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What Is Wholesale Real Estate?

What Is Wholesale Real Estate?

A wholesaler buys a home, usually one that’s distressed, for resale, and then sells it on to potential buyers. The property is sold to a third party without the need of buying the property first. The goal of wholesaling is to sell a property to an interested buyer prior to the closing of the contract for sale with the original homeowner. No money passes between the wholesaler and the seller until a buyer has been found for the property.

The wholesaler gets to make a profit if he finds a buyer willing to pay more for the house than he agreed to. Profit is the cash returned to the vendor for selling their products at a higher rate.

Wholesaling is a great way to make money when you want to get into the business but don’t have a lot of cash to invest. It does not require taking a course, passing a test, or getting a real estate license in order to sell real estate as a wholesaler. If you have good people skills and are patient enough to wait for your turn, wholesaling might work out for you.

If you would like to begin Wholesaling Houses, you should work with investors who may be working on properties that are at the foreclosure stage or are already in bank-owned and HUD properties. Wholesalers that specialize in real estate can negotiate the best deals for their customers.

The wholesaler then resells the goods for a larger markup, or discount, than what was paid by the retailer. By selling a large quantity of goods to the retailer, the wholesaler may sell them at a lower price. Not only does wholesaling of real estate not involve selling multiple houses for less money, it’s actually something completely different.

Know the rules

Despite the fact that wholesaling is legal in most states, it can be extremely complicated. Wholesalers are often required to abide by lots of complex rules and regulations which affect their profit margins. In Maryland, only licensed real estate agents may charge a commission for transactions.

In that case, you could set up an LLC for the specific property and indicate that the buyer (you, the wholesaler) is that LLC “and its assigns.” The process is completed by entering into a contract that’s separate from your LLC agreement with a buyer to sell the business.

Select a good real estate attorney who can be consulted to find out which legalities apply in your neighborhood. Get a detailed contract with multiple provisions to permit a smooth and convenient exit should the potential buyer choose to back out.

You have to do your research

Before you make your first purchase, you must be aware of the markets you’re looking to invest in like the back of your hand. You’ve got to make sure that the property you get is priced enough to sell on to a fix-and-flipper. When you’re setting a fair price for a job, consider talking to other contractors or business owners who are familiar with your particular kind of work. You should be knowledgeable of the value that should be placed on your home’s conservative after-repair price.

How does wholesaling work?

Real estate wholesaling is a short-term investment tactic by which a real estate investor profits by buying and reselling real estate properties. The minimum requirement to call a wholesaler a profitable operation is a ten percent profit.

Wholesaling real estate can be very lucrative for those who have the tenacity to put in a lot of work on their deals. You’re less likely to lose money on wholesaling than on buying a home, but you’ll need to do your homework well before you close on anything. It’s not always easy to recognize opportunities when they come up because you need to be able to find properties that sell below market value. Also, you have to be able to keep your wits about you as you’re working to get deals made with sellers and targets that want to purchase them. To be successful in wholesaling, you need to put a lot of effort into building strong sales leads and developing a marketing strategy to keep your list full of customers. By means of wholesaling real estate, you will be sure to find significant profit from your efforts.

The Wholesaling Process by Real Estate Disruptors

Is Wholesaling Legal?

Wholesaling is legal in the U.S. It’s an investment model that some companies use to make money. Wholesaling a home is one of the best ways to invest in real estate because it can help you build your personal wealth.

Selling a house for sale can lead to a lot of debate. The argument against those who say you’re doing illegal business will often be because they are not licensed agents. Rather than sell the home themselves, wholesalers simply sell the underlying real estate contract. Wholesaling has become an acceptable business method and, therefore, legal. Nevertheless, no one would argue against the fact that you should perform extensive research to confirm your compliance with all local laws.

How Much Does A Wholesale Real Estate Agent Make?

On average, real estate wholesalers can expect to earn anywhere between $5,000 and $10,000 per property. When you have a property, a contract, and an interested buyer, then you’re well on your way to actually purchasing a property. To maintain steady profits, you can have multiple properties in your pipeline at various stages of the buying process.

Just like most professions, there are those who work hard, work smart, and make lots of money and those who don’t. Real estate brokers that are successful wholesalers have systems in place to find deals and buyers. The wholesalers who are doing the bulk of the work don’t do everything themselves. In addition to the staff members, there is a salesperson, a contract manager, a marketer, a bookkeeper, and even a CFO. A wholesale distributor with this many transactions going through the door spends an enormous amount of money on marketing. Some distributors will send a lot of mail every month.

What are the common mistakes that wholesalers make?

Most wholesalers don’t make a successful deal. They may believe that they should get a cut of each and every transaction but this is wrong because the cost of making deals is very high. Here are the mistakes I saw.

You need to find the right kind of business that you can offer a good price on. The most important thing in buying a business is finding the right business. You should not take advantage of a person who is going through the process of selling their home. It isn’t a sign of a good deal if a FSBO or the seller calls you. Whether you find your home through a realtor or in a Craigslist posting, it doesn’t matter what it is that you’re after. What matters is what you’re willing to pay for it. If you can’t get a good price for the house that you’re selling, your potential buyers won’t care how many people are interested in it, whether there is one or a hundred.

Dozens of companies promised me that they would have several hundred wholesale deals available shortly. They say that they’ll get special access to unlisted foreclosures. But I never hear from them again because there’s no special access to unlisted foreclosures for wholesalers. Hard work gets you deals.

A lot of wholesale merchants will simply make up their numbers because they don’t know the real numbers, or are trying to make a deal out of something that is not a deal. Sometimes I get a wholesale email from a supplier saying, “Here are the figures for our new shipyards. It’: $100,000 cost of repairs, $20,000 profit on sales, and $100,000 ‘residual value.’ No mention of the costs of keeping the vessel in service, financing charges, carrying costs, or selling costs.”

Wholesale Real Estate Investing Vs House Flipping

The “wholesaling vs. house flipping” debate doesn’t have an absolute answer. Instead, investors should choose the exit strategy that is best for their goals. If you have the capital, time, and expertise, house flipping can be a great investment for you. House flipping is a risky investment, but if the investor is ready to do it right, he can get great returns. Wholesaling houses was the least intimidating option for those that wanted to enter into the world of real estate.

“Wholesaling is lower risk, because you don’t buy the house or finance the repairs,” Lecko says. As a wholesaler, you invest your time and money to generate leads and send marketing to your sellers, which involves much less money than buying and rehabbing a house.

Wholesaling real estate can be a complicated business, but that doesn’t mean it’s any less effort than flipping. Investors can make big profits when selling real estate. However, this is not possible with every deal. There’s less profit from wholesaling.

Succeeding at Real Estate Wholesaling

Real estate wholesaling isn’t for everyone. It takes a lot of effort, time and patience. It’s also very important that you’re good at communicating and marketing. And it doesn’t hurt if you have a network of investors, should they be interested in buying the properties you wholesale.

This section should also teach you how to find the best kind of property to purchase as a wholesaler. The example given previously was an exceptional approach for finding a property to purchase. Investors really like properties that have a nice location, and plenty of amenities that their potential clients can enjoy. This can bring up the value of a property tenfold. Before submitting an offer, always take a close look at the maintenance needs of the home.

You will know when the right time is to make your first offer. You could lose out on a sale if you place too low a price. But it’s possible that you will not find a buyer who is willing to deal with the risks of a distressed property.

In order for your wholesaler to sell the item, you need to provide him with a contractual right to abandon the contract and walk away from the sale should the seller not sell the product before the closing date. This keeps the wholesaler’s risks to a minimum.

Misconceptions people have about wholesaling

  1. It is not the need for money that makes someone a wholesale distributor; it’s the willingness to do what it takes to learn about business and to build relationships with other individuals in order to attract more customers to your store. While doing a search, you might be paying for any number of services. This can include business listings or online guides that help you find the contact information of a business owner. You can also find your first deal for free. It’s not likely that you’ll end up in such a situation.
  2. If you want to sell real estate, you must be licensed as an agent or broker. You do not need a license to buy distressed real estate. What you need is a motivated seller, an assignment contract, a buyer ready to make an investment, and a competent real estate brokerage that can assist you in closing the deal. Selling wholesale is forbidden in Illinois, Oklahoma and Virginia.
  3. There are bad apples in every business enterprise. However, there are wholesalers who provide opportunities for individuals to escape their bad credit situations, and get the financial assistance they need to make a move to a new area or state.
Wholesaling Houses Sales Training
wholesale real estate

How much can wholesalers pay for properties?

It is essential for the wholesaler to know what buyers can be expected to pay. It is foolish to price a home at an excessively high price, and nobody will buy a home that is too expensive. When they go shopping for a home, some people will use a certain percentage of the home’s price as a guide for how much they’re going to spend when buying the property.

This percentage of the house’s worth is called ARV, or After-Repaired Value. The term says, “The investor will be responsible for 70% of the cost of repair minus the cost of the house”. Let’s say the property costs $100,000 and the owner wants to sell it for $150,000. The home needs some $30,000 worth of work done before it can be sold. The investor would pay $50,000 ($200,000 x .7) – $30,000. He would still have $20,000 left over after all the costs are subtracted. The formula works out to $50,000 – $30,000 = $20,000. There are several factors why homeowners sell their houses for cheap, and one of the main reasons that they do is because they sell for a low cost.

Once a broker or property developer knows exactly how much he’s able to get the house sold for, it would be more difficult for them to sell the property for a higher price. Obviously, a wholesaler has to understand the value of the property in his or her area. He or she has to know exactly how much to charge for repairs to a property.

How can wholesalers find properties to wholesale?

Most of us talk about the importance of a great deal when wholesale buying, but how exactly do you do it? You can find a number of ways to get the most affordable properties. I browse through several houses each week, and I discover bargains from real estate MLS listings, online auction websites, Craigslist, Zillow, and through my own direct marketing. Most successful wholesalers find the bulk of their business from direct marketing.


A wholesaler should have to hire a real estate agent, and have two closings. Many real estate agents don’t let their clients do an assignable contract with a seller. A double close is when a lender will use the money it received as a loan to purchase the home from the seller. Sometimes real estate agents won’t allow their clients to sell the same home twice in a very short period of time. But it’s hard to find a good wholesaler who can buy homes with LLC’s, even when they’re fully financed. There are different ways to get homes for sale on the MLS without being in foreclosure. Most of the time, real estate wholesalers like to work with cash buyers, since they are more likely to be able to find homes with less competition.

How To Make $5000 A Month - Wholesaling Real Estate

Drive for dollars

As soon as you find a suitable property, you will drive and look for any signs of problems or defects that may be found within the home. If the homeowner isn’t home, you must call them to come and inspect the property and fix any issues found. You can contact them by letter, postcard, at the door, by phone, or by using e-mail. For direct mail purposes, direct mailers are typically those who send direct mail marketing materials to prospective clients. Every week we send out thousands of mailers to homes in our vicinity. We use a system of address searches to help us better target people more likely to sell their homes. I use a company that generates all of my letters, produces and maintains my mailing lists, and handles all of my phone calls. The business model is incredibly simple and the results are consistent.

Bandit signs

There are many tactics you can employ when marketing to real estate agents or sellers. However, one of the best methods for marketing is by leaving some misleading signs around your property. These signs are meant to give the message to the community that an investment property is for sale. They also warn passersby that the property may soon be open for purchase. Your signs will probably be removed by your local municipality, if the municipality decides to do so.


Nowadays, attracting online purchasers is very important and easy to do. Even if you can’t build your own website, there are plenty of ways to attract people to sell their products. Advertising is as simple as sending people to your website by using the social media websites Craigslist, Facebook, or Google.


Although it’s possible to buy items on sale at auctions, most wholesalers do not put money into auctions. Usually, the winning bidder pays up shortly after the auction ends. A successful auction or closing often requires both parties to bid for the item. The wholesaler must first pay a lot of earnest money as a kind of security deposit. They may lose that money if they can’t close the deal.

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