better. having somebody like that in my circle

38:02 for sure. And if you guys have not watched this youtube, I go to youtube, do a search for Eric Thomas, 80 hip hop preacher, and a, you want to be rich as much as you want to breathe. That’s a powerful video.

38:16 Yeah, no, for sure. That one I did. I think. I think I forgot the name of the guy who did it. If you want to succeed as bad as you want to breathe when like 30 million hits around the world and that will make them viral and that’s where that kind of put them on the world scene.

38:30 yup. All right. So what does your organization look like today?

38:33 So my organization as right now, um, I had my operation director jennifer, that she’s kind of helping them overall operations and make sure that she’s my integrator. You guys haven’t read the book traction, get the book traction. I’m telling you, I slept on it many, many years. I had it for four years. I’m finally able to start to implement it like a year ago. So she’s my integrated operation director. I got, michael is my acquisition director, so he handles a lot of the va’s we have for va’s in the Philippines, making phone calls. We have three va’s on the marketing admin side to help out jennifer and we negotiated with my nanny to make sure that we buy are there. That’s my office admin support too. So we have a multi multipronged approach there, so. Very nice. So you get acquisition guys. How many acquisition guys? So we have for acquisition front end callers and one acquisition director.

39:20 Okay. And these are the ones in the Philippines? Yeah. How about this positions? So dispositions. I’m jennifer right now is doing both operation director and some of that, but I’m in the most of the disposition. Most people know me and call me logic. Can I get the deal? But can you negotiate that a little bit more for me? so I work with them. so your. I’ve got a deal. I’m talking to a seller and I can’t close it. I call you. This is what’s happening right now. so right now. So if you have a deal and on the, on the seller side. So all right, so when you say disposition, I’m thinking when you resell the property. Alright, so he. Exactly. So all right. So if you have a deal and you called me as a regular seller and are you saying that as a seller you called me.

39:58 I’m talking about the wholesale because I was trying to. Yes, exactly. All right. So if you’re wholesale you have a buyer to sell one of our properties and so yes you would call me like, hey can I get this for, do you have anything built in there for me? I owe a lot of reasons why a lot of wholesalers like to move my deals. I uSed to build into three to $5,000 consulting fee within my price. So because I remember when I was wholesaling all mark it up, mark it up with bro. If I mark it up there and they google it, they see a marked it up three gun. I’m not going to get another call from this guy. So I always built in fees within my price for other wholesaler. I liked the way you work because I had the same problem. See, I see, Okay.

40:33 So, uh, what states are you in? So right now I mainly do Arizona, California. Those are like the main two states are saying however I’m going to be ramping up going in chicago. I got through iti, have a really big investor in chicago who’s buying a lot of property to buy and hold, so it will be in chicago, do a little bit of Texas, but most of our investors are really knocking out a lot of the southwest right now. So, um, and top lead sources when we talked a little bit about some of your referral partners, do you have any other lead sources? Yes. So I do some, obviously probate attorneys are good sources if you could build relationships. And then my father became official probate attorney so I go with them to network and invest shroom, head out how to work a room, make sure you collect as many business cards.

41:14 Um, and then we’d go through like, you know, y’all property radar, you have lists sore she can do. Um, I organically create my own city violation. List them by pulling them from county recorder’s office along with the probate lists as well. Um, we, uh, use a driving for dollars a lincoln. Um, shout out to sell. And carlos, I had a swagger Jack a little bit from them. um, just marketing, linden, other people know, hey, you’re going to Be affiliate driving for dollars. Put these on there. Once I did that, we have over 250 leads that just came in just for people center opportunities. So that’s what a great way to create opportunities when people know that you could close deals.

41:47 So how does that work? So I’m driving around and I see this house dumpy garage, kind of sit in little funny and I just text you the address.

41:56 So what we do, um, and so if you see a jalopy property out there, we actually take a picture of the property and then there’s a link. Um, so if you call it, you reach out to me, we’ll send you a link and click on the link. You type in a address, you type in your phone number, any notes you want to automatically gets added to our list, and if you buy the property, we work in a consulting or a consulting fee for you on every property that we buy.

42:17 And what’s that? So it was anywhere from between 500 to $5,000 depending on what the profit margin is. Wow. That’s really generous of you. Take care of people, take care of you. That’s lIke water the seeds. That’s true. Uh, any interesting war stories?

42:30 Well, it’s value today because I’m alex and I are working on sunday. I definitely want to talk to you about it too. Um, we’re working on, we’re going to be doing these uh, deals over drinks. We can have a couple of genes just talking about our crazy deals in the lessons we learned from because all 750 deals and like I closed like 89 percent of those, like that’s sellers. I’m gOing to design a signature. So I got crazy types of all types of crazy deals. But just to give you guys one of them, I thought when I just close to a. So this deal is um, is on seventh avenue and magnolia so that’s going to be just north of broadway, south of the 10 freeway. Pretty rouGh. Pretty good. All right, good. Are us, it has been good to me. No it’s been good to me.

43:11 I buy a lot of rough properties over there. That’s why I did 750 of them. Right. Just keep driving, just keep, just keep passing it. But at my old model is like I’ll buy a house in Haiti at the right dollar amount and I don’t mind my money living in there because I’m not living there. But. So um, so this was a city validation lead. I got ahold of them, talked with them Seller. he’s a pastor, he’s a pastor and so I go and talk with him and the guy is 70 years old but he’s me. He’s tall, pretty active. So go to the house and then it’s like some am, I could call them crack heads but the crack ish. Alright. So, so symptoms like, not all the teeth there, you know what I mean, but, but they, but they in the house to keep an eye on the house, quite tennis middle to keeping an eye on the house.

43:51 So we’re in tHe house and we’re talking and so I parked in front of the house and um, the gentleman, uh, there’s a big sign, let mother efforts don’t park here where I’m thinking that’s not a real sign. I mean, come on like, like who’s going to like, that’s the statutes, you know what I’m saying? Hey, I’m on the street, this is not in your parking lot on the street. So him being a pastor talking and one of the roommates come and say, hey, the neighbors tripping, you might want to move your car. I’m like, and the pastors like, no heel, your move your car when we’re done talking here, I’m here with the bachelor, said we’re moving when it’s done. So we end up, um, I saw were done talk and we negotiate the price. I go outside. And so this guy has a toll.

44:29 He has a tow yard next door. So he has my car boxed in so he has one tow truck on one side and the other truck on the other side, so I can’t get out. So obviously he wants to talk. I can’t move my car so I go and knock on it. So I’m going to go and walk over and knock on the door and this latino gentleman comes out, say, hey, hey homie, you don’t read that sign over there. You can read them like, hey, take it easy. Take it easy. I could read, but I didn’t think that’s a real sorry. No, that’s a real sign. You need to. I need you to move your car. I’m like, hey, you’re a businessman. I’m a businessman. You. I see that you got a business. I mean you’re trying to buy a house and I might be your neighbor here.

45:00 Now I know that you don’t want us to park there. See what I can do to help out. We’ll see you guys don’t like list over there. They’re dealing drugs to do it. Everything over them. Like the pastor he started, the passengers don’t drugs. I don’t care what he’s doing over there. So now at this time pastor felton walks out, so he walks out and he’s like, is he matching you with you? I’m like, I’m like, really fast. It’s okay. He ends up walking over and he’s like, he hit your car, but he didn’t hit the car. Ms dot [inaudible] does not my nice car to drive around car. It’s cool. He ends up getting mad. He’s like, that’s not right. You shouldn’t hit his car. And so now the latino men man is just screaming. I’m like, shut the hell up old man’s curse. And I’m like, oh whoop, whoop us right now.

45:35 I’m like, whoa. Take it easy. Take it easy. So the pastor comes around. So I turned around and talking to this guy. Next time I turn around and look and see the passenger. The passenger has a big old four by four and is in about the wac, the guy. So the next you know it, I tell the past like, whoa, whoa, whoa, hold on a second. So the mexican dude pulls out a knife, like, come on homie. Oh, got you right here. I cut you like a fish. I’m like, I do real estate. What am I doing this now? What I came up to sign up for. So now the neighbors are coming out, the neighbors are coming out with um, with their phones, like worldstar, worldstar it. And so everyone who lives in la. So I’m like, I’m not even going to get caught, but I don’t want to take it.

46:10 I don’t want to turn my back on him. He has his knife out. And so I looked her in the face. I’m like, listen, I’m not the page six figures for your house right now. You don’t argue with fools because from a distant people can’t tell the difference. So listen, you have people who depend on you. I need you to walk away. So I saw looking, design, any down graded who stopped her calm down and he ended up walking away and I ended up talking to the guy and it’s crazy. The guy asked me if he could buy the building for me like, like, like three weeks later. But like now I’m not selling the property after about the gut. Me ain’t got those guys, so we had to find a property for $90,000, sold for $112,000, but I’m almost got stabbed and hit by four by four.

46:51 Is that just cost of doing business another day in the life? Uh, so what is your biggest struggle right now? Biggest struggle right now. I think it’s for a lot of us too. I think program. I think our programming gets in our way a lot and I mean how we are raised, how we thought, what we think is okay, what got you here isn’t going to get you there. So what got me to this level, what I’m trying to fix shit and throw them happy for her. I still do things. A lot of old school route. I won’t listen fully to what my integrator says. I’m, I’m putting myself. I’m giving my integrate the authority to fire me as being a visionary and fire me because I’m essentially my first responsibility is the owner of the company and the owner of the company rolled them one make a profit.

47:32 So if my, if I’m not making profit but I’m not doing all the things I need to do, I have to trust my integrating and follow the process. Like ed says, trust the process, don’t rush the process and I find myself always reverting back. I’ll go back to sticky notes as a sticky note king for a little while and I’ll write those signals it bag. No, you can’t do that because if I leave the student, if I lose a sticky notes, then how can I transfer this a note to somebody else, how can I pass the lead? How? How’d I find that information? And so I see myself reverting back to that sometimes. That’s something I got to tighten up a. And what is your superpower? My superpower for sure. Like I said, I think I’m my mind negotiating abilities. I think my critical thinking abilities, I’m very creative.

48:09 I think outside the box I, I could, I hear poems, but I see solutions and then I think I have the ability to connect and relate with almost anybody from all walks of life are all the expensive skills. That’s great. Try to try to, uh, what’s the greatest lesson you’ve learned? One of the greatest lessons I’ve learned. Hmm. That’s a good question. One of the greatest lessons I learned is to stop playing small. I played small businesses because I mean from what society tells you familiar background, like I’m doing the properties in the hood, like, are you sure you shouldn’t to do these nicer houses? You should come do California. And so I just, um, earlier this year I did a, the first hundred thousand dollar deal. They make 100,000, but I did $100,000 deal in California, got out my god, my own fear and got out my old programming and was able to buy the house for like 400,000 in California drought sold for 500,000 baht.

48:58 Split it three ways. So be careful. Be very intentional with what you ask the universe for. I said, I want to do a six figure deal. No, no. I want to keep six figure from a deal that just make it right. But yeah, rub that gene. Bba clear what you want. It’s going to give you what you want, but just don’t play small. Don’t let your preconceived notions of who you thought you were control who you currently are as powerful a. So what is your favorite best or most interesting failure? My favorite or most interesting failure while my, I think my favorite, most interesting failure would probably be when I was um, I got several. I’ve got several of them, several of them. um, I’ll go with this one. I’m, I’m five years old and my sister and I will take um, rocks in my mom’s, will take walks around the neighborhood, will take my mom’s nail polish and we’ll, we’ll, we’ll paint on the rocks.

49:51 All right. And then we’ll go and we’ll sell the rocks for a dollar to $3 to the neighbors. And my sister would manage it, help collect the rocks and I’ll go and sell them. And so even at five years old I was selling rocks a five, but those are legal rights, legal rights. And so the biggest lesson learned is to negotiate your terms up front because she would pay me and candy and kept the money. So I didn’t know and like I like give me the cash I don’t want, I don’t want the cane, don’t. Amy kit gets give me the cash. So that’s one of the first things I learned at five years old. No, your negotiation terms. Front clarify documents. Yes, document, clarify and make sure you have a sworn agreement. No head contracts, not contracts.

50:29 Alright. And then, uh, what book have you given more than any other book

50:33 who I’ve really been heavy on, given out traction to a lot of people, but hands down, before you get to traction, I think you have to have the mindset because you can learn all this stuff, but if you don’t have the mindset, it fall off. And I made eaSily $25,000 the second time I read it and applied it in the same year. it’s called secrets of the millionaire mind by t harv eker because it just gives you an understanding of how programming works. Your programming controls your thoughts, your thoughts control, your feelings, your feelings control your actions. You actually control your results, your results to find your legacy. If you don’t like your results, your legacy, you could reengineer it changing like a dolly can change your programming and once I saw you could do that, it felt so empowering and what you see it happen and you see other people around it. Wow. Starts changing things around you.

51:15 Yeah. It’s an amazing book. And then I would just add onto that too, that traction, the, my coach told me to read it two years ago and I. Did I read it. Oh you did? He did. And I did absolutely nothing about it. And then, um, a friend of mine recommended I read rocket fuel yet. I read that one. I’m sorry. Read rocket fuel. I was like, oh, this is the same guys distraction. Let me retraction guests like, oh my god, how many things did I screw up

51:34 by not doing these things for sure, but I understand the value of which, uh, so you’re a visionary integrator to help implement a lot of these stuff. And I had the wrong people in the wrong seats and go the wrong direction. But because you make two, 300,000 in this society, you’re going to find who could tell you anything. Right? So we make an adjustment.

51:53 And I think the other thing too is it, it helps your integrators deal with you because you and I are screwed up.

52:00 Oh, tremendously. Yeah. And we had the squirrel, squirrel, squirrel, squirrel. Looking around all different objects. And if you do that with that whiplash, either that the whole team has to be able to move and being able to trust your integrator to implement your vision in the fire. You if need be. I think that is a very big revelation. Like, whoa, okay. I got to fall. Because if you’re the main cog in your wheel, your domain clog in your will and, and, and, and they’re going to make you move. They will remove you from it. And I like that. Uh, so who should we, who would you like to see on the show next? Who would I like to see on the show next? You guys had some pretty good at some pretty solid people on here. Um, I think, um, his name is chris [inaudible]. He’s in an entrepreneurial organization, accelerated program with me. He’s a realtor, he’s a buIlder and he’s an investor and um, he started to do bigger projects and I was just talking to them about you as well. Talk about things we’re doing about your networking event. You did. So crystal worth a very solid person. I’ll be more than more than grateful to bake a connection.

53:03 I appreciate that. Alright, so we talked lot about a lot of wisdom, a lot of knowledge and, and, and items of value that you can definitely give to our listeners. How would they get ahold of you?

53:13 Um, you could get ahold of me. There’s a couple of different ways. Um, one way you could go online. Um, elijah, I rubin as my fan page and by clicking on that you’ll be notified when I make my facebook live calls and once I get to 100 episodes I’m going to go do it randomly because it takes a lot to do with every monday and wednesdays at 5:30. They could go to my consistently closing group consistently closing on facebook, and then you go to reach out to me via email at which is elijah at when w I n llc. That’s elijah@whenwinllc.com. and that’s the best way you’re able to kind of connect with me.

53:50 Awesome. And again guys, if you liked this show, please share this episode right now and please join me next wednesday at 2:00. Chris may field Thinks it’d be a good idea to interview me. So I’m going to be the subject next week. You’ll, uh, so don’t forget to check it out. and then also visit the website real estate disruptors dot coM to find out more about our upcoming events. Thank you so much. Appreciate you sir. Appreciate you, sir. All right, I’ll talk to you guys later.

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