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Interview with Templeton Walker

Interview with Templeton Walker

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Hey, what’s up everybody? Welcome to the very first episode of real estate disruptors. I’m here with my boy t. we’re going to talk about a couple of things, but the main topic is zero to mega in 36 months, which is an amazing accomplishment. Thanks for coming. Appreciate it. Uh, so the first thing I wanted to ask you, which is a little bit about yourself, you know, like how did you get into real estate or you know, just tell me a little bit about your story.

Well, appreciate you having me on the mic because we’re always talking everyday all day, but to be in this setting, it’s pretty fun. Okay, so my aunt Cindy, who I love dearly and thank God for every day because she like, opened my eyes up to this business. She called and said, hey, because I actually called her selling the multilevel marketing pill protein and it’s actually a cool pill, Chris Michael, if you’re watching, um, he kills it with it, right? But that’s business. You’ve got to build a big pipeline down line. And I was not for me, right? However, I called her, selling her on that and she’s like, look, I’ll buy the pill, which I was pumped because I was going to make my 200 bucks. Um, but she goes, if I do this, let me pay for real estate school and then you go to school and pay me back out of your first deal. So fast forward, I got through school. I came out of the gate selling more than just, I guess I, I didn’t know what the heck I was doing, but I think in my first or second month I sold four homes and, um, I was like, wow, OK, this is what I want to do, but I need to get better at it. So then you had asked what went wrong.

The biggest struggle was like, what was your biggest challenges? When he first got in the business

leads. I did not know how to create leads. Leads were like this mysterious Unicorn that only the top producers had. I was like, I would see these ads for leads, leads, leads. We have more leads than we know what to do with. Right? And I was like, what are people doing? Like I just posted on facebook and get engagement there and I was very fortunate to have friends and family use me early and I would hustle and do open houses, things like that, but I didn’t know how to create lead. So that was my biggest struggle is I had to figure out how to create a massive amount of leads so I can have more at bats and get better and get better.

So how did you solve that problem?

Um, OK. So I call it like my buckets. I, my sphere of influence bucket. Anyone who knows me knows that I’m a realtor, knows I’m excited about it and knows I want to help them. Like 100 percent, no one’s ever going to see me like walking in the mall and like, oh, hey tim, haven’t seen you forever. How are you? How have you been? What have you been up to? I bought a house and I’m like, dude, I’m a realtor. I would’ve used you like in there. And they said, hey, I, I to use it. That’s not going to happen. Everyone’s going to know I’m a realtor. That’s number one. Number two is I started taking 20 percent of what I earned and reinvesting in my business, mostly in marketing, so Internet ads, just making sure I was creating deal flow from people that are outside of my sphere of influence with that don’t know me. And then number three is I call it like your sweat equity. That’s prospecting on the phone and open houses and networking so you have your soi bucket, you have your Internet lead bucket that you’re paying for and then you have things that are free, open houses, networking events, and if you go into each one of those things with I’m a realtor, I’m excited about it and I’d love to help you. You’re going to get a lot of business.

You taught it to me was like, Hey, I’m calling you is that your house is no longer in the market, you know, that is already sold, blah blah blah. And you’d come up or you call me and I tell you yo, like I already got. I already have some I’m going to work with and you say,

does the potato salad one, the goldfish one. We can’t cuss on this though, right?

Uh, I’m not sure if the family program. It’s probably

so you’re already working with someone. It will be like, Steve, that’s great. I have a goldfish. Why are we talking about shit that doesn’t matter. And then I just spoke to. So like I have that one and then I’ll also like whenever people are working with family I’ll say, hey, look at this. Whoever you’re working with, I totally respect that. And if you’re going to work with them 100 percent good, just keep me in mind because if something goes wrong with this transaction, you don’t have to see me at the family barbecue every Sunday and eat potato salad with me. So how about I take care of this transaction for you at a very high level and I pay your cousin who just got into the business and doesn’t know what they’re doing. I’ll pay them a handsome referral fee and we all, when you can see your cousin and eat the Chevy potato salad, you’re going to get a high level of representation and we can all, you know, kind of solve that problem. So Glen Fish and potato salad, remember those,

everybody paying attention. So going back a little bit, you said that you know, everybody’s gonna know that you’re a realtor. How does everybody know you’re a realtor? Social media. OK. So talk about that.

OK, so again, I’ve created systems and processes around this, but in the beginning I had nothing to stand on, right? I was 25 if we’re being honest. Not many people believed in what I was going to, what I was doing because real estate’s a hard industry and I know and I have had a lot of ideas in my life that didn’t really pan out. So rightfully so. My friends and family were probably like, OK, what’s [inaudible] up to now? So, but I just slowly prove them wrong, prove them wrong. And they, they all love me and believe in me, but I know deep down a lot of them are like, there’s more realtors per capita in Maricopa county than anywhere in the world. Right. So it’s a competitive market. So tell me the question again by that. I was freezing.

Does everyone know that you’re the realtor?

So I would post and I was like, you know what, I’m going to post so much about real estate and be genuine about it, that everyone is going to think of me when it comes to this, whether they use me or not, they’re going to at least think of me. So that was social media.

I think something we should probably share, I don’t know if we can maybe insert this later on, but the, the, the um, shaving.

Oh actually my chest. Yeah. Talk about that. Make crazy video. And Denise, my, and she’s, she’s the bomb, but she comes home and she’s like, Hey hon, I got this new waxing kit. I wanted to try it. Let me wax your nipple and just see how it works. And I’m like, well, let’s not waste this opportunity. Let’s go facebook live, it’s going to be funny, so we end up doing the whole chest and I don’t know like what disconnected I had in my mind, but I forgot that is hot wax, right? Like as I was just thinking like it’s gonna hurt. I was thinking about the pool pain, not the heat.

So she touches me with it. I was like, oh my God. It’s like I’m dying. But I was crying like that video had the most viewership ever. People loved it. But long story short, a good friend of mine now, Derek tubs who we work with, our lender, he reached out to me and goes, Hey, I looked at your production. You’re doing a lot of deals. I want to come correct. I got a deal for you. I saw you on that video. Me and my wife were crying, laughing and he. So he sent me a deal that I made $8,000 on that month because I wax my freaking chest. So like, that’s just like the wax paper itself. The pain though, man, I won’t. I looked like a chest was not pretty for about a month.

I love that your, pieces and sets are more organized now. But I also miss the templates in jumping out of a pool without a shirt on.

I don’t have a pool anymore because I’ve downsized. But no, like just before this I did an episode to learn some shit about real estate and less than 60 seconds. That’s like one of my favorites. Knowing what you know today, what you do different. I would work harder sooner. So like just like every other realtor I would make money and then I would be like naturally take my foot off the gas and just chill. Like I thought I was still working hard but like in reality I wasn’t. And then I’d run out of money and I go, shit, I need to make more money so I’d work hard and then I take my foot off the gas so I would get serious about my business sooner. And when things get messy and when things are hard and you have five or six deals in back then five or six deals with a lot. So I was like, oh my God, I can’t handle this. So I naturally would take my foot off the gas, tend to those five or six deals and then have nothing in the pipeline and have to restart. Right. So if I’m me looking back when I have five or six deals in, I would push the gas pedal harder and make a bigger mess and just figure it out.

You mentioned that you realize a lot of the time you were spending was actually time wasted or you weren’t as good at use of your time. So you know, time management is an issue that comes up over and over and over again. How did you solve the time, time management issue or not maybe solved, but how are you

to the best of your abilities? Know I’m still not perfect at it tonight, but I’m getting much better at it. And what I’ve learned is that there is enough time for whatever it is you want to do. You just have to decide is that a priority or not? So like my new model right now is if it’s not wildly important, I’m not doing. And I’ve left and I’ve been fortunate to build out a team and leverage out through amazing talented people so I can have the luxury to really focus on my highest and best use. But I was saying yes to a lot of stuff that I really shouldn’t have been saying yes to. So if it doesn’t let you on fire in the beginning though, you kind of have to do a lot of stuff. I mean

I would just

now if it doesn’t like me on fire or it’s something I really want to dive deep in, I’m saying no to it.

Going back to time management and the topic we talked about a moment ago where you were saying, you know, you’re doing the social media thing. How do you plan out your social media to make sure that you’re doing it consistently? Because consistency is the biggest problem for all of us.

I’d love to say like I have a social media calendar and I’m like, Oh, I’m supposed to post this right now. For me, I just Kinda, I’m very mindful of. And I’ll look at what I’ve posted and I’ll be like, OK, I’ve posted five family photos, I haven’t talked about business in awhile or vice versa, I’ve posted six business things. People might be getting tired about whatever this is. So I try to have a blend. I call it the 70 30 blend. I tried to have it about 70 percent of my life and then 30 percent of my business because I get so many messages from people now like, hey man, keep doing what you’re doing. Like you’re inspiring me. I love what you’re up to. Like how can I get involved? How, what should I be doing? Because I’m a huge mindset and motivation guy. Like I am the baby t Robinson.

But uh, so it’s, it’s what I’m passionate about. Helping people. If I can dive in

into your situation and help them, that’s my favorite thing to do.

I love that. I love that.

And it gives you the width to, to do that at a high level.

You know, maybe you just answered this question. I don’t know, what is your superpower?

I think carrying my superpower in business is probably connecting with people and negotiating, connecting people with negotiating because I always negotiate from a place of when, when like let’s collaborate instead of um, you, you watch million dollar listing or whatever and they’re arguing and I don’t like my mom always says you get more bees with honey than you do vinegar. So I always come from a collaborative approach, so my negotiations tend to go very, very well and I find solutions that worked for everybody, especially in my client. So that’s number one. Number two is I connected. You can throw me in a room with a very affluent in whatever type people I can blend you, throw me in a room with blue collar, you know, we’re drinking coors, yellow, Belize. I can blend in, like, do you know the elderly?

It’s an original. It looks like it’s deploys original in this yellow socks up north in front of small town in Colorado. He knows, we call it yellow in Belize.

I’m just saying the whole spectrum, I guess that would be my superpower is like I can genuinely make friends with most crowds. Um, and then, yeah, I’d say that’s it.

Can we talk about the wholesale business a little bit? Yeah, absolutely. Uh, I kind of

shared this yesterday. I put a listing up, uh, in, in Chandler [inaudible]. It’s three to less the 1600 square feet. You were listed at 2:48 and we got seven low-ball offers, seven, right? Which I know this is the business, this is the game we’re in right now, like I’m not offended by that. Like you can send me, you know, half the price. I don’t really care, but pick up the phone and told me why I should go with your offer. And I think that’s one of the things you do really well.

So rapport building because I know that great deals right now or getting five, wholesaling is a hot term right now. Um, agents are trying to figure out how to compete with the offer pads and the open doors and just these different, these new disruptors that are coming into our market and changing the way we have to conduct business. So I know it’s competitive. So where’s my competitive edge? It’s my relationship building. So I will call you on that Steve and say, Hey Steve, what’s up man? How are you? My name is [inaudible]. Here’s the deal. Where do you need to be on that house? I want to make this work for both of us, you know, and just figure out your hot buttons that I can press that make you feel good about the deal and we’ll have you choose me as your end buyer as opposed to x, Y, and Z guy. And sometimes I went home where I’m not the highest offer, but I built so much rapport that they ended up selling it to me.

It goes back to actually picking up the phone and connecting with people.

So 10 of my call. So I prospect every morning instead of my calls are to agents need to have 10 good conversations with agents where I’m just connecting with them and saying, Steve, it’s stamp. I’m checking in again. Do you have anything off market right now? I’d love to just take a look at it. You know, I want to be number one on speed dial. If you have a deal, you’re calling me right? And they laugh and I laugh and it’s, but it’s genuine. It’s like those are real friends and connections in mind.

First always call me first. You know, one of the things that I like working with you, right? Because I worked with a lot of people, right? And there’s no shortage of people that we can help, right? But one of the things I love about you is the gratitude, you know, it’s that just simple like, hey, you know, I talked to tap and tap, you know, help them, didn’t help them, whatever. It was like, dude, I appreciate you. And that little small touch I know impacts me. And I know when I’m feeling good, I’m making other people feel good. So I would say, you know, is there something that you learned from somewhere or was just so

gratitude? So dude, I’m a self-help, like I’m get weird on it, right? In gratitude, I have learned that you cannot be in a negative state of mind if you are in a state of gratitude. I cannot be angry, upset, I can’t be any of those negative emotions that really hurt us. If I’m in a state of gratitude and gratitude, you can pull from anywhere, like I look at when I’m in my car and I look at someone waiting for and I do this so often. I look at some waiting for the bus. I’ll be like, gosh man, they imagine having another hour on your day to get to work, another hour to get home. Like, thank you God. Thank you. Whatever power higher being in. I get chills thinking about it. Thank you for giving me what I’ve not only worked for, but like I won the genetic lottery of living in a first world country. Like that was not in my plan, right? Like I had no control over with all that. So thank you. I’m just so grateful you can get so granular on gratitude. Like, holy smokes. I’m just thankful I ate. I’m thinking I have a car, has all these things.

Be grateful. The United States of America.

All right. When you woke up, one of my best friends and I didn’t plan on talking about this. One of my best friends, he played college basketball with him and he’s here in town right now, a year older than me. He was a sophomore. Um, his name is Chris Davis. He’s a dear friend of mine. I’m stage four. Brain cancer just had surgery, right? And he called me and he’s the biggest jokester, the most fun, loving, sweet guy and called me and said, hey, tell what’s going on. And I was like, hey, you’re in town, let’s link up. And he goes, Hey, I’m in, I’m at the Mayo, I had brain cancer or you know, I have a spring tumor and I have surgery. So that’s been a hard thing that we’ve been dealing with these last few weeks. But it’s given me a tremendous amount of gratitude because this jovial, fun, loving guy who’s a year older than me. So he’s 31, I believe, you know what I mean though, it’s 31 and he’s dealing with that like, can you imagine? So you could get gratitude from anywhere.

And I definitely know that pain because I had, um, you know, my friend, we were 24 when he passed away from cancer and it was just a matter of like three consecutive weekends. It was like, Hey, I found out I have cancer. All right, I’ll come out. I’m out now, be there a jump on next, you know, next fight, but that weekend, right? And then the next week they’re like, hey, he’s not gonna, make it like the next week he’s not going to make it like, OK. So we came out to say goodbye and then the next week, uh, as the funeral, I was like, man, so crazy how fast things can change.

I think that’s true test. And I’m inside of one of these tests right now with this experience is it’s easy to be the fun-loving, jovial guy on instagram and on facebook and showing the highlights of your life. And Hey guys, stay inspired, stay motivated, right? Like being that source of inspiration things to when things are up. But the true, the true people that are, are built for it, or when when you’re getting kicked and you’re down and you can still share that message and still find gratitude, that’s when you’re free. Like I could lose everything today and if I started my wife and kids, I’m rich, like I’ve already won. Like I’m good. So everything else is just gravy on the potatoes, you know, like I have my wife, I had my children, I have my mom and dad still have my brother, I have a lot of great best friends. I have mentors. Like I’ve already hit the lotto.

I got a chance to, to meet your mom too.

My mom. The sweetest lady.

How you’re able to dunk. You mean your mom’s not super tall?

Well, I can’t dunk anymore, but there was a time I had some bouts. Uh, so Brett Johnson,

I’m sorry not Julio was asking what are the things you would go back and say no to you right now that you were saying yesterday before

Julio is awesome by the way, as a rising star question, what will you say no to now that you wouldn’t say no to before? Just like random appointments. So like I’m loyal to just like you find vendor partners, right? And I’ll be loyal to them and just be like, hey, we’re going to do business in a lot of people, especially, especially once you start selling a lot of homes are reaching out to you, hey, can I take you for a 15 minute cup of coffee? How many of those calls do you get on my now? So, and I would always be like, I’m like so fun loving. Yeah, we can grab a cup of coffee, let’s go do it. And then they’re telling me about their marketing material and why I should send them ideals and this and that. And I may, I met a lot of great people and I don’t regret those times, but if I still took every one of those calls and went on every appointment, I would never have time to like sell a house or build my company. So I would say no to. I was busy being busy for like awhile.

Did you figure that out? Because I mean, you’ve, you’ve still go to some of those, continue aging education classes. I mean there’s a lot of people

busy learning stuff, spending three hours analization parallelization like so many people, especially in our business, in any business, they prepare to get ready to prepare to be a bad-ass and they never just go be a bad-ass if I. that’s another strength I have is I’m willing to jump into the fire before I really know what I’m doing.

Right. And that’s why we’re doing this raw and uncut.

Yeah, that’s why we have issues. We spun with it. Good. You know, it’s.

How long did you wait until you started investing 20 percent of your money into marketing.

OK. So this might be up you white boy. What’s up? B? Wizzle OK, so I was a year or two in, so my first year I did like 4,000,000 next year I did 10,000,000 and was solo and I was like, holy smokes. I W I was at my bandwidth. I messed up on the story five millions. But I was at my. Yeah, no assistant was so. But when I made the jump from like four to 10, I didn’t really have much money at that point because I told you I was on the roller coaster. Right. I remember being in the living room of our house whispering into a zillow spending $5,000 a month that we didn’t have for ads and because I didn’t want my wife to hear and I was like, yeah, let me, let me get 5,000. And I made a promise to denise.

I was like, Hey, I’m going to take every one of these leads because quite frankly we need to do this and I promise you I’m going to work so hard in return. So. And I also got a lender to help me out on that. So we got about $40,000 in investment. I turned that into about 240,000 in revenue. Pretty good at boy, that’s the money that helped me launch the group, helped me launch my life like I’m only four or five years into this and I’ve had a very rapid growth, but a lot of it took place. When I got on that secret phone call and was like, all right, I got to start spending some money, but I still kept working my sphere of influence bucket. Now I had a lot of leads coming in. I started networking, my name started getting out there more and it was like this perfect storm and then here’s the thing.

There was times I didn’t want to answer the phone because I titled it Zillow Money Pickup, exclamation point in like I’d be like, I don’t want to take this, but I promised myself I would. So I’d be like, yes. So I was like, this is what can I do for you? And I quit telling people about me. If you want to lead conversion tip, don’t talk about yourself. Say Great. When do you want to go see that house? Let me set it up for you. I’ll meet you out there and then if they sound like sketch calling back and be like, hey, tell me a little bit about your situation,

but she’s laughing and then he says, I heard though, she heard you make that call. What marketing do you find most effective to attract referrals and business

agent relationships? So if we’re talking wholesale, it’s every agent in the valley now knows. Not every agent, but I’d like to think that, but if you know me, you know that I want to see your properties first and give you a cash offer today. That’s the biggest thing for my wholesale. A number two would be my sphere of influence in social media. I’m actually doing a temp talks next month on how to leverage your social media, so that would be like how you really dive into and connect with people. I always say on social, you can’t just be interesting. Do you need to be interested? So if you want everyone to love on you, but you never say, wow, steve, great job man. That’s awesome. Like you’re just taking without giving back. If you want to get technical, I mean people hate it, but I get a healthy return from zillow because we manage those leads really well. They’re expensive, but

doesn’t matter if you get $5 back.

I always tell people like, I’ll pay a million bucks if you get any one and a half million back.

Yeah, no problem. No problem. Let’s see, what else was there? What other social media platforms do you find most impactful on reaching your sphere? A question mark is snapchat. Facebook or Insta?

Facebook and Insta. I don’t have a snapchat. Instagram stories. I really like. I think that’s where a lot of people like get to watch my day and like watch kind of what I’m up to you and they’re interested and then they’ll message me and be like, dude, that’s really cool. Like thank you for sharing because maybe they’re in a situation that they’re not loving and they want to do something different and I can kind of show them that a regular guy is like kind of killing it and I’m really happy with what I’m doing, but I’m doing it my way. So facebook and instagram are huge.

Cool. Cool. Let’s see what else was there? Um, what is the greatest lesson you’ve ever learned

to give without any expectation? The faster you give without expecting anything in return, you, your success will skyrocket. Where now I have honestly considered. I’m gonna. I’m gonna. I’m gonna. I was gonna talk about this on my podcast, but we’ve talked about it when you’re creating half a day. So like taking half a day every week and having it be my giving, my getting session for five hours. I will literally do anything for anyone for in those five hours. You need help. Moving grate. You want me to dive into your business and help you figure out lead conversion, great for free. I just want to help. And if I do that over and over and over,

guess how many hours a day? Five hours a day. Not every day. One day a week for five years. As your broker, I’m concerned about your business or no, no, no, no. I’m asking if someone’s really committed to giving at that level because you’re making these little equity deposits.

Like I always say now like if there was a market shift or anything like that and I was unprepared, which I’m not, I’m very ready. Um, I have given value to so many big players and small players are just people that like, I would like to think that like my tribe would lift me up if they saw me in a bad spot, I could go to use Steve Been Steve, how do we leverage my talents? I’m in a bad spot. Can you give me a job? I bet you’d figure it out

100 percent way to make it work

or other really big players in the game that they know my heart, they know that I want to give. They know that my, my talents and they would say temp come work for me. Right? So like I’m fearless at this point and I told you already won.

I can tell you, I mean there’s someone right now in an industry, you know our friend, right? I mean he’s like, look, you know what? I’m going to run it anymore. I just wanna jump on someone else’s team and everybody in town called him. We say what it is, but

how lovable, likable, amazing dude in the industry. Just say, you know what, I’m not going to run into him anymore. I’m going to plug into another team. This is what happened. The, it was like

universe opened up like where you want you to everyone. Not like a million people that wanted him for. That’s exactly. That just shows you that you give good. Very true. Very true. But let’s see. Was there anything else? Is there. Um, OK, so the next. Yes. You missed it. We did talk about the wax and stuff. So she was drinking martinis. I wasn’t even drinking. Some people have it. I was like, no, I was in pain. All right, so note to self. Definitely don’t, don’t, don’t do the hot wax thing. Someone’s going to send you a deal. That’s true. Uh, OK. So what are you learning right now to focus on?

Wildly important to manage my. I don’t even like to say manage my time better now with my priorities better. And also that there’s no perfect plan. Like I don’t


at my income tomorrow. I don’t

need to be at my freedom number tomorrow. Like it’s a process and there’s always, here’s, here’s the biggest thing I’ve learned as of late. If you’re always waiting for when I get to this point, when I get to this point, I’ll take a vacation. When I get to this point, I’ll find a significant other. When I get to this point, all reinvest in this. There’s always going to be another one I get to. So why not? If you’re not enjoying the journey, you’re never going to actually feel satisfied. So this journey has to just be a fun ride that you’re loving because when I get to you’re going to get there and then there’s gonna be another one I get to. So I drove an Audi as far right. Love that car, loved it, but I remember like I bought it to the gas station and fill it up before I drove because I flew to California because that’s where it’s cheaper to drive it back. I was looking, I was like, I got my dream car, you know, it’s been on my checklist forever. Change your life. Zero. Didn’t feel any different. It’s like, that’s just my car. That’s just

minimalist kick. So I bought my dream car within two weeks. I was like, this is so stupid. I had paid off Sonata. I was like, yeah, I can keep with it because I always tell people that it’s that the material doesn’t make the man or man makes the material so I know now I can show up wherever with confidence and people are gonna know I’m a player in the game because I am not because I. I do still have a decent car, but there’s other reasons that I feel really satisfied around it. But I bought that BMW 7:50 ally because I wanted other people to know I was making it where now it’s like if you. Here’s, here’s the last thing we can leave or you could tell me what the last thing we lead with, but here’s a thought. If you’re pretending to be anything other than what you are, you will become exhausted because eventually it’s going to fade, right? And your true colors are going to come out and you cannot keep that facade up and it’s going to be exhausting. So just skip all the bs and just be you and you’re going to be much more free, happy and contented.

Yes, definitely. Definitely. Words of wisdom. Let’s see what else is there? OK. So Peter wants to know when you should start investing because it’s like, you know, when I get to when’s the right time to start investing,

I mean you can start any time. So I talked about this on my learned some shit about real estate and less than 60 seconds to. It’s like if I didn’t have a family and kids and like certain means that I had to make for a house. If I was single I would come to me or to whoever your relevant real estate professional is and say I want to. I want to go by my first fourplex. What you could buy as a single family home or a three and a half percent down. I’d live in the one unit. The other three units would pay for my rent or not my rent, my mortgage. I live for free, I now have four, 12 months later I’d go buy my second one, I live in there, fill in that fourth unit. So now I have four rentals and I’m living for free again with three other rentals and I would repeat that process. So now within two years you could have eight units and you lived for free for two years. That’s what I would do.

Or a lot of money. You know what I’m saying? Let’s see, what else was there a. has failure shaped your life?

Um, shoot. I mean it’s taught me a ton. Like sometimes you have to like eat some humble pie and learn from it and be willing to like say, you know what, I see what I did wrong and I’m not gonna make that mistake again. There is nothing wrong with making mistakes. If you learn from them, there is something wrong with making the same mistake over and over and over again and not changing anything about it.

Yeah, I know like some of the people we’ve had in our office, they’re very surprised the first time they screw up. I was like, OK, what did you learn from it? Right off the handle, and they’re like, desensitize from like all the places they worked at where they’re just like their boss to five. And I was like, look, if you’re not making mistakes, you’re not trying hard enough. We got it. We got to make mistakes. All right, so what have you read that everybody should read?

Well, the first one that lit me on fire was rich Dad, poor dad. That just gets you thinking about money differently. Thinking about assets differently, have your assets to pay for your liabilities. Now you’re financially free, creating infinite money. Money that comes in always. Rather than so many realtors, they’ve got to go put another sign in the ground to make more income and they have to repeat that process. So I have like 10, so whenever people meet with me, I’ll share that one. The richest man in Babylon is one of my. It’s one of the greatest financial books you could read in story for and it’s a great story and as a man thinketh, I’m not kidding if my buddy Tim Esteban’s watching, he’s a realtor with homesmart. He’s, he’s only part time and he’s killing it, but long story short, he was my neighbor and would kill me in Ping Pong, heal me. I read this book too and like my thoughts were like steroids at this point. Like I could think anything and I could do it. I went down the street, I beat him in Ping Pong after I read the book, which was impossible. I shot an 85 in golf, which I had never shot lower than like a [inaudible]. It was like my thoughts were like so powerful. So as a man thinketh,

Dave and buster’s, I wasn’t thinking about her enough. Yeah. You should’ve read the book. Ain’t nobody been. Yeah, I can’t believe I lost like three to four times. That’s never happened before. And what have you done that everybody should do?

Believe in yourself for one, have an amazing partner. So like my wife Denise and I, we’ve just like any relationship, we’ve had high, we’ve had lows, but someone that believes in you is going to stick with you and empower you to chase what you want to chase that is key. Um, and get serious about your business sooner, get around bigger thinkers sooner. I was at a small brokerage that I respect and with amazing people, but I was telling like $4,000,000 a year and was like the top producer there. So then I was like, man, I didn’t even know about this whole other world. So I’d get around bigger thinkers sooner, start investing in yourself sooner. Like I spend a lot of money every month on my self development. So. And now I, you know, in turn I share my message and in-charge for at times, but the people who are willing to invest in themselves are going to get where they’re headed so much quicker.

Curating the knowledge.

Oh, I will share it with like, that’s like, that’s what you want to do is give. You, are going to give. You don’t always have to give money or your time. You could give your knowledge and say, Hey, I’ve, when I first started, I hit this massive pothole, it wasn’t fun. You should steer around it and now I just saved you 20 grand because I made that mistake.

Uh, how do you find a way to manage your work life balance? Or do you think that’s not a real thing?

Leverage leverage. You’ve got to find the people that buy into the vision. So I have the best agents. I have Shauna who runs all operations. I Have Scott who runs all the marketing. I have Chelsea and Jenna who like are like executive assistant, transaction manager type roles. I have a branded. I mean I just have amazing agents handled so I don’t show property at. I’ve just leveraged my life to where I can focus on the wildly important and then spend time with my wife and kids.


Um, they’re, they don’t, they don’t go all in. They dumped their toe in the water and they, they, they act like they’re doing a lot, but deep down in their heart they know they’re not doing everything. It takes like you have to go all, you got to burn the boats in my opinion, and you got to go all in and don’t lie to yourself. Don’t be easy on yourself and be like, well, you did pretty good today. And I was like, dude, do great today. Do great today. And go all out. Sprint as hard as you can until you drop and fall. Pick yourself up and then do it again.

Is there anything else? No, that’s it. So last question for you and you, you, you can avoid it. You can refuse to answer this question is totally fine, but what pisses you off?

Pisses me off.

I know, that’s what I’m saying.

It’s hard for me to get too riled up. Like I have so many people like get crazy with me or get crazy with one of my agents and then I’ll step in and be like, yeah, they’re going to college, but yeah, I’ll be like, hey, you ain’t going to do that. But I always come with the, you get more bees with honey than vinegar. So it’s rare because when I was younger I was wild and I would fight and I was like crazy stories so I don’t ever want to go back to that guy. I see things from a different perspective now, so nothing pisses me off. I guess if people


unwilling to help themselves, like if they have the answers and they’re just like unwilling to help themselves I guess, but that doesn’t even make me mad. I just, it makes me feel more bad for them. Like, yeah, like man, you got the answers. Like let’s just like, let’s go, let’s go. And if they’re unwilling doesn’t piss me off. It just makes me sad for him. I’m like, dude,

I’m the same way. There we got. Let’s just give it five, 10 more seconds if you got a question you were waiting on. Now’s the time. I can’t see anybody typing on this so I don’t have an ipad. So I think we’re good. So. Hey Dude, thank you. Awesome. That was an awesome, awesome. First show. I don’t know, we’re gonna be able to stop it. Dude. Well, you shouldn’t have started with me because it’s a downhill slide. All right. Thanks guys.


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