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How BJ Gremillion & Brad Young Run Multiple 7-Figure Businesses and Stay Semi-Sane

How BJ Gremillion & Brad Young Run Multiple 7-Figure Businesses and Stay Semi-Sane

BJ Gremillion and Brad Young talk about starting off selling religion and alarms door to door to building an empire that includes a flipping company, wholesaling company, real estate brokerage, property management, plumbing, and more. They also have 5 kids each, and they share how their wives help them with home and business.

Video Replay of Interview with BJ Gremillion & Brad Young

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BJ Gremillion and Brad Young – How To Manage Running Multiple 7 Figure Businesses And Stay Semi-Sane

With BJ Gremillion and Brad Young, The BC Team

December 2, 2020

About BJ Gremillion and Brad Young

BJ Gremillion has experience in tough door-to-door sales. From a Mormon mission to home alarm system sales to selling bonds as an Edward Jones agent, he has put in his dues. After Edward Jones unceremoniously dumped him upon learning he had earned his realtor license, BJ jumped at the opportunity to work in real estate full time.

Brad Young is also a door-to-door veteran, also having done a Mormon mission and door-to-door alarm sales. His brother-in-law lured him to Phoenix from Texas to help him with his booming real estate REO business. After cutting his teeth doing cash for keys, clean-outs and renos, Brad had a different direction he wanted to go in real estate.

BJ and Brad worked together in real estate, and decided to venture out on their own with fix and flips as well as wholesale properties. They continued to add businesses to their collection, creating a brokerage, construction, plumbing, development, property management, and a couple of others. They’re planning to add an HVAC company soon, and possibly an electrical company.

Connect with or find more information about BJ on Instagram @b.j.gremillion or Facebook facebook.com/bryangremillion, Brad on Facebook facebook.com/profile.php?id=1135191441 and The BC Team on Facebook facebook.com/thebcteam.co and on Instagram @thebcteam and online at www.thebcteam.co.

Show Notes

Steve grills BJ and Brad about how they manage multiple seven-figure businesses while staying semi-sane and still having time for their families (each are married with five kids!). The duo reveals how they have worked together and how they structure their businesses to maximize their efforts and their team’s skills.

Top 5 Takeaways from BJ and Brad:

5.  Don’t assume that starting a brokerage is for you. There are a lot of headaches and liabilities that come with a brokerage, and you may not need to take on those if you have a good relationship with a realtor or a few.

4. Partnerships are just like marriages (we have heard this before). You have to know your partner’s strengths and weaknesses, and also how to communicate effectively with them.

3. Once you organize your business and put in systems, you can scale up into additional companies easily because you can apply the same systems.

2. You have to be comfortable with sales. If you’re not comfortable with talking to homeowners, get training so you can be. Nothing happens without sales, and that applies to any business.

1. Don’t add companies just because you have an idea. Be sure they coordinate well with your existing businesses. They should have some symbiotic relationship, otherwise they may take attention away from your primary business.

Bonus Takeaway: Most entrepreneurs are constantly generating ideas. Have a time where you can throw out ideas to each other, even if it’s nothing more than putting them on a list to pick up later. That way you don’t take up valuable meeting time discussing ideas, but you get them out of your head and into the light of day. You can always discuss them later.

About Steve Trang

Steve Trang is the founder of the Real Estate Disruptors movement and host of the Real Estate Disruptors Podcast. He started his podcast in the middle of 2018 to inspire wholesalers and real estate agents to double their incomes by adding a second leg to their business. The podcast has now grown to ten thousand followers with new members of the community sharing their success story every week.

Steve’s goal is to create 100 Millionaires. One of his favorite quotes is from the great Zig Ziglar: “You can have everything in life you want, if you will just help enough other people get what they want.” He heard this quote when he first got into real estate, and it has stuck with him throughout his entire career. In fact, it’s essentially one of the core values Steve lives by.

Connect with Steve at linkedin.com/in/stevetrang, facebook.com/stevetrang, instagram.com/steve.trang, stevetrang.com, or realestatedisruptors.com.

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  • Ricardo Jameson
    Posted at 16:19h, 22 March Reply

    The most important lesson from BJ and Brad was left off the list!

    Ask the best to work for half of what they’re worth, then shop around until you find someone not worth it and then overpay for worthless service.

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