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Interview with Carlos Reyes & Sal Shakir

Interview with Carlos Reyes & Sal Shakir

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All right guys, thank you so much for joining us again today. Welcome to real estate disruptors. Today we got Carlos race and Sal Shakir. Am I saying that right? Almost Shakir. Shakur sounds better to patch. It was like an Arabic version of him. Hey man, whatever works. So, uh, so Carlos is out there with national cash offer and uh, not too long ago you guys are on TV. What was it?

So we’ve been on, we’ve been on channel 12 a channel 15, channel seven and um, you know, it, it’s, um, we, we assisted this lady. I’m very, very, very quick a scenario here. Uh, this lady was going into pre-foreclosure, um, she was already kind of doing bad financially. I’m kind of headed down the wrong road, hit up a um, um, what was he like a handyman contract, contract contractor. And then, um, the guy just ran off with her money. Yeah. And then, you know, yeah, that’s great. She’s amazing. Crystal Klug. Um, and um, and then she reached out to us, pulled up, you know, sell my house fast as this or whatever on Google search. And then we were one of the top two because we, for the most part, rank top one, top two on paperclick for those of you that don’t know that. And she found this. And um, then we came through and we saved their, you know, we, we bought her property and gave her cash to walk out with and she was just so appreciative and we’re still friends now, you know. So, so, um, some of the new stations picked up her story.

Well, the main thing was that she, she actually didn’t expect anything back. She just wants to get out of the house. She was going to leave the house to foreclosure and not expecting anything. But then when she called us, she just wanted us to pay it off and not hurt, hurt, hurt, hurt credit. But you know, Dora was actually one of our acquisition managers. She assisted her and we told her that no matter what, we’re going to make sure that you’re going to get money and you get to get a headstart on your next move or whatever. Which was able to buy a car.

She couldn’t, she couldn’t, she couldn’t believe that because see this lady, you know, she didn’t ask for money, she just wanted her property to be saved from foreclosure, but we knew that we were going to be okay at the end that we only made. I mean we, it was a complete, like we did put about $20,000 for the Rehab. Only made what, like 25, 26, right?

Yeah, around that.

And it’s America. It wasn’t a whole suffered to sell America, but you know what I mean, a lot of people want to buy American wholesale it. So it happened

and it’s because she owed more than we expected and we promised her that we’re going to give her a certain amount of money so it would only make sense if we flip it just so we can keep, keep our word and which we did. So she’s happy.

Yeah, she, she was honestly, it was so unexpected to her. Like she, she’s like, oh my God, you’re going to give me money, you know. And, uh, she was able to purchase a or put the down payment on a brand new Nissan Ultima. Um, she bought furniture for her next place, you know what I mean, took care of her daughter. So a lot of great things come out of that, that one specific situation of hundreds that we deal with.

That’s awesome. All right, so, uh, before I forget, so if you guys want to find out more about Carlos and sal, it’s national cash offer.com. Um, and then real quick, before we get started, I just want to let everyone know today’s podcast is sponsored by offer fast. So, um, you know, you guys tired of having too many places to go find properties or are you guys want to be able to blast your wholesale deals before you hit the road? We got a solution for you. Everything’s in your fingertips. So I get all your properties in one centralized location and get push notifications. So you get notifications of properties immediately as a download offer fast today. Um, so one, you know, before I, before I met you, one thing that hit me, it was like a week or so ago was a picture of you with your Nissan rogue and all the bandit signs, you know, tell me about that,

that. So, uh, it was a 2016 Nissan rogue. Um, I had a regular nine to five job I’m doing. Um, so I was managing third party motor vehicle services. That’s how I met him. And we’ll get into that later. Uh, and also also I was managing a third party motor vehicle services and we also did like title loans, right. So, um, I was there for 14 years. I was there for 14 years. I actually brought the third party motor vehicle services to them as a second, as a second stream of income from, aside from the title loans. And it was okay. I was making living, you know, I was making anywhere from 60 to $70,000 a year. It was okay. Um, but I knew that there was more, there was more to it, you know. So, um, yeah, our first abandoned signs. I don’t know if we had the budget and the marketing budget, so his girl, my fiance grabbed a bunch of black markers and she would knock out 100 bandit signs a week for me and then I’ll go put them out from 11:00 PM to 2:00 AM.

So Hustle, I mean not having the budget for. It’s not an excuse.

Our marketing budget was probably like 700 a month close to know what’s our budget now.

I think we’re at 60,000 close.

We spent 60 grand every month on marketing. Like it’s like it’s water. Alright. So yeah, we’ve come a long way in three years.

Very cool. Okay. So when we kind of touched on a little bit, how did you guys get into real estate?

Oh, that’s funny. So it was a. So Carlos met me at the car. I was, I was, I owned a car dealership and he was actually marketing for his company, which is third party. Pretty much it was his company at that point because he started that thing like that department and that was his baby. So he was marketing third party. Of course he was working there, but he treated like it was a zone. So that’s, I, I immediately saw that this guy, man, he’s a hustler, so, and I, I just opened up a real, you know, the, the commentary at the retail side and the wholesale side of the cars, which is very similar to the, to the house business. And then we just became good friends after that for a year, you know, I probably ruined his liver and he ruined my liver drinking. Um, and then we’re like, you know, what, let’s, let’s, let’s work together. And um, I had a condo that I sold. I bought one at a younger age and I rented it and he had a house that he just saw been. Yeah. Yeah. And we thought about every single business besides real

coffee shops, a carwash, right? Every restaurant

named moving companies. Uh, I mean, you name it, we thought about it. The last thing was the real estate would even think about real estate. And ironically, we made the money that we’re trying to start our business with from real estate. Right. So, uh, before you know it, we’re like, he’s like, well, how about we, um, we do some real estate and I’m like, oh, well, we don’t know much about it, but we know we flipped and then he’s like, don’t worry, we got this. Uh, so we started as a hobby. We start fixing and flipping.

Holly started reaching out to a bunch of heavy players at that time. Oh, absolutely. There was nobody that will give us the time of the day like it is now. Right. So that’s why I always give people that reach out to me. Like that guy said on my life feed, he says, this guy answers every comment because I know what it feels like to be on the other side, you know, three years ago. I mean, you know what I mean. I was on the other side asking the cody sperber’s, uh, when he would go on his life feed on, on, um, on periscope or whatever, um, you know, I, I was literally at my job just taking notes down, you know what I mean? I’m asking, you know, the, you know, the, the deal, brothers, et cetera. Right, which, you know, they’re, they’re good, good people, but um, I get it like people are busy and you know, their business does consume them.

So when a little guys trying to ask questions, it doesn’t always get answered. But uh, I’ve, I’ve made it a point, uh, I’m nothing, I’m nothing I’m going to compare to a Gary v, but have you noticed Gary Vee answers a lot of his people. That’s how big he’s this guy. We Love Gary v Dot. This guy is one of the realest guys out there as we’re entrepreneur, but one thing that he prides himself in his, he tries to answer his audience, you know what I mean, and tries to provide value to them. So I do the same thing and I know sal does the same thing because we’ve been on the other side of that. So was pretty cool. I remember, you know, like to, to never forget where you came from for sure now that you can pull people up to where you are now. That’s pretty cool. Another thing I heard you say too is that, you know, don’t worry, we’ll figure it out. And I love that attitude, right? That’s the entrepreneurial attitude. And uh, and uh, Brendon burchard or heard him speak very recently, what he said was, that’s what real confidence is. Confidence isn’t knowing how to do it. Confidence, knowing that you’re gonna figure it out. So we were problem solvers. Every business owner is a problem solver. That’s

you wouldn’t be in business if you have everything figured out. You kind of figured it out on the go. Oh,

you get better at it. Yeah. Uh, my mom used to always, you know, growing up, telling me,

hey son, you know, because I grew up with a single mom. Um, and we’ll go over the back, you know, the background story, I’m sure. But she used to tell me, you know, son, she was a single single mom with three kids and she was, she said, you know, we used to run into a lot of problems, especially financial problems. Right? But she’d be like, don’t worry, don’t worry son. There’s a solution to everything but death and taxes, you know what I mean? That’s exactly. And I clearly remember, I’m like, you know, we wanted a 27 inch to Shiva, you know, the boxes back then, right? The little blue boxes like Mommy wanted 27 minutes. So Shiva, okay. You know, all right, well, you know, I don’t have it right now but I’ll figure it out. Go sorento center gets it from Metta Center, pays weekly payments or whatever. So again, you know, I learned a lot from her. She would always figure it out even though she didn’t, she only made $8 and twenty five cents an hour. She would figure out ways to make your kids happy. So I, I got, I got everything that I know is from her coming up. So that’s very cool. So, um, what were some of the struggles when you first got it? All right, we’re flipping or wholesaling, you got into the business or were some of your early struggles?

Well, I just like any business when you first start and peoples, they smell blood, you know, this is just the way of business is. And we were just new and we got taken away. I remember when we first found her first property, so I asked a realtor friend, a family friend, and then he appointed one of his guys and he, he kind of, he was, he was a good realtor, he just was not very experienced and the communication was hard, you know, the language barrier and everything and he found a property for us from a wholesaler and we didn’t even know what that was. So we’re like, we pay top dollar for it. Then he charged us on the buy and of course on the sale and the title company, although we were investors, like we’re starting off. We didn’t get charged as investors in the hard money loan. We almost paid 18 percent or something and then we dropped. It was definitely not in every single turn we took it. It was like being taken advantage of. We managed to make some money. That’s good. Of course. Yeah. But, so it was a learning.

I think he’s, I think he’s, uh, he’s, he’s, the way he’s describing it is actually a very nice version of it. We pretty much got raped by everybody. And I’ll give you an example, the realtor that we have, we had, we had, we didn’t have a lot of money to start out. We wanted to flip, right? And you know, eventually we learn what wholesaling wasn’t and that’s when you see the bandit signs and all that. So it was very early. So our first fix and flip, this guy find a property for 1:40 arv. But that’s actually a very tight squeeze, right? So not to put money into it. We, we, we, we did. So, so this guy, this realtor pays the wholesaler 6,000. And then he says, write me a check for $3,000. We’re like, oh, okay. Yeah, sure. No problem, no problem.

So now we’re at 1:50, you know what I mean? Then the uh, title agencies like, okay, it’s going to be three grants of close, but wait a minute, it’s only $140,000 property, $3,000. It was definitely in. That. Sounds good. We’re at 1:52, right? Then the realtors like, okay guys, well I’m going to charge you six percent or three percent that listed or whatever. And you know, three percent to the buyer’s agent. So by the time it was an I personally, he knows this had to subcontract everything. We broke the granite. We, we messed up the cabinets the first time when the granted broke, the moment we’re holding their grant, that grant ran it. It was like tough as granted. Looks, pringles tears like a piece of paper write down the middle. Okay. And we looked at each other and you want to tell him about some struggles, you know, we looked at, keep in mind we don’t have a lot of money here.

We just freaking cut the granite and half trying to load it on, into the, you know, the kitchen area. And uh, so there goes that. We got to Redo the granite and uh, the cabinets, we hire this, uh, this guy and friend of friend of the family or whatever. This guy makes the cabinets looked like mustard. Yellow was disgusting, right? So it was a complete, just, it was a complete mess by the time it was all said and done, I think we made like 12 grand on her first flight. I mean, honestly, you didn’t lose money in your first one, which is like the rule of thumb. I think that still today, the, the, the, the least we’ve ever made on a flip on the flip, you know what I mean? Uh, yeah. And, and that’s crazy. So we’re just very, you know, we’re thankful to God that we actually got through it.

Thank you lord for allowing us to get through that nightmare because, you know, you just trial and error, right? Things do begin to get better and you begin to learn more just like any other trades. So. Awesome. Uh, so I’m going to ask you 20 of you guys this question. So I’ll start with you. What is your superpower? My superpower. Alright, well, why don’t we answer each other’s questions. Here it goes. We’re a business partner. That’s how I looked at him because he knows that we complete each other in business. So I’ll sell you a self. Super superpower is a, we call sell a and he’s actually pretty well known around the country now as far as podio goes, not only podio, you know, uh, so we call him, sell the system, the system secure. Uh, this guy can set up systems like I’ve never seen anybody set up systems.

This guy just makes everything flow. He is, he is an integrator, a, he is an accountant. He is a marketing guru. You know what I mean? This guy just does it all right. He just sits there and this computer, this guy will be in his computer up until, what, three, 4:00 AM, 5:00 AM. It maybe not sleep, but maybe not sleep sometimes. Right? So, and you know, another, uh, definitely superpower of his is he is a great businessman. He’s a great businessman. I have learned a lot from him because he keep in mind he was an entrepreneur before I was an entrepreneur. I was more of a street entrepreneur. He was, and not, not like drugs or anything. I’m just saying like flipping cars or clothes or whatever. I can get my house. You can get. Exactly. He was, he was a, you know, a real entrepreneur, you know, flipping cars and then he from wholesale to retail on dealership, etc. A financing, all that. So, uh, people App, you know, one of his superpowers is people love him. He’s a, he’s a, he’s a machine, you know, machine. His work ethic is unmatched. Um, he’s a great integrator. He’s a marketing, like I said, marketing guru. I don’t think there’s a better marketing machine out there. This guy sits up sequences, painpoints, you name it.

I already experienced it. I was on your guys’s facebook page just to check it out and I’m going to retarget on facebook. There you go. I was doing research.

So those are, some of you know, I, I can, I can’t really think of all of them because they ask other people. They might have a different perception of what a Super power is. But, um,

thank you. I would you, would you agree with some of those? Yeah, absolutely. I think you know me more than me. That’s great because that’s a fact. Uh, he bought me a gift on a. Was it, was it christmas? My. No, no, no, no, no, no. Recently, no. The first one I’m like, how did you even know I needed that? And you’re like, dude, I know you more than you. The watch set. No, the one the, I mean I don’t know if we should say this. He bought me a gun. Oh, I didn’t know I had, it took me like a year to pick. I never had guns. I’m just bought that and I’m like, dude, I have the exact same one. How did you know? Like if I was going to a nine millimeter glock, right? Yeah. But then like I have Arizona show guys and I’m like, how’d you even know it? Because it had the exact identical. He’s like, dude, I know you. So like

it took him a year to know it, to know what gun he would have wanted. It took me like, I don’t know, maybe 30 minutes like oh, this is the gun for south,

brought the gun to, we’re not to the office. Right. And we met him somewhere so it’s fine. But yeah. So, uh, and then recently I would like to boast a little bit about what I got you for telling the story about this. He comes into the office, so I, I wasn’t san diego and I come back and my birthday has passed so, and we’re having our monday meeting. So mind you, everybody in the office, like our office is packed and people are waiting. We have our agenda. We’re going to talk about the white board and like we’re ready and in carl’s just takes off. I don’t know, maybe I’m like he’s going to the restroom and the guy’s like, hey carlos, this is live restaurant and the restaurant wise he life. So I didn’t even have to have time to pick up my phone and comes in with a bag bigger than me. And he brings me this, um, this laptop a bag. It’s kind of like a, it’s a louis vuitton, which is the guy spent some, some beautiful bag. It’s a beautiful bag. I’m like, how’d you know I want these big. And he’s like, well, because I called the other one a rag.

So this is how the. We went to a mastermind called seven figure flippers over at jason boozy spot, you know, and uh, san francisco and I got my nice little ferragamo carrier that look, you know, my, my fiance got that for my birthday and I put it down on the table and then I see his light, this piece of cloth down and right. And I’m like, what the hell is this? And I, it literally when he saw me, he definitely did. I kicked it, you know, because we messed around a lot with each other. We’re, you know, we’re like best friends, you know, about our business partners do. I kicked this little piece of cloth. I don’t know what the hell it was, man. I’ve never seen something so ugly. I’ve seen like laptop carriers, but that was like the ugliest one I’ve ever seen. It looks old, you know, and uh, and then I just, I knew right there and then what to get him for his birthday and he was not expecting it came back from san diego. Now He has this beautiful, you know, with the strap right now he’s going to be all proud. And when he goes, obviously definitely not going to be kicked her out. That’s where I want to kick that back. I’m sure

I want to talk about is super bad. This guy. So I mean everybody in business. When I first started in business I wasn’t as savvy. Of course, you know, he helped me become the business man as a businessman. I am. And I feel like it’s vice versa for sure. But at the beginning, you know when you have a little bit of money or like you sell something, like that’s all you have. This guy was just at the beginning, like he was such a driven guy. Like he’s such a. He was genuine. The first day I met him he was like, I’ll help you with the paperwork. Says I wasn’t expecting anything. Nothing expected like ge. Like from the first conversation we had, he’s like, I’ll help you with that paperwork. And at that point I think he was being genuine, not just starting my business because that’s how he is now. I know like being in business with him, he’s like, anyone can relate to him, you can be anyone. And He’ll relate to you because he, he’s real, he’s genuine about it and just that moment and I’m like, this guy is really trying to help me. So how about we go by like within, like if like within a week or so. I’m like, how bad, because he was flipping hats. he was doing like every, like I said,

that’s the all in all it guys, entrepreneurial brand. So yeah.

Um, and I’m like, how about, you know, let’s go to the auction, let’s pick a car for you and let’s, you know, let’s have you flip it. And I don’t want nothing back. Let’s see how, you know,

not to me meant so much and so much to me. We did a couple of, one of the first one you made like $2,600. The first one I literally spent 25 hUndred dollars bucks and I made $2,500 on it. It was a 2007 saturn ion. And I, I, man, I flip that thing on probably within a few hours, you know what I mean? Then he did it for you and it was, I mean, this guy, I’m like, dude, you can sell anything right when I say I can sell anything. this guy had this old, this old. No, no, no. This was worse. This guy had a pt cruiser with like black paint on paint, on paint. Like someone like, someone was like, oh man, we mess up that paint job. Let’s pin it again over the paint. You know wHat I mean? Oh, we missed it up again and I’m more. see if it fixes itself. and it was a smoker, right? You turn it on. Is it trading

that we got and we didn’t want to sell the deal. It was like, I’m like, just put it on craigslist and you know, since you’re like doing that, right,

go ahead. Have at it. If you’re selling that, you can sell anything. So I advertise on craigslist because it was a smoker, lIke it’s a little smoke. I put smoking deal. You already a pt cruiser, 2006. I sold it crap. I can’t believe we drove it. Anyhow, going back

to to carlos, like just genuine, genuine ality. I’M being a good person, like when he gets something, he always helped his friends around him and that’s like the biGgest thing when he sees he see these traits in a person. A business partner is tough guys to whoever has a business partner out there. It’s probably. I’m not married, but I’ve heard from marriage couple. It’s tough. It’s rough. It’s very tough a lot. How many business partnership do you see in real estate? Generally recommend avoiding a partnership if you can generally, but you know what if you have like a, like if they complete each other, I think that’s the art component would have been where it’s at without him and I know for sure because we complete each other as we do different things. We bring different things to the table so just his communication skills.

So I hear this guy on the phone talking on the phone and we. I think we have some recording is. I wish we brought it here and you talk to someone, you talk to a seller that’s pissed off already. I bought something and they end up selling you a house on the same. Same conversation. And the same like within 20 minutes, like someone was pissed off, calling pissed off, but ended up you ended up buying their house and then like, and ended up calling you, you know, in spanish nino or something like my best, we’d like sweetheart or something and like, and then like, oh, you’re a blessing from the, you know. And then when she went from I’m going to sue you to get on the next plane to la, we want to meet you. And then like my love my dear, like, you know, as the sun.

So, you know, just genuine, right. Um, his work ethics was when I, when we first started the real estate company, it was a hobby, like I said, it was a fix and flip, you know, and then we’re going to do. And then we found out about some checks coming in, like what was going to a wholesale. And we’re like, well what is it wholesale? So this guy start digging in about wholesaling. I’m Talking about him and his job and, and he would be like in, in the back, just learning about real estate, reaching to people, which most of the time was unsuccessful because like he was mentioning when, when a lot of these folks are pretty busy and you know, they don’t want to give time to the little guy. so men, this guy would work maybe what, 20 hour days?

Yeah. So from 7:00 AM to 3:00 PM, um, I was working at the nine to five but I already knew what I wanted to do with my life. And so from 3:15 PM to 12 to one I was working, I was blending our conference call.

It would be 1:00 to 12 or 1:00 and we went national capital around two in the morning or something. And then we would talk business for a few hours. Then we go back to sleep so we can continue the next day. We can plan the next day. Right. And that just that continued on. So a lot of people don’t understand. Like when it, when people say like he’s a hard worker or a hustler, I mean this guy is a definition of a hustler, right? Yeah. Talk about having two jobs. But one of them is pretty good, not a secure job. It’s pretty much just building something out of nowhere and that he just always had the vision. He’s like, look, we want to be big. Like we don’t want to be just like the other investors that just, I buy houses or anything. We want to build a brand. And national cash offer came, I think it was like four in the morning. Wait more than 2:00. And imagine like we’re, we’re like looking up names on the phone, like,

and that was like thousands of terrible cash off. It’s probably someone who owns that. Alright. So let’s catch off. Right. So,

uh, just that. And then like the work ethics, but ever since the guy is so loyal, um, because at the beginning I was so busy with my real estate and I’m on my car dealership. I only transition from Ireland to car dealerships at that point. And um, I actually unfortunately had to let one of them go to so I can focus on real estate and that was the sacrifice doing business. You sacrifice one thing for something greater. So I own one right now instead of two. Um, but at the beginning he was definitely holding it down more than I have because I was. And he understood that I was so busy doing what I have to do. Um, and, and just that, like in a lot of business partnership, people don’t understand that. They’re like, oh, well I put an extra more than you or someone says, uh, I put an extra dollar more than you yesterday. Yeah, we’re, we’re, you know, who also was always genuine. Like, no, we don’t. Yeah, we don’t like, we don’t even count who has more.

I mean, I came in today at like 11 and then went straight to get a massage and uh, he’s been stressed out. The whole thing was there super early. He’s, yeah, he’s, he’s been running around because again, his part of the business is, you know, systems and you know what I mean. And he has a lot on this

playing. We have probably what, 12 months goals?

He has a lot on his plate.

Just to remind everyone right now. Yeah. You know, if you’re on, you’re paying attention. We got 52 viewers. Appreciate everyone that’s on. If you guys have questions, you know, don’t be afraid to ask him right now. We’ll get them. But also like carla said, you know, like these you guys want to give back so we could reach out to these guys on instagram. Absolutely. Should ever. Sure. Um, so next question I got is a. So colton, colton harris wants to know how do you guys present your offers because obviously you’re not offering retail. So like how do you present the offer where it makes sense for the seller to accept it. That’s definitely.

I deal with acquisition side. So the buying side and I deal with the selling and the integration side. Yeah. So I always tell my team that the approach is everything. The way you approach a seller potential seller is, you know, you have to first and foremost, you have to build so much rapport that no matter what offer you bring to the table, they’re not going to tell you to f off and just click on you, right? If you build rapport, because you know, people do business with people they like. So the approach Is everything. You know, it’s, it’s great to deal, I mean, more often than not, depending on what your marketing stream is, you’re going to deal with a realistic, rational seller. Someone who knows, like, look, I know I got some, do some fixing and I know that I can do this. So those are the easy ones, you know, to make, to make a fair, a fair cash offer, but the unrealistic ones, um, you just have to let them know like, hey, you know, this does have to be a win win. Like I am here to provide a service for you. You are the number one priority and you know, but this, does this have to make sense for both sides in order for this to happen. You know what? I mean, so that’s very, very important, but again, it starts with the rapport. You have to build rapport. These people have to become your friends. You have to connect with these folks in order to try to make something happen.

Can you tell me how you connect, how you buIld rapport? How do you do it?

Um, so like you said, you have to be a genuine person. If you’re in this to get rich, you know, I don’t know how successful you’re going to be, but if you’re in the supervisor’s service, um, I think that you’re going to be more successful, you know, the odds are you will be more successful right now. Show you. Go ahead dude. Okay. So, um, I’ll give you the perfect example. We just had this tucson seller and one of my acquisition guy was talking to him and he doesn’t have a lot of luck. We were at between 70 to $80,000 as far as the offer, the offer, right? He was in [inaudible] 98. So then I started talking to them. I actually have the recording because somebody actually, um, somebody actually recorded, one of my acquisition guys was, oh man, this is going to be gold. And he hit me.

He hit the play button, right? He recorded the phone call. He sent it to me yesterday and I started talking to him. His name is steve. I remember the guy’s name, I remember it, steve. He lives out of states, his daughter, who he loves very much lives at the property and she goes to u of a and she’s thinking about, you know, she has first dibs on the property. So you see how I start to collect all that data and information. And I said, steve, oh, you know, hey, I know that’s your princess. I have a daughter of my own. I, you know, those, those are, those are our pride and joy. I know that she’s gonna have. But if she decides to move out of the state, you know, allow me to give this a shot, you know what I mean? And I said, hey, look, steve, I know that you’re in 98,000 and I’m at 80,000.

I already told you what I can do for you, steve, I’m going to give you cash, you know, in, in cash, as is a day of your choice. Make this the most simplest transaction you’ve ever had in your life. You know, can you. How close can you get to my number? $80,000 at that point said, you know what, why don’t we meet In the middle, you know what I mean? And I know, I think that’s a time where I don’t know what that timer is for. We good? Okay. And then he says, all right, carlos, I am going to go to los angeles. This was the saturday, by the way, and I’ll be, I’ll be back friday. I said, okay steve, so can I follow up with you on saturday? Is that okay? He’s like, yeah, of course. That’s fine. Let’s do it. By the way, I already got this guy halfway down, right?

Said, steve, you’re going to be an la. Uh, if you don’t mind me asking, what are you going to la for, for business, for business if you don’t mind me asking, who are you going with? Right. All my sister in law were handling a business arrangement down there. Okay. You know what, steve? Mark my words. As soon as I get off this phone call, jonathan, my acquisition guy is going to send you a text message with the name and address of this place. I need you to go check out. It’s called spire. Seventy three. It is 73 stories high. It’s a. It’s a rooftop lounge. They got delicious food. They’ve got amazing cocktails. You get to oversee the entire city of los angeles. You have to promise me you’re going to go. You know what I mean? You see how he’s like, oh wow. Yeah man, I’m, yeah, I’m definitely going to go shoot me the address.

And boom. I had john shoot him the address and he said, thank you. I’m definiTely going to check it out and I’m like, you gotta promise me that you’re going to go to this place. ThIs place is breathtaking. I couldn’t believe it when I went, you know I, I went, I was in la three weeks ago. I’m buying another property, so you need to go to this place, steve. So you see how we’re, we’re friends now, we connected. So I mean if that doesn’t let you know how I connect with people, I’ll know for sure that

this is what I was going to show everybody if you want to show it to them. so ever since we incorporated this into our company, core values, our core values definitely changed on our company’s direction. So if you want to show it to be so selfless service, integrity, work ethic, commitment and teamwork. everybody that we here, if you want to show that

I’m it. All right,

there you go. So those are actually displayed into the office. And ever since we did that with god has been blessing us because see that he was actually providing a service before you even buy the property or we didn’t even know if we’re going to buy it or not because the doubter might move out each property. But he just provided like that’s providing a service and being genuine,

rIght? We, yeah. We don’t know what. But I know one thing is that if he does decide to sell that property, guests who he’s selling it to you for sure. So keon gray wants to know what was your first form of marketing? What was your first thing you did? Bandit signs? Yeah. Easy enough. And then, uh,

wrote handwrItten, handwritten, bandit signs. Um, I went to this place and they give you a great deal for like seventy five cents. They give you a blank small little bandit sign and uh, you know, just grab a marker and go crazy. They transitioned off the bandstand

was black, all black, like, you know, a marker. Then some colors,

well you can tell us and we got a little money. We’re going to be red brick house with the chimney, you know what I mean? So it went from like talking about the, the sharpie, the color charts. I went from sloppy, you know, it was, it was black sharpies and colored sharpies. Then the printed ones, they said, yeah, you can tell that, you know, okay, they’re starting to get a little little more that

getting money, you know. So, uh, it was monica, who wants to know where you, what’s the best list for cold calling to follow up with you? That is how to skip trace them. We actually, I’ll give you guys a nice little nugget here guys. We actually provide a skip tracing. We are, we have a skip tracing company. We run all our records through our skips racing company. There’s a lot of big investors that I will mention around the country that actually use our skip tracing company because our data is

better than too. We brought in a data science,

data science. So we, we, we do about a million some records a month and that’s across the United States for a lot of people, including our company. So if you guys have any questions just send us an email to need to skip a g.com. So just need to escape at gmo but you want to give them. I’ll, I’ll get it.

Why don’t you give them a nice little list here. The guy that does it all. I was going to go.

So let’s. Yeah, so the list, that’s not a, it’s not a one answer question, so I’m cold calling and obviously is the new thing now.

Before it was male, everybody’s doing cold calling before everybody. Even before everybody started calling before everybody started advertising, cold calling, cold calling for a few years and everybody’s just done the cold call wave now. Yeah.

Yeah. Coco and is amazing by the way. So good on you if you’re doing cold calling right now, but I’m the type of list. It all depends on what market you’re in. Of course, as far as us, we, we hit every single list, cold call and we have 13 cold callers and ours is a little bit more granular than most, so we separate our, our list into a different tier. So There’s three different tiers that we separate ours into cold, warm and hot and we appoint are our best colors to the hot and our second best callers to the warm and our, our okay colors to the, to the whole tier. High high equity. So high equity. Would it be a cold tier? A hot tier? I would say pre foreclosure. A tax default, um, and medium a warm here I would call it,

we will use the code violations x. Let me give, let me give them a nugget, right? Depending, um, if you don’t have a lot of money to just grab a bunch of lists like we do. I mean we spend tens of thousands of dollars every month on these, not only on the list, but on the skip, skip tracing the lists, you know, even though we have our own skip tracing company, it still does cost us a lot of money. Right, right. What I would do is I would, one of the best lists that you can possibly get it is driving for dollars. Absolutely. And that doesn’t take any money. Just a little gas money, right? Driving for dollars. Even google. You can see some people, I know some people don’t actually use google view. They literally drive google, google for distressed property ea or they do it themselves and the va’s $3 an hour and they just make, create a spreadsheet. And the only reason I know this because they send us those lists, skip trace for them. And I’m like, how do you get this list? And he’s like, yeah, we, uh, we, we google drive it so it’s crazy. So I’ll give this guy who’s watching your show a little value. Go get 100 properties or distressed properties, drive for them, uh, tell him that, uh, or tell us that you were watching the show and we’ll skip tracer for free. That’s huge. So make sure he knows that.

Yeah. So yes, I know lists and uh, and, and carlos was always skip trace that for you for free. That’s awesome. Um, and then let’s see, what else was there that one? Send it to carlos and national cash. Oversaw our va. Doesn’t get confused. Carlos and national cash offer dotcom one. Yeah. Uh, all right, so david old wants to know how many markets are you guys in right now?

I can name them. Go ahead. Alright. So California, um, okay. So, um, uh, riverside area, inland empire area in California, um, I’m oBviously phoenix in the metro san bernardino in California. Um, phoenix, all metro areas. And then you have a Nevada henderson. I’m soon reno. Um, and then you have a san antonio, dallas, fort worth and austin and uh, soon tulsa in columbus. God willing. So we’re skipping houston right now. There’s a lot, there’s a lot going on in there. Here. I’m hearing there’s a lot of ways. Yeah. So this is a thing about us. We lIke to be contrarians. wherever everybody’s going, we like to go the opposite direction. If like, I’ll give you an example. We’ve been cold calling for a while. Everybody’s trying to cold call now. Now we’re figuring out other ways, you know what I mean? So that’s, that’s, uh, and we’ll talk about the superpowers later. Yeah, of course.

Uh, okay. So max, what’s up max? Max wants to know, are you guys door knocking and what’s your success rate when you’re door knocking?

We don’t door knock can, we don’t do bandit signs nor door knocking, which we should be door knocking, but we do have people that do driving for dollars for us and they submit it through our system and those are called affiliate. So whether we do is we skip trace for them for free and we can process the lead through our system and, or they can do it and then we can sell for them and we just make it easy, easy

to, to, to, to bird dog for you too. Oh, absolutely. All they do is just drive around and stuff.

Yes. We don’t like to call our folks bird dogs. We like to call them affiliates. Okay. I, uh, and I’ll give a small little shout out salmon. Gus, the, a two affiliates. These guys have already made it least $12,000 a piece off to properties and that’s within like two months at peace. I don’t know if. Yeah. So, um, yeah, I mean, affiliates, if you’re looking to be an affiliate, guys, let us know. We would love to help you out. Our affiliates, we would like to jv with them. We will help them support them in every which way possible. So.

Okay. And brian salmon’s wants to know how large your list do you recommend monthly per coal color per mile. This is your question. So our call color is dial anywhere between $600, $850 a day depending on what dollar use and health is that on the triple a or single? Yeah, it depends on a single line or a triple line. How many hours? but the average is that. So that’s the industry I’ll average it depends on what kind of data you get. So for our data, we get up to them phone numbers. So it depends on who you use to skip trace. Sometimes they give you three numbers only. So that’s where where It kind of, and you know, we can get into details, takes us all day to get into that. But for one called carla, imagine if you have, if you have a list of a thousand people and you skip trace it and you got average for numbers. So that’s 4,000 numbers that you’re dialing. And of course you know, you’ll have some of them, they will talk to you for half an hour or 20 minutes. And then the rest is probably, they don’t, they don’t answer. It goes, it goes back into the queue. So I think, uh, if you do that list of 3000 to 4,000, I think that should be. Yes. You know, it only occupy them for like a month. Well, yeah, That, that’s what was the question. Oh yeah. Cassie carlos wants to know how to become an affiliate.

Just reach out to us, reach out to us, carlos@nationalcashoffer.com, selling national cash offer.com and provide your phone number. I’ll give you a phone call and you know, I’ll set you on your way. Instruction are getting some deals. And then where do you guys get your list? Where do we get our lists? So

which list there is, there’s a lot of journalists. So where there’s less source, of course everybody knows about list source property radar. There is a way adam data, there’s rebo gateway. Uh, there are successors data, there’s so many different. So it depends on what type of list that you trying to go through. All of them were going. so for each one we use, we use. For us

it’s just, I’ll give you an example, I’ll give you an example. Where’s the best tax default

tax default? We get it from rebo gateway. Gateway. See? So each, each, each resource or data provider has its own niche. If you want to inheritance, you’ll go to successors data and probates from there as well. If you want equity, of course success. A list source has a bunch of equity. Property, property radar, property radar. Uh, we used to it more before, uh, but you know, limits you, but I mean we downloaded 480,000 records last month. So, uh, it’s amazing. We couldn’t do this property radar, uh, but we download from multiple sources. Um, tax default, rebo gateway. And then do you guys prioritize your dollars based off the list? For example, three dials at a time for Ohio equity and then wonderful foreclosure. Do you guys have? No, they’re all, they’re all triple dialer’s because just because time is important in real estate time is everything.

So, uh, but we do specify we do put the right people into the right list because you don’t, you don’t want, you don’t want people to call the preferred closure list. And someone who’s who’s new, especially these people are more distressed and you don’t want to. People don’t, don’t realize that building rapport a that starts with a call called not when people are trying to reach out to you and you buy their house. A lot of people talk about building rapport, building rapport, but they forget that building rapport starts with the Cold call and a lot of them are cold calling now. We used to have a call center in the Philippines and we actually shut that down and we use. Now we have nicaraguans calling for us. Uh, but starting next month we’re going to have our own call center. We started a, yeah, we started a call centers called the colgate colgate.

Provide that service for everybody across the nation. So the beautiful thing about this is we, because we’ve been cold calling for so long, we just were understand what strong with the cold calling the industry right now. People, people hire someone from India and there’s, there’s, there’s a, there is a barrier in between the cultural, cultural barrier. Like somewhere in the Philippines they are, they don’t know what the roof is made of. They don’t know that here, a football game, a basketball game in the background, they can’t relate to that. So our callers are going to be a bilingual english and spanish and she’s going to be level five, which is pretty much like how we’re speaking right now. Um, and that’s, that’s the key for cold calling. You don’t want to. A lot of people go for the $3 dollar a person to dollar for dollar or $5, but they missing out.

It ends up being more expensive. It does because it’s missed opportunity. The data, the data that they’re skip tracing is expensive. The data they’re downloading is super expensive and they’re putting their. Given it to someone that doesn’t know how to handle it. So yeah, it might be cheap just to see on that end, but I remember how much money you spent at the beginning and guess what? The Missed opportunity, not just the money that you burned a threw away. What about that? Yeah. The $100,000 deal. The $200,000 deal that he could have got from that perfect color. So always train your call is I would say once, once a week, have a meeting with your cold colors if they’re out of out of the country, which is fine, but as you progress, you might want to hire people that speak better english, that relate to the culture better, right? Um, and then, uh, my boy matt potter or the short sale expert and you recognize him. So he wants to know what is your best marketing most effective leads, digital

pbc, right. That’s what it’s been for the past couple of years.

Yeah, it’s definitely been that. But it’s been cold calling lately. Lately has been cold calling because we shifted eveRything like we have.

So we have, just to give you a small example. So for matt potter, I’m so out of the 34 active deals that we have in the pipeline right now, 12 of them were from cold calling. So yeah. So right now it’s cold calling, but it used to always be digital, which is a paperclick sco. Alright. So I’m click on the presidency and social media, so I’ve done a lot of paper click right. That was one of my best lead sources and I can tell you personally, you know, in the last six to 12 months off or been eatIng my lunch, you know, they’re like the bully pushing me around and I see that I saw actually experienced with. I see that happening. Um, well, okay. So this is the thing about competitors, right? I don’t know if I’m allowed to say this, but a lot of competitors, I won’t mention specific names, but a lot of these big competitors, they have what’s called a gross offer.

Um, they come in with a, let’s just say your property is worth 200 k and they’re like, you know what, yeah, we’ll give you 190,000. Right? By the time, by the time they send an inspector and, and they take out their, their, um, their risk, a fee and commission fee and doc fee or whatever, then theIr net offer becomes less than what our initial net offer was. But by that time, these people on the closing table. So it’s a little late to back out and, and in my opinion, it’s very unethical, right? Oh, I feel the same exact way. So how do you, how do you convey that message? BecAuse we explained it to them like, hey, they’re going to beat you up after the inspection. You’re going to get less than what we would offer you.

So again, that’s building report. If somebody that trusts, if someone’s going to trust you after they talked to on the phone and they understand there are people going to do business with you if they, like you said, but from a marketing standpoint, you always have to be innovative. So just they didn’t, they dIdn’t become big overnight, right? They didn’t do their market research. They did, they understood their competitors and they jumped into the market just like that. we do the same thing. We, we have, uh, our digital department consists of six people, so it’s not just us and the in the marketing for just for the online department. So we have six people that constantly work on our online, um, and we understand our competition. All right,

so let’s see what else was there, um, knowing what you know today, what would you guys do differently when you guys started? You know what, I’m, it’s hard, you know, it’s hard to say. LeT me tell you why we feel like you have to go through the growing pains. Like I actually miss, I miss the excitement of, of like getting a big check or, or you know what I mean? Now our excitement now, like it’s not the money, it’s the growth, right? So as we’re growing now we’re excited. Okay. Yeah, we were startiNg to call center. We’re doing this, we’re doing that, we’re expanding markets, you know, we were kicking butt in san antonio, et cetera. So that is what makes us excited now. But back then, uh, I do feel like you should go through the growing pains.

That’s, and we always say this, I mean there’s somethIng that I always said that hardship or refined people, I’m just going through the hardship. It just diamond you mold, it takes some time and pressure and, and it becomes something beautiful. And I think that if, if we were, you know, food spent, you can use that. Yeah.


Okay. So you know, if we had a silver spoon in our mouth and I don’t think we would’ve became the company that we are today because we want to appreciate the small things that we got at one point we said if we get, we get one deal every deal, we’re going to get every wholesale deal. We’re gonna get it. We’re going to travel, right, man, if we did that, this will ever be in the business, we would not because there’s more now we have more deals end of the month. So are you good on tHe charger? All right, there you go.

So, but I will give this advice. Surround yourself with the right people. I think one of the biggest life hacks is surrounding yourself with the right people and education. So if you really powerful it. Really. Robin says it, jeremiah says, I wish I actually remember inside, like I don’t like. I know I’ve never watched the like grant cardone, I just, I read a lot. And, um, I actually learned that from a book called flip when nick reese, one of the biggest life hacks is surrounding yourself with the right people. Um, and I strOngly do agree, even if you’re an up and coming guy, if someone sees hustling you, If someone sees, you know, you are an ethical person, um, you’re, you’re, you’re going to save yourself a lot of hardship. You’re gonna see a lot of hardship and they’re going to pour themselves into you. Just absolutely for carlos. Alright. So let’s see what else was there. Okay. So Jordan cast wants to know how many employees does natIonal cash offer? Half. Twenty six, 26. All right, so that 26, uh, are you paying a commission? You pay hourly. What’s the, what’s the setup?

It’s, it’s, it’s different per employee. But um, for most people would probably want one. I know about the acquisition. We have five acquisitions right now. Acquisition managers gets paid a draw, which is, if you don’t know if some of you who don’t know what to draw his car from a car dealership and said that some people get paid, get paid on commissions. And let’s say they don’t sell that week, so they get their draw or that month they get their draw and then next month whatever they sell, it gets cut out of their draw. So we do a base, which is a draw, and then we do percentages for acquisitions for our, we have a disposition manager. He’s um, both on base pay and not a drop and a percentage of every deal that goes through the, through our

percentage of the spread. And then you, so you guys, your acquisition, you’ve got dispositions, transaction coordinator, managers, marketing. We got a, we have a dIgital department, um, we have cold callers, we have a quality control manager for the cold calling on. That’s huge. Yeah. Oh yeah, that’s very important. Yeah.

she’s a cool girl herself. She, she’s a phenomenal call color. She’s the only unIted states called color that we have, but she does every day at nights she listens to the calls for that same day and the next day she gives the report. Did you give if they made any mistakes, if they said something or they hung up on the wrong person. So all of that is quality control and squash and immediately. So before we used to not miss out a lot of opportunity just because of that, because especially if you guys call, call and you don’t know, like a lot of people are out of the country, someone will actually be on the line for an hour or two acting like they’re on a call, they’re just, they’re just hanging out with the person next to them and talking and they’re just, I’m done. We’re going to change the entire, like calling. So industry once we learned to be careful from that, that you, you may think that someone’s calling, but they’re just hanging out, going to the restroom.

So all that man. All right. So let’s see what else was there? We got you guys have any free sources that you guys like free sources for leads or for marketIng, for leads?

Um, I would say free sources come from mls. If you, if you know your way around the mls, a lot of people get leads from there. But yeah, I’m just, can be for conveniency, we don’t get it from there because you know, you want to suppress data that you’ve got previously,

you know, a golden one is um, zillow for sale by owner. Yeah. There’s a guy that we know before he goes to bed every night. He just shoots the for sale by owner guys, a text message. Hey, would you take this? You know, that’s not a bad. Not a bad have been.

I know a manager one day he, It was a, it was, our systems were down. Uh, I don’t know if you guys know a podio is down for awhile and she’s done yesterday and yesterday and today to either way. And he wasn’t, he wasn’t doing much. So what did he do? He went on zillow for sale by owner and when he called and then he caught a deal that the spread was 50 k, but the lady was kind of a headache, but we ended up making $24,000 at the end of the day. Still freely because he was just bored or maybe you got it.

Yeah. Uh, okay. So you said that you get one in the us and then everyone else’s and in out of the country,

out of the credit by if we do the out of the country, they have to be level five english speakers, which is.

Is that like a test to take? We actually do have.

We have a particular script and it uses a certain tones and so you can distinguish what kind of level.

That’s awesome. Yeah. You want to hear some? So I have some examples of audio. I think what we’ll

post the links to that later on. Let’s see. Alright. So we’re gonna talk about cities. You guys in. all right. What’s the greatest lesson you guys have learned and that could be in his business outside of this business, but just a lesson that you want to pass on doing that.

Do not burn. People always, always do the right thing in business because what goes around comes around. I mean it’s a small, especially in real estate is such a small community. Don’t cHase that one deal that makes your rich do the right thing and, and do good by the seller because at the end of the day, we’re, we’re in the service business where the solution is business, so the real estate, and he says that all the time to the real estate is just a product and at the end of the day, if you’re not, you selling phones or cars, the car is just a product. We’re in the people’s business. So if you’re, if you’re a bad person with one person and the other, you can’t balance the two. So always be the.

That’s powerful. What about you?

Um, I would say try to gain as much knowledge as you can. Um, I think that that could prevent a lot of headaches and a lot of money thrown away because now look at our marketing.

No, absolutely. Twenty 16. We went to a hot seat event and we were already making six figures and, but you know, at that point you don’t think that there’s something else that you didn’t know at all.

Sign me on the show and

you already in a way to take action. Keon. That’s awesome. We love action takers

and then we, we didn’t think that there were going to learn anything new, but someone pushed us, my friend jalen, and he’s like, come on guys, let’s go. And then we went and I guess what we were heading to a direction and then that took us to change that whole our business. Absolutely. So learning like don’t, don’t think that you know it all if you’re the smartest person in that room, leave. Right? That’s, that’s definiteLy a true statement.

So toby, where, sorry wants to know how much you guys spent a month in marketing. I want to qualify that questIon too, is how much you guys spent a month overhead total and how much you spend a month in marketing. Um, someone’s, someone’s, we have,

our average is about $70,000 a month, but it varies between 70 and 100 depending on, on of course, how much commissions we pay. Um, recently we increased our budget, so we’re in like close to the 64 a marketing a couple of months back marketing was 50.

Okay. And you guys have any realtors on your team? That’s from noel challenger?

We do, we actually have, um, they’re not. So we actually created a with nexgen. Uh, our good friend, omar roleplays, we actually have our own brokerage with him now. We’re not real realtors, we just partners, brokers. You get it. We’re owners, we’re brokerage owners. And then we have some realtors that we’re actually starting to interview. Um, so we can monetize on all the retail leads that we have, which is over 3000 right now,

right? Yeah. Smart move, smart move. All right, so what are you guys learning right now?

Uh, you know what, I’m

taxation ivy or money management

taxes. We just paid our taxes and uh, it was a lot. It’s a privilege and it is a privilege. Um, I remember when I used to have a job and I used to be excited about getting a return, you know, you know what I mean? Like, oh man, I can’t wait. You know, I was, I probably had already spent that money before I even got it, you know, uh, but, um, we are learning, we’re learning a lot. We’re learning aBout, um, a sep iras where, you know, we’re,

I would say money or wealth management and wealth retention. You have, everybody has a partner, irs has your partner. Whether you’re like, here,

don’t, I don’t mind paying the irs spend as much money as, I mean god, we’re able to think god live Abundantly. Thank you lord for that. And uh, you know, I’ll pay taxes if I can, if I can continue to live the way I live and my family and my friends, you know what I mean? So I don’t mind paying my toll.

Alright, so templates and walker, one of my boys, the first guest. So, uh, he wants to know what do you guys do with your retail deals where, you know, there’s just not enough meat on the bone, but the seller, super motivated. We monetize. That’s why we started a brokerage. We started a brokerage in order for us to attempt to list that property. Yeah. Yeah. Sorry. Okay, cool. Uh, jamil, jamil, he wants to know ipa or loggers,

ipa, ipa, ipa, yeah.

All right. uh, and then Joe Johnson wants to know what’s your, some of your favorite books right now?

Okay. So, uh, this is, I flipped by nIck reese if

you’re, if you’re, if you’re just a beginner, I always tell people read flip by nick reese. He’s a really good friend of ours. It’s crazy because I, you know, he was a mentor. He was definitely a mentor and he had a lot of impact on our business and now you know, we share some stuff with him, you know what I mean? So he’s a really good guy, genuine guy, realplayer active guy. You got a lot of these gurus and create himself. Yeah, he beat the concrete, probably flips about 20 or 30 properties a month. There’s a lot of gurus out there that actually don’t have any active deals. I say that all the time on my live streams because I despise those people that are just trying to sell education with 10 year old content. Right. I know what I mean. That we’re not worried that doesn’t work as well.

They did, they did make money and those methods back in the day, but that won’t work. Nice. Sell it today. So imagine how many people are failing because these girls are giving them the wrong content. What I mean, and they’ve taken their money. Take their, they’re taking, they’re taking thousands or tens of thousands. The average guru that makes $10,000,000 a year. So just do the math and you know what they, they feed off that fresh up and coming wholesale blood, you know what I mean? And we think that’s really wrong. So flipped By nick reese and also guys, I don’t know if you noticed the steve, I’ve been dropping a lot of content and lately on my live feeds and you know, how to leverage other people’s money, all this stuff and it’s free, you know, you don’t have to me for it, right? Um, so you know, all in underscore entrepreneur on instagram, I like to, I really love to add value. That’s why I ask questions. I’ll say, hey guys, what do you guys want to learn about tomorrow? We’ll talk about it, right? Um, the other book secrets of the millionaire mind, that’s actually a must read. We actually have made our entire team read that book, see harv eker, secrets of the mind by t harv eker yesterday. Sir. That is a life changing mindset changing book. And then if you’re more advanced

into that book is if you’re, if you are advanced, definitely do track traction. Traction is amazing. We changed our whole business based on attraction and exactly everything changed. exactly. Yeah. Amazing values are based off trenching. That’s awesome. There’s a new book that I’m reading is called scaling up. Scaling up. THere you go. Yeah. So let me ask you, nick, reese, reese, how do you spell his last name? Nick, n I c k reese. Ruez, yeah. Yeah. I wanted to make sure because someone else like nick reese and I was looking at us like this is nick ruiz. Okay.

Reese home flipping. Cool. It doesn’t pay us to like drop his name. We just have a lot of love for the guy. So

we’ll work on it. I’ll try to, I’ll be your manager. Okay. Uh, all right. So let’s see what else was there. Um, uh, why do you think most people fail?

Can I answer that? Absolutely. Lack of commitment. It’s that simple. Yeah. A lot of people are motivated, you know, they go to a flip to freedom event or they go to some seminar and they’re out there. They put their first hundred bandit signs, they don’t get a phone call, It’s over. They’re done.

Or there are their why’s wrong. If someone’s trying to do it just to get some money. Yeah, just to do it for the money or to get a nice car. And which is nice. That’s just the perks of owning a successful but really have a purpose.

It, it’s very simple. Yeah. So just like you said, you know, you’ve got to have a strong why because that strong why is going to keep you going through the, the, the failing times, trialing, you know, traveling time. Right. Um, and if you chaSe success and chase growth, what do you think comes with that as it’s going to come your, your, your little lamborghini that are. I don’t fit in a lamborghini, so I don’t, I’ll never buy a lamborghini. I’m so, yeah, your, your lamborghini comes, your nice estate comes. You know what I mean? So the money does come if you chase success and growth.

Um, so I think that’s a very great point. So let’s elaborate on that. What is your why?

My family. I want to change the entire trajectory of my family. I’m the first guy in my family, you know, to do it. And then like, so you know, Donald Trump already had fred trump, right? But Donald Trump exploded. You know, fred trump was only worth about 10, 10 million, which is a lot, right? But Donald Trump is worth billions. You get it right. But it started somewhere, right? It start, it started. I’m, I’m new money.

I’m a new mindset for my god willing generations to come. The guy that’s going to change it. Every fred trump. I’ll be fred trump as awesome. Fred or I’ll be francisco is on hispanics all by yourself.

Mine is the same as family just because my background, we come from, I’m from the middle east. we ran away from prosecution and uh, I see my man, my family struggle definitely heavily struggled through almost being kidnapped. My dad’s been shot, um, you know, just been through a lot. We came here, we thought, you know, we made it safely, made it. Now we made some money, come back, homecoming coming here. Um, but we lost it all pretty much and my dad lost like 74 pounds in like two months. So at that point I decided that I was, I was a guy that went to school, so I was, I always wanted to finish and become like a doctor or an engineer or something. But at that point, that was the moment I said, no matter what happened, I’ll make sure that my family’s okay and everything I do is for my family. So I didn’t, I didn’t go to college. I just hit, hit work. You came here as an immigrant? I did

the day I was born in Mexico. I, um, I didn’t become a citizen until 2012. So there’s no excuses for anyone saw me as. It’s funny, right? Because I came here as an immigrant too. And I think that’s one of the reasons why,

you know, we actually, we have for that the american mentality, so because we don’t want to go back there.

All rIght. What we do, we’re going to do it no matter what we do, we’re going to have to do it because we don’t have to go back there. Right. We don’t want to, we don’t feel the pain from back there. I think I want to run a book one day called a work, like an immigrant. Yeah, that’d be a good book. Well I think it was a no, the millionaire next door. They talk about that now. Most, most of my head, I keep hearing most of the interviews about that book and I, more than half of the millionaires are immigrants because they don’t know any better. So let’s see, what else. Was there a brandon semans? Was that brandon? He wants to know what’s your favorite way to recharge or sharpen the saw so you can be even more focused. Um, you know what a, having a partner definitely helped with that.

Yeah. I think we kinda just sharpen each other man everyday. Like, but I will say, resetting, resetting is amazing and I’ll give you a small example. Okay. Um, if you take a nice trip somewhere, you know, and just kind of reset and you come back, you come back, you come back hungry, you come back, ready, ready for the next, you know, what’s next, right. I’m even here at home, you know, I would say like, I’ll give yOu an example. We’ve been promoting our event, the all in rei event. June eight, June 9th. I’m at the hyatt, uh, up in scottsdale, right? Gainey ranch. And um, I, I’ve been kind of stressed out a little bit know because we got

a lot. Like we’ve got a lot on our plate, you know, we’re, we’re, we’re, the guys that are coming are heavy hitters already there. 100,000 dollars a month producers already. So we got to really bring it on those days. Right. It’s big boys, big boy time. So I was really stressed out and on sunday when I came, I went home. The family was barbecuing in the backyard like we do, like ever since we got, I think god blessed me with an estate 4,500 square foot house, you know, two separate wings. I gotta a nice pool in the back, jacuzzi, everything, right? Beautiful place. Huge. It’s a, it’s over an acre or let me know in the next one is for sure. For sure. So ever since god blessed me with this estate for some reason, every sunday we throw a barbecue now, right? Like it’s like, you know, it’s like just like, you know, how when you, when people, when people never have, and then they have, they, they really take advantage of, of having, you know what I mean?

So it’s like if you didn’t have a car, uh, you know, and you’ll get a car, you start driving everywhere, right? So that’s how we’ve been treating this backyard. So I came home, my brother in law, who happens to be my acquisitions guy or he’s our top producer. This guy produces over $200,000 in gross revenue a month accompanied by himself. So shout out to adrian salgado. Um, so I came home and he’s like, he breaks out a cigar and a and families barbecuing and my daughter’s in the pool and uh, and then I just reset. I just staRted feeling really my stress, my, you know, my, my pressure kind of went away. So I think resetting,

even if you do a staycation, just go somewhere and steak as just clear your mind because it can’t be just work, work, work, which is very important to work, but you should know when it’s time to reset and, and kind of reflect on why you’re doing this. You need to do. And most of the times we actually come up with a new idea. It’s on an airplane. So we’d go on the way back. We’re actually, oh my god, we would have. And they’re always on the airplane. So we sit next to each other and we’re like bouncing ideas. Okay, we’re going to do this now. We’re going to do this now because you know, if our mind is more clear instead of the date, you know, you’re being, you’re a busy area

in the weeds. So I was at uh, strategic coach and santa monica yesterday, you know, as, as incredible event and one of the things they talk about is, you know, we have this, we’re entrepreneurs, so we, we work on entrepreneurial time, but we’re still set on the time and effort economy. So we’re thinking we’ve got to work 40 hours, 50, 60 hours when really we need to get stuff done. That’s what I need to get results. There’s a difference Between being busy and being productive, right? So, and in order to be productive and be, and, and, and create those results is you gotta reset. absolutely. You got to take time off. If you’re not taking time off, you’re going to lose that creativity. So like when you said your best ideas come on the plane, that goes back to what I learned yesterday about, been outside the box and exactly real quick, our team also our team, there are a bunch of hungry wolves. There’s sharks and they definitely

keep us on our toes. So. And that’s another thing. Think about it this way. We have people that depend on us winning. They want to win. So we have, we have to bring it everyday too, you know what I mean? Because they’re hungry.

Yeah. And that’s what keeps me up too, you know, I, I got, I got 60 guys that work at our office and they’re heavy hitters, heavy, heavy hitters so, and so I got to stay on my game because if I don’t, what value do I provide?

I take care of your guys. You know what we take every two weeks they get a massage, a corporate muscle, and then we take them, take them to lIke that, you know, when it’s time to recognize the hard work. Absolutely.

Team outings,

culture. That’s awesome. Yeah. Let’s see. Oh I got some bad news. Daniel prieto says that brian buffini already wrote the immigrant edge.

Well, let’s call it the immigrant edge.

So, all right, uh, brandon knows, wants to know what’s the worst business decision you ever made?

business decision, the worst business. You know what you, I think you have to be very careful with hiring. Um, you know, hiring is a big deal, right? Would you say?

Yeah, they waste your time, energy and money and resources all the same time.

So how do you screen them before it’s too late?

Well now it’s easy. They have to align with our core values, so just like trash and says, right. They have to literally align with our core values and as soon as you see something like this, if you catch a lie or as soon as you see something

can put it on a 60 day trial right away. As soon as they come in they understand there is a trial, but then we like in our interviews we interviewed them together. So imagine someone knew how nerve wracking to people interviewing are the same time and we dropped the whole. We dropped the ball. We ask every question real quick.

So let me ask you this because I have this problem too, right? I’m an entrepreneur. I see the best in everybody. So do I see that in you? I mean do you see this problem at all? Like I have someone else now like, hey, you go interview at fIrst to let me know if I should talk to them because I don’t trust myself

body, but now we have developed a kind of another like a sixth sense of, you know, why is this, why is this person really here? What is this person trying to accomplish? You know what I mean? So, umw, , w we kind of see the intentions behind that person and uh, it’s very good,

easy and understanding what their why is asking background question, what’s their goal, what they want. So the first thing they ever did for a while or for a living,

what is the first thing you are. I learned this from brendan simmons. What is the first thing you ever did to get money right when you were a child, a teenager, you know, again, you want to hire some loyal, ethical hustlers on here.

Jean had before we are disposition manager and if he’s listening, the guy is jet and putney, jaden putney, that guy is a machine to he. He was an affiliate and he lived in apache junction, which is an hour away from our office. He did an hour one way in our back for a full year. Would that have to watch her show? And he was, he did that, you know, as an affiliate without, you know, not an employee. Now He’s part of our company has been there for over a year. The guys absolutely killing it. He lives in a, in a luxury apartment. He’s always in the jacuzzi eating steaks and like scarface right now. I mean he has a scarf. He 20 years old. Yeah, that’s awesome. Nice.

Goes over for sure. Over a million dollars with the real estate every month.

I mean, this month he’s selling what, 20 some properties that already sold and imagine and average acquisitions. He’s disposition is years old. Our average property is 1:40 something. So, uh, the 20 tons one he sells over 2 million.

Right. So, uh, what’s the, and you guys don’t have to answer this question, what’s the biggest assignment fee you guys have ever made?

Oh, that’s easy. The 200 and 230 here. Let me check my. Yeah, 27, 27 deal wholesale property at 27, 27 deal package. Wholesale deal. Okay. So, uh, we actually, so we dropped $100,000 In earnest out of our own money to even have a shot at the 27 properties. Yeah. And I can tell you how much that was for me. One second here.

Hey guys, we’re wrappIng up pretty soon. So I’m not telling you, you guys were talking about you guys. If you guys have questions that you guys been holding onto it, like don’t wait. Uh, and if you guyS have seen value here, please share this. So other people see this too.

I think it was. Was it two or three?

Oh no, it’s somewhere over two hunDred thousand in one shot, right? That’s okay. You see people make over a million and a wholesale deal. So hey, thIs is actually okay. Yeah,

yeah, yeah. Very cool. All right, so um, what keeps you guys up at night? I’ll start with you carlos.

Uh, I mean our passion, like I was just telling him this morning when I was at the gym, um, I said, man, if I even $5,

like if I’m asleep and I opened one night and my mind is like, all right, you’re back on, let’s go, you know what I mean, call this guy, sell this and blah blah blah, blah, blah. You know what I mean? I was trying to sell a property a to josh galendo this morning at like seven something in the morning. You lock them up from vegas. Yeah. So I mean that honestly my, my passion for our company, our business and the potential growth is what keeps me up at night. It’s just hard to shut it down, man. I got to take like sleeping t I gotta I gotta take the new role, drinks with the, you know, sweet dreams, just to try to like relax and go to bed, you know,

but there’s nothing that you’re concerned about or uncertain or if you’re a football.

No, none at all. Not at all. We have, we have over $800,000 of our own money into flips right now. We’re not concerned at all. We’re doing. We’ll figure it out. We know. You know why though? We know what it’s like to not have anything.

Yeah, you get it. so even if we went back down to zero, we’ve come right back on, you know how to do it. Yup. How about you? Anything big? I mean have you seen this guy? His eyes, he doesn’t sleep. That’s just, you know, just finding new ideas. If, if, if I went home and you know, just starting to it because I want to relax, but I went to work still because I’m going to, I’m going to take on another five, six, seven hours of work. Would you know what better place to work as a hobby? Work is his hobby. That’s not a bad thing. That’s my hobby too. I love it is a hobby. Like it’s our passion. But you also need a hobby. Absolutely. I mean we do have hobbies. We go to the lake, we go out shooting, shooting, maybe go off roading.

So that’s just the weekend, you know, kind of, you know, but we’re, we’re addicted, but it’s a lifestyle. So I had to post so back a few, few Months back and I as people say, you need to calm down, relax, you’re working too much. And like friends that say that to people like emily. Yeah, like crazy. You don’t enjoy life. And like this is laila ali lifestyle. Enjoy this conversation. If I’m going somewhere out somewhere and I’m just having a conversation to me it’s going to be blah. But to them they’re probably, oh, they’re talking about, you know, how they Saw a nice flower or something. Yeah. I enjoy talking business that puts a smile on my face. So it’s tough. I think that’s a really, really difficult thing to do is when you have to unwind and talk about like even sports. I remember growing up, I used to love talking.

I can’t tell you right now. I know that lebron james is down to games, you know? Yeah. I know that I’m a, I don’t know what’s going on with the rockets and words, but again, I don’t know much. I’m going a sport I, you know, I still play ball on mondays and wednesdays in several weeks. that’s a hobby for me. We’re going to have to talk. We’re going to have to. Yeah, we will. But you see, but I don’t know what’s going on. You know, I don’t have, I don’t have, um, I have, I have an 80 inch tv for my daughter and she watches netflix. I don’t have, I don’t have direct tv. I don’t have cox, you know what I’m saying? I don’t have it, you know, I’d rather run some comparables at home. Read a book. Yeah. So it’s tough for me to like to, to pull that switch or to switch it with, you know, I’m around friends and let’s talk about sports,

right? So like, uh, you know, your passion. This is your passion. Obviously you wouldn’t be successful. Not as successful. You guys are as you guys. if you guys didn’t have that passion, I think steve jobs said, right. You can have to have that passion because they’re gonna be days I just going to suck.

And we do. We don’t have that passion. We do know that the passion is gonna eventually kill us. You know what I mean? It is a double edged sword. That’s what you have to. You have to balance. We always talk about balancing. That’s what we have the massages every wednesday, uh, at our, uh, at our office every wednesday. What time should I stop? Oh, 1:00 PM.

All right. So, uh, john merchant wants to know, do you guys have real estate or brokers license?

No, we, um, so we are 50 percent owners of a brokerage, um, through, through our designated broker. We’re partners and we’re not licensed

and that’s the best way to do it. Uh, so, and then what pisses you guys off?

We actually want ethical people. Unethical people. Talk about that slimeballs

what are some examples if you have. So I did disposition for a long time for our company. I used to sell the properties in selling cars is my thing and I’m not a sleazy car salesman, the car dealers, but you know, selling, selling properties that I love doing that thing. It’s my thing. And if you’re dealing With someone that looks into your pockets, how much you’re making, even if even if even if you feel good about it, just like you kind of feel that he’s counting or your money just bounced, go to the next one. You don’t want people to count your money. They don’t understand how much marketing, how many hours you spent, how many employees that depend on all that. And they see all you’re making tWenty, 30,000 for the buyer on your deals, on the buyers. Absolutely. And then of course you got some people that see that you are new blood and they want to take advantage of you as a because they see you putting the work and like we say, we have affiliates.

We take care of our affiliates. We have a deal that happened a year later with our destiny, our system, and they brought the deal. We reach out to them, hey guys, this was your deal and we converted it into you and you’re making money now, but you unfortunately you will have a lot of people that will a sweet talk to you because they see you hustling. And then you feel good talking to them because they’re big in the game and they’ll take advantage of you. So just be careful from that. I think that that pushes me off a lot then, especially from people who teach the wrong methods coming out, not just the girl was there some people that teach throwing methods just because they’re unethical.

So yeah, so there was a guy, and I know that we’ve got to get through this, but um, there was literally a guy who, who gave, I’m not going to say the name of that guru gave that guy $9,000 to be part of, you know, part of a club or a room. Right? And the guy didn’t get one deal. The guy just kept telling them, send more mail, send more mail. You can’t do that. You’re going to literally bankrupt this guy. This guy hasn’t got one deal and you’re telling them to spend a lot of money. what do you think that’s going to end? That’s a double negative. So that’s why we, we, we really, you know, it’s not that we despise the gurus or whatever, but we feel like that’s not real value, that’s really not real value in just people keep falling for it. But the most, the thing that pisses me off the most is someone not keeping their word for sure. yeah.

Integrity as one of your core values. Absolutely. Awesome. Let’s see. So I think that’s, it’s for, for the question. So, hey guys, we’re wrapping up the show. If you like this show, please turn on your notifications. We’re doing this every wednesday, 2:00 PM live here. Um, and share with your friends, you know, share this with all your buddies. I think I want to give baCk, you know, I’ve got a lot of benefit from what I’ve learned hanging out with these guys. It’s really, there’s a lot of fun. Um, but coming event. Oh yeah, I’m going to get there, but yeah, make sure you guys share this, uh, so that you guys can learn this and share this knowledge with you, with everybody else. You know, the real estate disruptors, that’s our movement. Um, and we want to 100 millionaires. That’s my commitment. That’s what I want to develop. So you want to join the movement, please help me get this message out there. And hey, I think there was so much value here. I thought this is going to be like 30 minutes. We’re almost done. Are we done or almost an hour and a half. So this is crazy. So we can do this all day man. So if you guys got value from this than carlos and sal having an event coming up June 8th through ninth,

june, eighth, June 9th is called a all in rei. You can, um, you can get the information on all in flipping.com and we’re going to teach people a lot of the strategies that is producing, you know, personally for our company, three to 500 k every single month in gross revenue. Um, so we’re goIng to teach those methods, going to expose our business. We’re gonna pretty much just open, pull the curtain and show them everything that we do. And that’s all in flipping.com.

And I can tell you I’m in a lot of coaching events, I go to a lot of these things. You think you learned something here? One hundred percent, absolutely do. But having these guys break down your business. Oh yeah. Open the pull back the curtains. You’re going to make whatever you put in this and more.

That’s our goal, our goal. You know, a lot of guys that are actually coming there, seven figure a year guys already. So like I said, we really have to bring in because we know how much value can you really brIng a seven figure guy, right? You have to really take them over the edge and show them something that they don’t know and that’s what we’re going to do at that event.

Yep. So very cool. Very cool. All right. Thanks guys. Thanks for coming. I appreciate it. Thank you. It was amazing. All right, thank you guys. Until next time.


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