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Interview with Max Maxwell

Max Maxwell

Interview with Max Maxwell

Max Maxwell talks about how he wholesaled his first deal in September of 2016 and is now earning over one million dollars in 2018.

Video Replay of Interview with Max Maxwell

Podcast Replay of Interview with Max Maxwell

Show Notes:
Max’s RVM product: www.reirail.com
Check out Wholesaling Elite Live 2019
Rich Dad Poor Dad: What the Rich Teach Their Kids About Money That the Poor and Middle Class Do Not!
00:00 Hey everybody, thank you for joining us for today’s very special episode of real estate disruptors. Today we’ve got Max Maxwell with wholesaling elite, flying it all the way from Salem North Carolina. Thanks for coming in. Absolutely man. How you doing today? Doing good. And today Max going to share how he went from broke in 2016 to earning a million dollars in wholesaling fees in 2018. If this your first time tuning in, I’m Steve Trang, broker owner of Stunning Homes Realty, founder of the offer fast homes APP, the only App you need for wholesaling. And I am on a mission to create 100 millionaires. So please message me if you need any help at all with your business. If you’re excited for today’s show, please give me some waves. Getting some thumbs up. As a friendly reminder, I do not charge a dime for this show. I don’t make any money doing this. So here’s all I ask of you is what would it cost to listen to this show? If you get value today, which I know you will, please tell a friend either they share this episode right now, tag a friend below or telling your best takeaway from the show later on. That way we can all grow together. Don’t forget, this is a live show and Max is an open book. I promise you that. So please post your questions is going to answer them. Are you ready? Yeah, man, I’m ready. All right. So first question is what got you into real estate?

01:08 Um, a lot of other failures, right? I’m, I’m, I’m a serial entrepreneur. Yeah. So starting something new is not new. So I just had failed launching an APP. We launched it. It didn’t work out the way a funding was needed and I’m a childhood friend of mine, Tony. Most people know him as Tony. The closer his dad is like a, he’s in real estate. I just never knew to what capacity. And then I was just having a conversation with his dad and then his dad mentioned wholesaling one day and I just wanted to find out what that was. So I went home and googled it. And then from there just never stopped. So you heard about it? Yeah. Got It. Just something all in all in. Yeah. I went home and I was like, if I was like, this guy is accessible as he is. And he talked about wholesale. Let me figure out what. That’s not only thing he did, but you know, I couldn’t own all those properties. He owned it right away. So he said wholesale and was like, cool, let me check it out. I went home and checked it out and I stayed in my room for like three weeks. Yeah. Literally. Yeah, just trying to figure out what it was.

02:10 Very cool. Um, so talk about your first deal.

02:16 I remember it. So after three weeks in my mops and keep in mind I moved back home because I’m broke now I’m at 30 and am about to be 31. So I moved back home to my mother’s house and I learned about wholesaling three weeks straight. I think I know everything in that book. There is no about wholesaling between. I got, I got like a bachelor’s degree on Youtube University, like in three weeks. And then I said, you know what, I’m going to go drive for dollars is that is the only thing I can afford right now? It had a negative dollars in my bank of America account. I had the 2004 Volkswagen Jetta. And I was, I said, let me go driving around. And I picked up a friend, Bryce, we driving around and we found, we actually went on to a neighborhood I lived in that grew up in on the street I grew up on.

03:07 Okay. And we found a house on the corner and literally I was like, this is it, I can’t. This is it. So it was grown tall grass and tall bushes. And it was, it was everything I dreamed about and it was literally that simple. My first deal. So it doesn’t happen that often, but that’s how I found my first deal. But you put out there for the universe because now you’re going to do it. Yeah. Three weeks. Yeah, three weeks. That’s crazy. And it’s just. So for context, like everybody, like one, did you close your first deal. So I got my first deal under contract September 28th at Thai Vulnerable Tie Vola Boulevard in Salisbury, North Carolina at the waffle house parking lot is how I signed the contract. So September 28th, 2016 and then I got it assigned four days later and, and made a $14,000 assignment fee. And you got a saying you’re only one of the other way.

03:57 Yeah. And yeah, that’s true. And that’s why I came in with that. Same when you’re saying when you’re one, when I say your one deal away, I really mean like your one deal away. That first deal will forever change the way you think about how to earn money. Yeah. And just three weeks worth of working and a couple of hours driving around. Here I am 14 grand later. And I said wow, this is crazy. So coming from somebody that was in the military, I think my highest rank, I made like $23,000 a year really to make it like, like $14,000 in three weeks. I was like, you know what? This is where it’s at. Yeah, this is it. Yeah. You’ve landed, so, um, you know, the, one of the reasons why I do this show is to inspire people to give people the motivation to see that this is possible.

04:42 And you know, right now you kind of look like an overnight success, but not really because know there were a lot of trials, tribulations, so like you were a realtor for a little bit. Yeah. How did that affect. So in fact, how you, how you got into this kind of rolling back a little bit. At 17 I went into the United States air force and I did my term there. I figured out that I wasn’t a great. It wasn’t meant for me. I enjoyed every bit of it. I loved the karate, I loved the guys, people I met. Um, I just had, I just seen bigger things for myself. I got out, got my real estate license. I was actually in the last class where you can get your broker’s license back to back so you can go to sales school and broker school and then go straight and get your broker’s license or they can’t do that anymore, don’t Carolina.

05:25 Um, and I was like, I think it’s a two year waiting period or something. Okay. So I got my, uh, I worked for a company called Allen Tate for a year, did pretty well. And then I went on my own, started a property management and investment company. I’m a guy from southern California, gave me his entire portfolio one day, I think it was a, it was like a $15,000,000 portfolio of properties and that’s a lot of money. I know it’s not maybe a lot that’s like seven houses out here in Arizona, but in Carolina that’s multifamily single family, that’s everything. And I managed his entire, his entire portfolio until the account and we started to collapse and he started selling off his portfolio before it collapsed. So I, I don’t know if you had a magic ball at home or something. Yeah. And uh, you know, so we did that and when the economy went down he was like 90 percent of my business. So there I go to with it. Okay. And um, I was in, that’s why I enjoy, I love that I, it was okay. The real estates buying and selling side was cool, but I really loved the property management in the investment side of things and when that, when that failed in 2008 is I think is when I left and I was like, you know what, that’s it for me to real estate. I’m done.

06:31 Yeah. And then I am. Do an additional degree. I saw that, you know, you, you had that dyslexia

06:37 growing up. Yeah. I didn’t know until like probably my, like sophomore year in high school that the reason why I was so hard for me to like learn the traditional ways because I had a hard time reading. Yeah. Um, and I didn’t understand what it was. I just thought it was kind of normal and then I found that I had dyslexia and stuff like that and I, and, but having that made and, and knowing what I had at that point made me enhance other skills. My communication skills became a lot better because I was unable to like what would take a person five minutes to read would take me probably like 15, 20 minutes. Wow. So I could do it, it just takes me time and so I lacked in that, so I picked up other skills to help me get along. Well, the reason why I want to touch on that

07:27 is because you had some, you know, that’s a weakness, right? It’s a disability in one way or another, but you embraced it and ran with it. Yeah. Right. It didn’t, you didn’t let it hold you back. You, you and you embraced it and went further. And that’s like um, you know, Richard Branson and Steven Spielberg or two of the most famous people that grew up with dyslexia. But because of that you have to maximize your other skills and you went and did that. So there’s no excuses.

07:51 See, I never knew that. I never really knew that because I didn’t read my first book until I was 30. Yeah. From cover to cover. I didn’t read my first book till I was 30, so I didn’t, I never knew that other people out there. Successful people had it. Yeah. It’s like a thing you just was quiet about. Some of your close friends knew something was different, but you know, you just embraced it. Yeah.

08:12 So if you were starting over today, yeah. Will you do differently with your wholesale business?

08:19 You know what? I don’t, I don’t think I would do anything different. Yeah. Um, I had, I’ve, I’ve, I’ve took some else. I’ve learned from them though to make me what I am now. Um, and I still recommend now everybody, when you’re starting go drive for dollars, that’s the number one way to one, you’re going to learn your market and you drive enough, you’re going to learn what’s hot. If you’re out and about and people are flipping houses and you have that, that communication skill to get out the car and talk to the contractors, you’ll start getting more learning more and more and more about the actual, you know, that, that area. So I don’t think I would change anything at all. That’s fair. Uh, what would you attribute your success to? I’m not giving up. I know, I know. Finding the first deal in the first three weeks helps.

09:08 But man, I’ve took so many ells before that I’ve owned restaurants. I’ve had failed car lots, I failed an APP. I’ve had other businesses that you could think of. I had a notary business, I have, I’ve had everything you could think of. So just like, you know, just just not giving up, knowing that, just wanting to, not wanting to be better than what you are everyday. And that’s what I. Yeah. Uh, so, you know, obviously a lot of big names in our space nationally, locally, and kind of joked earlier like this wholesale capital is, but nationally. And how’s your different? How’s your wholesaling business different everybody else’s wholesaling business? I think I started out, so I think a lot of people go the traditional route with some of the more expensive marketing methods. I embrace cold calling and a lot of other cheaper strategies because it was a budget thing for me.

09:56 And while I embraced them and they became a core of my business, I started, I found it was much easier to scale with those. So I would say my business has a little bit less overhead than most people have for what we produce are we keep more of our profit and we can change our marketing on a dime. Right. So we can react to what the market gives us pretty quickly. Um, I know some guy, some big guys, they’re sending out $30,000 worth of mail a week. Right. And you can’t just stop that. No, no, because it’s a trickle thing, right? Yeah. The day you stop. Yeah. So we stopped swearing. We can try new things like Ron, we’ve been doing heavy this year, um, you know, cold calling. We’ve been, I’ve been big on cold calling myself from day one because it was cheap. So that’s kind of what separates us.

10:46 Okay. Um, so Sonya Ray wants to know what’s your plans for 2019? Um, some of some I can’t really talk about. Um, but I’m exploring new markets. Um, we’re looking to explore something not right in our backyard. We expanded this year where we’re looking to go into some other states and try to get some low hanging fruit. They’re awesome. Awesome. Awesome. I said what’s your favorite book and why Rich Dad, poor dad. It just changed my mindset. I mean, and it was also the first book I read cover to cover in my life. Okay. So it was just, it’s a mindset changer and it was a great story. Whether it’s true or not, it made me believe. Story doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter. Right? Because that’s exactly. It got me thinking what the book was intended for me to think and I just look at muddy and life a lot different now.

11:35 Yeah, absolutely. Uh, Antonio wants to know what markets are you dominating right now? My whole market. The triad area, once the sale in Greensboro and high point Triad Area Triad. Yep. Oh, okay. Learn something new. Right. Uh, so when nick may wants to know, she wasn’t a tax lien state, not a tax deed state. How does, um, are you finding people not as motivated in tax lien states so that, that’s cool. So we only do tax. I’ve, I’ve never done a tax lien state. We are a tax deed state, which means you, you don’t pay your taxes, they sell your entire house. How fast? Um, sometimes our, our state is like three years maybe if you haven’t paid your taxes in three years, um, they really don’t have a timeline to statute says you can, they can start from day one. From what I’ve seen in the trend is probably about three years of hotter, hotter areas.

12:25 It’s a little bit. It’s a little bit faster and less forgiving. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Because they want that property, uh, open and producing taxes. A tax lien state. There is strategies with that, but it’s more of a long strategy because they, people, most people know the rules and know that they have time. All right. So, but as long as you. Um, but it ends up it at the end of a tax lien, from what I understand and have a tax lien sale when it, when it matures, they end up losing the property anyways. Right. So you just have to wait. So some states it’s a one year mature stages or two year before the lien holder can foreclose on it. Find out your state statute and then wait it out. We’ll find out the ones that were done two years ago. If you’re at a two year state, pick them up at 22 months to start with your marketing then.

13:10 Yeah. And for you guys there in Arizona, I believe it’s two years. Yeah. Um, okay. Uh, so if there’s some questions here, some of these questions I’ll be. I’ll be asking Max later on. Uh, when did you know is the right time to scale your business? When I couldn’t handle the calls anymore, when I started screening potential leads according to what voicemail they left. Right. That’s bad business, right? Because you never know if it find based off the voicemail. Yeah. So I’ve probably left a lot of money, tens of thousands in the voicemail boxes because, oh, that doesn’t sound that motivated because we were putting out so much marketing as far as like, like bandit signs, cold calling, like all these things that were created. So much incoming calls. I do a lot of PPC now too, but inside, on the inside of these, these, these inbound marketing strategies, and it’s like, okay, I am, I’m wasting so much money by not being able to answer these calls lives. So when I, my second hire was a person to answer the phone, my leaves manager. Okay. And then, um, what was it? It was Brian wants to know if you were to buy something off the list scores, do you buy off the source right now? What’s the first list of by office source?

14:24 Absentee owner. Absentee owner now. And it depends, and it depends on your state. Like absentee owner in Florida. It’s probably no good. Everybody owns a house in Florida, lived somewhere else, right? Yeah. Um, I’m not sure what it is in Arizona, Phoenix area, but in North Carolina, if you own a house and you don’t live there, it’s probably because you don’t live there. You really don’t live. It’s not a vacation house that you have. All right. Um, so I would go after that. And the reason why I say is because it’s, it’s all about timing, right? When you’re marketing hit him is at the right time. It’s like, does the intersections cross at the right time and one is if you keep marketing to that list or that person and then they get motivated at the right time, whether there’s a family emergency, whether they receive too many with the tax bill comes at the wrong time and they see it and they just know that, that, that emotional side window. Yeah, it’s that window. Exactly. That’s a better way to say it.

15:14 Yeah. And that’s something that we talk about market, like, you know, there’s so many brilliant people here, but we’re still friends around here even though we’re in the same industry because when you call and when I call, who knows when we’re going to get them the right time.

15:25 Correct. It’s all about timing, right? When does that Dow going to stop at the right time?

15:30 Okay. Um, so kimberly Ford wants to know, when you flip a house, why do you listen to mls versus waiting to sell it to a known investors? When she says flip, there’s like a, like a real flip. Yeah, I think so.

15:43 Oh, well the, the, the MLS is the biggest buyers list you could ever get. Right. So we even lists, I’ll say we live some of our wholesales on the mls in North Carolina. You can, right. Um, so because it’s the biggest buyers list out there. Yeah. And that makes sense if you can take it down. Yeah, correct. Yeah. Yeah. So we, so obviously if we’re flipping it, we take it down. Yeah. Um, in, in North Carolina there is, there’s a, there’s a, if you have the intent to take it down, you can list it as owners, not yet record seller is not yet. Owner. Seller is not yet owner of record. Interesting. Yeah. Is there, there’s probably going to any of that field sued in Arizona, but it helps because if, if I’m, if I’m going to take it down I can go ahead. I don’t have to wait if I have a schedule closing. Right? Yeah. Okay.

16:34 Uh, and then, uh, Jaron Simon wants know. I think there’s a good question for you. If someone’s active duty, how would you advise them if they’re active duty, military, also wholesale on the side.

16:44 Yeah. So I, I got, I got a guy right now, he’s actually in Japan. Um, he just, he, he just inboxed me today and he was like, look, I made 30,000 in the last like couple months wholesaling on the side. Now keep in mind that he’s active duty in Japan, wholesaling virtually in whatever market in America. So it’s possible now as a former active duty person, it all depends on your job to my active duty job would not allow that type of activity because I’m always on call, always doing something, always traveling here and there. But if you have downtime, if you have a traditional job where you’re working 10 to 12 hours a day in the military, then yeah, you have time. I would look into being a virtual wholesaler or if you’re based in somewhere that’s cool. Like if you’re based state side in Florida somewhere, Georgia then looked to do it locally I think. I think any area with a base is a good market because there’s always an influx of people in and out

17:36 and I love that he’s thinking about this, right? Like there’s no excuses he’s working.

17:39 Yeah, I mean you, you might as well get it started now so that your transition that you’re making into the civilian world is so much easier when your pockets of fat. Right? Uh,

17:50 so aiden Rodriguez and his challenge right now is how to change mindset and improve the law of attraction.

17:57 I would say. I would say believing one thing you have to do. So like for me in the last two years and two months, nothing has changed around me. Yeah, other than my mindset. And I say that a lot, like people were still doing what they were doing before money is still worth the same. Only thing changed was what it’s in between my ears. And I would say like to do that, you probably need to change your surroundings of the people you’re with. And that’s it. Because once, like I very often tried, I tried, I try not to be the smartest person in any room. Yeah. If, if you are the smartest person in the room than you need to leave. So if you’re hanging out with your friends and you’re the ones always given advice, find some new friends. Oh, that’s when I started hanging out with millionaires. I want it to become them. I found myself sitting in the chair and listening way more than I was talking. And when you see people do certain things and their mannerisms and you’re like, man, I want to do that. I want to become that. And if you can, if you could change your circle, your mindset will change.

18:56 Yeah, absolutely. And that’s incredibly powerful. I think that um, you know, Jaylin was on the show a couple of weeks ago and I think it’s, he’s talking about, man, I can’t wait to have those problems. Right? But because he’s hanging out with people.

19:10 Yeah. So when, when people are like, like people are like trying to, like I have friends that are wholesalers and they’re trying to become the biggest wholesale interstate. I’m trying to become the biggest wholesale in the country in some way finished, you know, having real estate empire of x, Y, Z. Right. Just because the people I hang around with in their respective industries, they are the largest. So you don’t try to have that small thinking. You want to be as, as big as your mind will allow you to be.

19:36 That’s awesome. Uh, Elijah, Ruben wants to know what do you do with your fire damaged prep?

19:41 Elijah? What’s up, man? I’m, I honestly, I’ve never done a fire damaged property. Really never done one. I don’t know if we got good firefighters in North Carolina or what, but I’ve never done a fire damaged property and I’m, and I’m not a guru, so I want to answer a question that I don’t have the answer to.

19:56 Yeah. Uh, Jerry wants to know how do you decide when to cold call versus Rv m?

20:02 We do both simultaneously. Yeah. Um, what we found out through strategies because we create a software called Rei rail. What we found out is that,

20:14 um,

20:15 the first touch is good statistically, the first touches better with rvm hmm. Um, and this is just over testing thousands of calls because if you can get that outbound strategy to become an inbound way hotter, right? So if my first interaction with the person is a voicemail, then, uh, it’s way more softer now. We call an Rv at the same time. Yeah. So it’s, it’s just. And usually if you’re going to do Rvm, make sure you use a female’s voice is a little tip there. I don’t know why it works better, but it does a lot less. Um, what’s the word? Intimidating. Yeah, that’s it. A sourcing deal. So like where do you get your best deals right now? From insight. So it’s not any list buying service. We use our best deals come from what we create from our county or records, right? So digging at the uh, let’s say like the eviction court or digging in through the probate files at our local county list.

21:20 Like any lists you can’t buy is where you’re going to get the biggest deals. Right point. There’s no online service for it. There’s no online service. So there’s not tom that’s been anybody listened to his name Tom, but nobody named Tom with a huge credit card that can send out thousands of pieces of males every week sitting in his living room, in his underwear. Can’t, can’t, can’t compete with you. Right? So you take the money factor out. We were talking about that before, like you take the money factor out of the how successful you can be and if you leave it to just straight hustle, you’ll get a lot of deals. I like to level the playing field. Yeah, absolutely. Absolutely. Uh, what does your organization look like today as far as acquisitions, dispositions and cold call or so on? So we got a. So I have, I have two sides of my business.

22:05 We have a, a, a virtual side and we have an inhouse side. Yeah. So a virtual. I have a two fulltime cold callers. No one one. Now we’re down to one full time cold color. My lead managers actually like, uh, she, she’s in the Philippines. So she’s the first touch of communication when you do an inbound call to our company? Yeah. Um, I have an admin personnel person that her entire job, Alexis, her entire job is first making sure every, all my other coal call, everybody that works overseas is taken care of and she manages all our lists that we procure online. And the ones that we get ourself from the courthouse, she is the manager of all the data. She’s the bottleneck of data. Um, so that’s that. What else? We got state side in my office. Three cold callers, an office manager to acquisitions guys.

23:03 Okay. Uh, you said something about making sure our virtual assistants are taking care of. What does that mean? Um, so they’re a part of my family just because they don’t come in the office every day they get bonuses, they get taken care of, we pay bonuses according to their holidays and not our only a. yeah. So we, I mean we take care of them. They’re just like my longest employees have been my virtual ones. Yeah, right. So yeah, we’ve, we’ve got. Well My, all my virtual staff has been over a year. Okay. Yeah. So we’ve had, we’ve had one turnover because of a personal reason somebody want to leave, but everybody has been with me since we started is still there, like when I started hiring virtually. So everybody’s over a year, their family straight up. That’s incredible. So your acquisition guys, they’re taking the inbound calls, right? Nor no there, so they’re doing outbound calls.

23:58 Coolers, we got cold callers at. Okay. So we have our, our acquisitions guys technically don’t do too many outbound calls because they are fed leads from one either like have the lead manager or to our in house cold callers and there’s a funnel system that these leads go to and they get signed once they come in. Awesome. Uh, so what do you pay the acquisition guys? A commission base and commission. So I think it’s 35 plus commissions now they can make, you know, they can make a quarter million dollars a year. It’s up to them. Um, but you know, it, it averages out where they, you’ll, they’ll touch six speakers if they need to. Awesome. And then did you say you had a disposition guy? Um, so one of my acquisitions guy, which is actually a realtors is a disposition, but we have a, we have a disposition factory.

24:47 It’s, it’s, it’s kind of easy because it’s all done online through we use texts. So my office manager, she sends out the email blast text message blasts in order to be able to, uh, you know, reach our buyers. It’s kind of seamless. Okay. So you don’t need a full time person that’s just dedicated to that. Right. Okay. Let’s say there was a question, uh, how far back do you go in the probate list? As far as. It’s not as far as the property is still owned by the person. So we go, we go back, we, we, we have, we catch new records and go back as long as there’s an open file. Okay. Uh, and then you mentioned triad. That’s your primarily predominantly triad for. Nope. Triad. We have a couple other markets that I don’t really talk about because it’s in the works. Well, no, I have a market that we’re in now.

25:38 I just don’t talk about it because it, when, when I say a market is good, people run there just. Yeah. Uh, okay. So service is offered. Um, I know like you, you offer ringless voicemail. Uh, it looks like a crm. What do you, what is like, like products we’ve created? Yeah. I’m Rei rail, that’s pretty much it. Our Arrows, uh, it’s a, it’s an intelligent ringless voicemail system. What we found out, so after doing so much cold calling and so much rv, and we used to use all these rvm situations, but there were unintelligent rbms yeah, I bet that makes sense. Right? So typically you get a list, you blast it out, the same message, everybody gets it. What happens when they call back? It’s like, oh, I’m not in front of my computer. Or what property were you calling about already a guard goes up, right?

26:26 So you gotta you gotta hack the trust equation. Yeah, right. In order to do that, we use technology. So we came up with this thing where list, you upload your lists and each list gets its own identification number and it’s more than you just uploading a phone number. You’re uploading the person, the property, all the information you have about them. And when you send out that blast of milliseconds before the phone rings on your computer screen pops up all the information about the person and anything we could find about their house, online tax value. Last Sol date, square footage and he pitches, we can dig online everything and then we have this. We invented something called deep tracing where say you call me, it’s going to pull up everything about you. It finds out what college you went to, your last job, all this stuff. So now you have an.

27:14 I’ll just so much information about the person. So you call and say, Hey Steve. Yeah. You call about the house on one, two, three main street. Yeah, I’m interested. It’s a much more intelligent conversation and let’s just say you work at Pepsi Cola and I see that, Oh yeah, my dad worked at Pepsi Cola for 22 years. Trying to bring that up in the conversation so you can track that trust equation. So that’s what we did with Rei Rail. It’s a way more than just an rpm machine. The simplest things that yeah, it’s a crazy rvm machine, but it’s built for. It’s built from the ground up. It’s not just white labeled something and put it out there. It’s built from the ground up. You Got Vince. I adjusting. Those guys really busted their butts to make it work and they’re part of the customer success team and everything, so shout out to those guys for building such a crazy software.

27:55 What I like about it is that you’re doing this business, so you’re doing that. You created a tool that you’re using it an internal tool first, so it was never meant to be released to the public. It was that we were using this and when I met Justin and I said, listen, I’ve got an idea, and they’re like, that’s crazy. We were just working on the same stuff, same type of thing and I was like, here, this would be cool if it had and you lock them in a room for six months and then they come out with these big data vert and we were using internally like for five months before we even released it out to anybody. I started having Beta testers and then September first we released it and it was like, let’s, let’s do this. And it’s just been. It’s phenomenal what I’ve been using to, to, to hack some things because rbms one thing, but intelligent rvm is way different.

28:38 Yeah, no, I’m sold. Yeah, try it out. Get a demo. It’s free demos free. Uh, so, uh, there was a question here about redemption. So in a tax deed state, is that right? For Redemption? Oh heck yeah. Okay. So, well, it’s not a redemption. So what happens in North Carolina, if you read the statutes, this is like a hack. So anybody that is in this business, make sure you read the statutes. It’s boring lawyer Lingo, but I’m telling you, once you understand it, it’s gonna make the difference. A world of difference because they can think about this Steve, if we are problem solvers, right? If you don’t know the ins and outs of the problem, you’re not the best guy to solve it, right? So I say that because, for example, when we have a tax foreclosure in North Carolina, um, the foreclosure, the foreclosure could happen one day after you’re late for your taxes, but it typically doesn’t.

29:25 So the fort, the fort, yeah, it, that’s what the law says. It’s never happened for my record from what I know, but you, what you can do is they, they have the sale at the courthouse. That sale, that sale day is not final. Okay, so house goes up for auction at the courthouse and what happened is there is a 10 day upset bid period that you have 10. Somebody can walk in anytime, so the clerk or court in place, a new bid, five percent or x amount of dollars or whatever. It’s higher. Yep. Within 10 days of the actual auction. So the options are pretty bare at. Nobody really goes to the auctions because you don’t need to go. Not The real action is not the real auction. Yeah. So I walk in on day nine, I placed my bid five percent more. A new 10 day starts 10 days, 10 days, 10.

30:15 That’s kind of irritating. Well, if you, if you understand that my team was like, listen, while that 10 day happens, we’ll just go to the owner. You go right to the owner because the property has a conveyed yet. Know what I’m saying? You go right to the owner and you negotiate with the owner, you get it in writing, get the paper, and then you could walk down to the courthouse, you can get it closed and at the closing table, everything’s paid off. And if you need more time, go up, go upset yourself. So we have, I would say it’s a strategy. That’s something people do here is they followed bk. It postpones the foreclosure. You can do that too. It’s a little bit more paperwork and messy. That’s a lot more expensive than submitting a new business and it became kind of dirty. But we, we, we just, just knowing the state statute allows you to, to know how to solve the problem the best. And sometimes these auctions could go on for three, four months, 10 days at a time. Man, that’s awesome. Uh, so monthly overhead, like running your business, what does that, what does it cost for 28 five. And we just went up to like, we just added on some people. So I was like 31 something. Okay. Yeah, that’s where we’re at and that’s with marketing. Okay. That’s what the market. So how much of that is marketing that? Um,

31:30 probably about half of that. Yeah. So like your base salaries, am I saying that right? Yeah, a little bit less than half. So we probably marketing wise, we’re probably at like 12 to $15,000 a month depending if I want to try something off the wall, knew that that can go up by five grand or. So a technician wants to know what our vm program. You’re using rei rail. So when we created. Yeah, but just want to give her opportunity to get, check it out. Rei Rail Dot dot. Um, so are there any resources that people need to know about

32:04 themselves? That’s it. That’s the number one resources themselves. Because I, you know what I found that you probably know this too, a lot of people ask you for this magic button formula or list that’s out there that just makes you a thousands of dollars. It’s not that. Yeah. I think a lot of people have to. I know there’s a lot of education out here. You have to scale back all of that stuff and really look at yourself as just a problem solver and once you become the number one resource to your customer, that’s all that matters, right? Can you solve their problem? Not how much money you can you make first, what is their problem? Assess it, and how can you solve it in, during the solving process. If you’re good enough, you will be rewarded for solving somebody’s problem. How valuable you are as a problem solver.

32:47 That’s it. Yep. I mean it’s not difficult. I know it sounds so elementary, but that is the reason how we’ve been able to scale and get to the point where we are now. And then as you can, you can systematize solving problems. All right. Yeah. The solution is easy or simple. It’s just how hard is it to get their correct? Uh, what crm do you use? I use investor fuse. I’ve been using it since day one. Um, and I don’t, I’ve never tried anything else. So I know my buddy down Ross has a good one, but I haven’t, I haven’t tried it. Um, we use it. We use don’s used. Yeah. So beast mode, beast mode is legit. Um, and I’ve heard a lot of people say, but for me it’s one of those things where a man I need, I, I don’t even want to entertain the switching side of going to switch. My crm is just so much on there, but when the day the day will come because I know even investor fuze has a new one and I have switched over there and I heard great things about that one. I mean either and I think they’re working on that. I hope. Dan, if you’re listening, what are you doing? Yeah. Uh, any other tools or systems you couldn’t live without?

33:56 My phone, my phone. And uh, let’s see, what apps do I have? I just absolutely love. I like to do this. We’ll give you one a couple of. So I have a whole real estate folder.

34:18 Deal machine for sure. Yeah, a deal machine for sure. And I got the Podio, I got simple crew. Simple crew allows me to manage where my bandit signs are. Right? And that’s pretty much it. And my hello signs. I can sign my documents one to no matter where I’m at. Um, what would you do if the market took a dip and wholesale a lot more. Love that answer because. Because when you think seat, and that’s what I’m saying a lot because that question is coming right? Because Wall Street journals, you know what I’ve seen the other day, Wall Street Journal writes an article about how the market’s tanking and then they turned it into a sponsored post. Yes. If it’s a sponsored post. So I was like, what are they trying to, what, what are they trying to send the signal for? I thought that was crazy.

35:07 But if you look at yourself as a problem solver and the market tanks or has a correction or whatever word you want to use, there’s going to be more problems to be solved. Right? Exactly. More opportunity. Yeah. Uh, what is your why? My why. So I don’t, I don’t, I’m, I don’t have any kids. I’m not married. Um, so I don’t have the typical wild. Like most people, I just have a drive man. I just like my mom. My Dad’s always been hard workers, so for me it’s like it’s just passed onto me and it’s like my is like one, you know, I, I semi retired my mom this year. Cool. And then like we’ll, so she went part time and then like just being able to do what I want to do when I want to do it and then being able to like enjoy life like the way I think it was designed now for other people, that’s, that means a lot of different things.

35:58 It can be 50 grand and, and a and a cake, you know, make, make cakes out of your garage. Um, it’s, it’s different for everybody else, but I think being financially free so that one day I always had that mental thing or like, Yo, I’m going to get married but I want to do it. I want to be financially independent, I want to have kids, but I want to be finding, you know, that those blocks, we put it out. So having that, reaching those goals so I can create a family and do all that type of stuff that I want to do. I can tell you as a husband and father, there’s no right time, there’s, I know that’s what people say, but it’s those blocks you put in your head. But what I will tell you is any problem you have, money makes it a little bit easier.

36:35 That’s, it solves a lot of problems. Uh, so there’s something that you’re never talking about before we recorded it. Started the recording though, is that you’ve got this warehouse that you’re creating opportunity. So let’s talk about that. So Steve, whenever I, I said I used to say back in the days before I had, when I had the poor mentality, I used to say when I hit the Lotto, right? That’s a poor man’s thought because when I hit the lotto, right? Because you can do all your things and you can become wealthy without hitting the lotto. But I used to think that. I say when I hit the Lotto, I used to say, listen, I want to create a three story school that is all about multimedia type things, right? Podcasts, video, photography. So what we got, we got a warehouse space that we’re going to create into a creative space, um, and we’re leaning towards a nonprofit side so that we can get kids into multimedia because it’s the future, right?

37:25 Like if kids, if imagine 2:12 year olds in here having their own podcasts. Yeah, that’s, that’s cool. You know what I mean? So getting that type of thing in here, having the kids do video and photography and stuff like that. Just a creative space so that people have the opportunity to, to like create. Right. Because I think you can, you can get rid of a lot of frustrations when you’re creating. So I think there is, you know, there are a lot of things that happen, whether it’s the writer or not, you get hit with a felony, you can’t get a job. Anyone. Yeah. And that’s one of my big things is like if, if, if you have a skill that can’t be taken away with a criminal record, then you’ll be forever good. Right. Like if you know how to record video, take pictures, your video, like all that great creative stuff. It doesn’t matter like if you have a record or if you have anything like that. So I think creating, giving people an opportunity to be creative I think is, is like the ultimate like thing. I mean that’s what I want to do. Well and I think is awesome because I had. So I am not an athlete, right? But I played a lot of basketball leagues and one of my buddies,

38:36 I mean we had guys that played for the cardinals. They were on our team, you know, and like other things like Terrell suggs was team and we play against them and that’s a whole nother story. Was really embarrassing when I tried to box out to real. But uh, we have one of the guys that um, you know, after this football football career was over, he was hanging with his buddies, got into a bar fight that he didn’t instigate, got hit with a felony. And now he’s like, Steve Union was hiring because I can’t get a job. But it was just one night. Well, he’d even started your whole life your whole life. So I love what you’re doing because you’re giving opportunities back to people that have lost those opportunities, do what the system gives you, only matters if you try to play within the system and when you’re a creative person and you can travel the world taking videos, photography, whatever it is, we’re creating content that makes people money, then you don’t have to ever worry about what the system labeled you as. Yeah. So, so I heard a rumor if something happening in Dallas. Yeah, it’s not a rumor. It’s true. Uh, so a crazy story. I don’t know how much time we got so plenty of time this year, dear.

39:36 Me and a friend and Brian Irig, bu we’re gonna, we’re gonna do an instagram live and this is when they first came out where you can have top and bottom, like you can go live with somebody. So we were going to go live on May 20, ninth and instagram didn’t give me the feature yet so we tested it and would work and wouldn’t work. And then I said, you know what, let’s do a zoom call. So I get on instagram. I said, look, sorry for the inconvenience. We’re gonna do a zoom call. I think like I think the number was like 500 and something people signed up in those two hours and then we did the zoom call which was another two hours and I think 200, 300 people watched the entire and we’re just talking real estate and talking like we’re talking now. And I was like, man, this is crazy.

40:20 And I was like, I got to the point where am I following? Started getting up? And I was like, everybody’s a when you’re putting out your course when you’re putting out a course. And I was like, man, I don’t want to put out a course. Like I just don’t want to do that. I don’t want your 300 bucks. And it was like in bed that night I was like, you know what? I woke up and I said, I’m gonna need to do, I want to do a live event. And the only live event I ever went to was sean. Terry’s shout out to Ontario and I was like, you know what? Sean Terry did a cool event. I can do one, two, yeah. So I did, uh, I, I, I, it was crazy. So I’m involved in local politics locally, particularly for the sheriff race. And Denise was there social media person for the guy that was running for sheriff and she would come to my office every Tuesday and we would implement new social media strategies for the following week.

41:08 So she came in, she looked at my computer screen and I was on c vent, like writing out all these stuff. Well I got this lecture so I don’t write that much. It was like one word sentences long when they wanted like paragraphs of description of what you want. She’s like, oh, what are you doing? I was like, I’m trying to create an event. I want to do an event sometime this year. And she was like, well that’s what I do. I’m an event planner. I’m like, hmm. So she took the computer. She’s like, oh, let me see. I gave her my login. She went home, she filled all this stuff out from what I told her the next morning we got like 15 different hotels hit us up. So it was that Thursday we go to Charlotte, I meet a hotel, the Crowne Plaza. I liked it. I said, let’s do it here.

41:50 I said, what do you have available? She said, October twelfth or 13th or something like that. I said, let’s do it. I gave her a deposit and that was the beginning of the first one. That was called wholesaling elite 18. We call it we live 18. So we did that. We. Did that make sense? Yeah. Right. Wholesale elite. So we live 18. Yeah. So it just happened. That was just born. So we sold that event out in one month for 130 people. Wow. Wholesalers like from across the country. And I was so amazed. We went, we did the event. It was so flawless. Everybody had fun. We learned so much. We interact. It was just like a big. It just was so good. Everybody learned and we just had so much fun. It was so organized and everybody’s like, you got to do this again.

42:33 You got to do this again. And this is at the conference. And I was like, well what do we do? And it was like, listen, we should do like somewhere in Texas was like, so the second day of the event we said, listen, we’re doing, we live 19 in Dallas, Texas and uh, we show like a hyperreal of everything. And so we just released the tickets like two weeks ago. Uh, this one is going to be the largest wholesale event ever. Oh yeah. So there’s like. So. And I looked this up to make sure, because I know the man that does the biggest events, it’s like Sean Terry and I’ve never seen a 1200 to 1500 people event just for wholesaling. Yeah. So we went that big. So I’m tickets just went on sale two weeks ago. You can go to wholesaling elite live.com to buy your tickets.

43:21 They’re running out the door right now. Last month we sold like was crazy. So when we did we live 18 people like to buy tickets within the last two weeks before the event starts. We were sold out in a month. We were sold out with 100 days ago, two weeks before the event. Everybody’s trying to get a ticket. People that had tickets bought extras to scout. Yes, they were scalping. I promise you your first event, they were scalping tickets to the first event. I loved it because that’s just like the hustle mentality. Like you waited. You are paying $200 more to get to the event, so don’t be one of those people that buy and inventing and that’s $200 more this year. You can go check it out. Wow. That’s not. It’s a. So it’s. What month is it? It’s gonna. It’s march 20, second through 24th 2019.

44:07 It’s a two and a half day. It’s a three day event. It’s, it’s huge. We got special guests coming. We’re having a crazy party on Saturday night with the secret performer that we haven’t announced yet. A lot of breakout rooms. I think there’s three or four breakout rooms like to talk about certain things in wholesaling. It’s just, it’s just going to be a crazy event. It’s just going to. I just want it to have so much fun. People learn like, like your goal to make so many millionaires. Yeah, like I just want people to be financially independent, like to be able to wear they whatever that is for them. That’s what it is. Like I want somebody to leave that nine to five because the worst thing you could ever do is wake up every morning and go to a job you hate. Oh yeah.

44:47 I mean that’s the bulk of your day. You go to sleep angry knowing you got to wake up to go to this thing you hate and dragging out of bed. Yeah. So even if the people, even if somebody can just replace their w two income wholesaling, that’s my goal. That’s my goal right there. So they could have more time with their family and do things they actually like to do. That’s, that’s amazing. Uh, so aiden wants to know on a topic of wholesaling virtual wholesaling, he’s are two markets and built relationships with multiple properties on the ground. What’s the best advice for someone seeking a high quality team of individuals in a different market? Yeah, so I don’t virtual wholesale that much. We do do JV deals a lot, so they don’t really talk about. So we have, we figured out how to find buyers in different markets without actually being physically there, virtual wholesaling, you, you need to use services to really build your team until you can really trust somebody that is on the ground for you.

45:39 Um, and I say that because you have like, you can use services like for example, if you want to get a contract signed, you can use something like a mobile notary service. You use one, two, three mobile, notary.com. Go there and find the local notary to get and it makes the person selling the house feel more official because somebody coming to the house and these mobile notaries are the same people that do refi loans for the bank. So they, they, they know how to stamp and we’ll go through documents. You’re going to knock a show up to this person’s house. They might be elderly, whatever. You get them to sign the contract, they get their copy of the whole nine, it gets sent back to you. So something like that. If you need pictures of houses, you can use [inaudible] dot com. Um, you can get an inspection.

46:22 I think it might cost you a 100, 150 bucks for an inspection of a house, right, but you services to build your team until you can actually build people, but if you’re in this business, virtually a virtues a little bit harder because you’ve got to spend some dough up front to get some things done. But it’s possible. I know guys doing it. Like I told you, that guy that’s in the air force, he’s doing it from a Okinawa, Japan and he’s wholesaling in America. That’s virtual wholesaling for real. And I saw that Brent Daniels popped in. So what’s up Mr. Ttp, Brent, I think I’m, I think I’m going to go see Brent if I have time between now and the, the, uh, the thing. Yeah, yeah, you definitely should. So, uh, he’s the one that gave me your cell phone for. Okay, cool. Uh, what is your biggest struggle right now?

47:03 I’m hiring man. Yeah. What about it? I’m finding people that, that fit company culture that had the vision of the future and are hard workers. I mean, listen, Americans are lazy. We are man. We’re lazy. We like to get a paid for attendance, so finding somebody that Annie and I’m high strung and I have a lot of energy and I’m like, I’m up early. I don’t, I don’t go to bed late. I’m up pretty early and I go full throttle. Right. And it’s hard to find somebody that matches that or at least keep centage of it. Yeah, man. So expanding the team locally has been one of my biggest struggles this year and probably going into 19. Can I let you in on a secret? Yeah. That’s going to struggle for the rest your life. Okay, cool. Well that as long as I know that I’m to deal with it.

47:51 Right? Because that’s the thing with every business is there’s two things that y’all struggle with. One’s business or one systems. The ones people. Yeah. So it never changes. It gets harder. You get better at it. I think it’s harder. It gets better. I get harder. So in the end it’s good you brought that up because system, sometimes it can become tricky, right? Yeah. I am a visionary, so I’m not the systems guy. Right, right. Let me tell you, I got that problem too, so I’m, I’m the 34,000 feet guy and I see the. So I, I have a V, a guy that’s, that is that could implement processes is something that we’re looking for. I’m looking for as that. Yet I’m better. I got better. I forced myself to get better at it because it was the only way to grow. I know, but that’s like, man, if you find that guy, my buddy lay waiting for him to come on this show.

48:39 He’s in Vegas and he found the perfect implementer man. Just gangbusters. That’s it. Document the systems. Everyone knows what to do. That and that’s. And we’ve, we’ve got, we’ve got alone. Don’t get me wrong. Our system is okay, but I know it can be a lot better because you know when you can only throw so much at the system, right? I’m not the biggest wholesale in the country, right? I don’t do the most deals every month. Yeah, right. That’s not my emo, but we are efficient at what we do. We do it cheap and we do it well. All right, so we want to keep that same robust field will. We’re growing. So having that system work as well is what I’m really looking forward. So I know you’ve got a partner, right? And Your Business. I’m like, we kind of talked, you touched on a little bit lightly, right?

49:22 Tony closer, like how does that. Yeah. So He’s, he’s not a direct partner in my business with Tony and I are childhood friends. Like he came in on the sales side because he’s like magnificent. Like the guy, like if you come the closest. Yeah, the closer if you came to his car lot. I don’t care if you were just looking, you left with the car, right? Maybe two. So He’s, he’s, he’s, he’s, he’s legit when it comes to like sales, he’s, he’s got his own market, like he runs Raleigh and Durham area North Carolina. Okay. So we, what happens is he helped with the sales process and the business and um, but I don’t have like a partner in, in my study. Not a partner in your business. I don’t, I don’t, I don’t have an actual partner like in my business. And as a peer that you can just bounce ideas off of because we’re childhood friends, him and I, we grew up together since like 11, 12 years old.

50:08 So we never had like, our friendship is based on like friendship, like it’s not, it’s not money, it’s not, it’s a friendship based business. But he helps. He helps out when it comes to like the sale stuff and stuff like that because that’s what he’s good at. Right. You gotta know when, what you’re good at and what you’re not good at him implementing a lot of the sales stuff help grow. And um, you know, he’s, he’s still like, if I need to hire new people, he’ll come and help me hire new people because hiring at a car lot, which is where we like to get a lot of people from to hiring at a car lot is a lot of turnover. So he’s able to identify. So here’s my struggle, right? Because I know I’ve been told multiple times to go higher alpha. Carla. Yeah.

50:46 But I don’t want to be that guy that shows up. Not trying to buy a car, but trying to recruit like that’s like when the guy calls you and your paper click. Hey, can, can you kind of put you on my buyers list? Do Not Click on my ad, man, I will give you a custom out. But um, no. Yeah, it’s something that we don’t, I’ve never been to the car lot hiring guys, but you can create ads that, that target. Target them. Okay. And car guys are always trying to leave the car where even though it makes them a lot of money and they’re good at it, they want something that’s less demanding. Yeah. They can use a skill that they acquired it. Okay. That makes a lot of sense. What is your superpower? My superpower? I’m, I’m a people person, man. I liked people and I don’t know, I just treat people.

51:33 Treat people good. Yeah. So I guess that’s my superpower right now if I hadn’t. If I. Yeah, that’s my superpower. I just like to have fun, man. Like life is not that hard and I don’t like drama. I don’t like any of that stuff. Like life is just simple man, so like if you treat people good is going to. It’s going to come back to you. So we learned in school. Yeah, simple, right? Go. Everything goes back to elementary school, right? Some of those foundations of life, just the golden rule. A technician wants to know what’s the best. Skip tracing service. You can use all types of things. We announced at the conference when we created our rear rail, we were using rex skip a lot. We bought that service. We bought majority share in that company. So we own rei skipped so I would eat.

52:11 We’re the best, but we are using where we create a new technology that’s going to be rolling out in January, Justin is. We’re actually testing it now where you get your full list back in like 15 minutes and you can skip individuals and all types of things. So skip tracing is all about why it’s there. There’s, there’s no such thing as good cheap. Skip tracing. That’s number one. You pay for those things all go together. So when you pay for your skip tracing and it’s a reputable company, you’re going to do good man. But there’s, there’s a lot of services out there, but we use the one that we just bought. So yeah, Rei skipped.com. I already know you’re going to say that. Just wanna give you the opportunity to plugging a. what’s the greatest lesson you’ve learned?

52:52 The greatest lessons I’ve learned I think before, when I was doing any other businesses because of serial entrepreneur, I never looked at being a business owner is solving a problem. So I think one of the greatest lessons I learned is that the value you bring to the table is what you leave with, right? So like being a true problem solver, man, when you, when you really look at the business like that and not for yourself, man, you’re going to grow so crazy. Right? And the money just comes in and then, you know, once you, once you get the money, it’s just there. It’s, it’s, it’s just numbers at that point.

53:28 So, uh, I get, I have a coach, I have a sales coach, and his thing is seek the truth and will take care of itself. It’s true, right? It’s true. You go in there, try and understand the situation, understand their problem, really get in there. Everything takes care of itself. So that’s, I love that. Uh, what’s your favorite best or most interesting failure?

53:52 Interesting. Failure. You know, I think.

53:57 Oh my most interesting failure man. I’ve had so many. It’s so many of them, man. Like I had, I had a car lot. Most like my most recent thing. I lost a lot of money on that one.

54:14 Yeah, when I was talking to you right on facebook I saw like, you know, buy this car or whatever. Detailing.

54:20 Yeah. So like I, I lost, I lost a lot of money on a car lot. I learned a lesson though. Um, I created an APP and the whole, the whole entrepreneur thing we’re in now where you’re raising a crap ton of money to run your business. So fake. Oh, what does that mean? Like for example, right now you can come up with a great idea for an APP, whatever it is, raise a crap ton of money, never make any profit, be valued at $100,000,000 and you’ve never turned a profit. That’s not, that’s not a real business. That’s not entrepreneurship at all. That’s Wall Street business. Correct. But that’s why when Wall Street collapses or when the economy goes down, so does your business because the people are not just giving out money that they don’t really have anymore. Like my wholesaling business, I, I’ve never had any body gives me money to create where I am now to make millions of dollars, you know, it’s just not, it’s, it’s the real business. Like you got to be making money from day one.

55:20 Right. What I like about that too is, you know, you have that. I was saying the very beginning, kind of like an overnight success, but it’s not like you failed over and over and over and that’s what you took.

55:32 I could write books about. I could write a book about just my failures. Yeah, do because you got, you gotta think I started out real life at like 17 years old to where I just started 34 in November, so like I got a lot of years of failures to get to this point where the last two years have been the golden years of my life. Yeah. But men, you got 15 years of failure in there somewhere is a lot of stories.

55:57 Very cool. Very cool. So what would you tell someone that, because I see it like I want us to like every two, three weeks where they’re wholesaling houses fulltime or wholesaling houses elite like this doesn’t work, this isn’t for me. Or You know, everyone’s folded. Like what will you tell that guy that’s like giving up on the edge of giving up because they’re frustrated.

56:17 Well there’s two answers to that man. Because one is go ahead and leave. Yeah. Right. Because you didn’t start it the right position or the right mind frame. A number two. I think I just posted a video about this yesterday or this morning. I can’t remember. I’m like, it’s not working because you’re not working. Yeah, right. Like, this stuff is simple and I think he, here’s a lot of things that I, that some of the problems that I have with a lot of these gurus is that there’s a, there’s different levels to learning this business. Yeah. Most people don’t make $5,000 a month, right? So let’s start the business level of teaching them how to replace their w two income. Right? Right. Because you could look at a business like minds that, that will do, you know, hundred thousand dollars a month and that’s what you want to model your business off. Like I see people three weeks in the business, hey, how do I hire a va? You kidding me. Right? And that’s because. But that’s what’s taught, right? Or that’s what they’ve looked into and said, but the reality is you need to be able to start somewhere to replace what you’re doing and then you scale. Yeah. So the business, like you said, the business is not hard business. You just got to start somewhere and it’s not looking at somebody’s business that is so huge. Right? So,

57:42 uh, what’s the last message you want to leave somebody with?

57:45 Uh, you’re only one deal away, like, seriously. And, and it’s, it sounds cheesy, but your one deal away like that first deal. I’ve never. September 28th, 2016. I’ll never forget it. I’ll never forget where I. every time I drive past that exit, I remember like, that is the day that changed my life. That first contract, that first. It just changed my life tremendously and it just opened up. I mean, there’s so much things I’ve done in the last two years I’ve never thought I’ve been able to do and I’m just, I’m just glad I took the opportunity and jumped off the bridge without knowing what was going to be on the other side. All right, so just, just know that you are. If you truly want this, you’re only one deal away. Yeah, seriously.

58:28 That’s powerful way to end it. So guys, in case you guys didn’t get the memo or doing a popup tonight, 5:30 mission del Sol church, it’s in Tempe, mcclintock and Warner. Don’t know the address, but look up mission del Sol church. If it’s off mcclintock and wanted, that’s it. It’s at 5:30. We do have limited seating. So if you guys want to come, I would recommend getting there before 5:30 because the last couple you’ve done 200 people, 200 people, right? It’s packed outside. That gets cooled. I love that man. I love that. And so, um, and since it is a church and they were able to accommodate us last minute, if you guys can bring in some canned foods or something that’d be pretty cool to, to, to give back and it’s that time of year. Awesome. Um, and then, you know, a Max Jimenez my partner, we’re doing a little workshop together a next month, you know, just helping some people get to their deal.

59:22 So if you guys are interested in that, hit me up. And again, uh, you know, I wanted to end 2018 strong. I think I brought the best guests for that and appreciate that man. We did that for sure. Uh, so have you guys liked this show? Please share it because we want to help. I want to create a hundred millionaires. You want to create people to replace their lifestyle or replace their, their w two income and we can’t do that. We keep this all a secret. That’s true. That’s why. That’s what we go out there and share this stuff. Yup. All right. Thank you guys. Thank you. That was appreciate it, man. Thank you so much, man.

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