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Interview with Zady from Vegas! (Sareh Yeghiazarian)

Sareh Yeghiazarian

Interview with Zady from Vegas! (Sareh Yeghiazarian)

Zady talks about how he’s regularly getting to $100,000 in wholesale fees in a monthly basis. He talks about the ups and downs up building a business from nothing to almost a million in sales in less than four years.

Video Replay of Interview with Sareh Yeghiazarian

Podcast Replay of Interview with Sareh Yeghiazarian

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00:00:00 Hey everybody, thank you for joining us for today’s special episode of real estate disruptors. And we got Sareh Yagiazarian all the way out here from Vegas. So with the Guardian Group, our second out of state guests and we just discussed this. I mean, we’re, we, we are a national now, so, uh, and he’s here to share, always had multiple, $100,000 months wholesaling a. If this is your first time tuning in, I’m Steve Trang broker on a Stunning Homes Realty, cofounder of the offer fast app, the one app you need for wholesaling. And I help people become real estate entrepreneurs. They’re very excited for today’s show. Please give me a wave, give me a thumbs up. And before we get started, I started this show because I want to get back to our community. In fact, that’s something you and I talked about earlier, very passionate about, is that we’re very fortunate that we can give back the knowledge that we’ve learned along the way.

00:00:51 And I don’t charge a dime for this show. I don’t make any money doing this. So here’s all I ask, if you get value out of this show, please tell a friend. Either share the episode right now, a friend below, or telling your best takeaway from the show later on. That way we can all grow together. And don’t forget this is a live show. So please post your questions and is going to be very happy to answer them. Absolutely. You Ready? All right. We’re gonna. Start with some softballs. Okay. All right. So what is a druggie?

00:01:20 What is it drew through? Geez. Oh man, you guys familiar with that one? Oh yeah, a druggie. Is it? It means friend, gangster, gangster. I mean somebody that takes what they want, but it doesn’t violate the rights of others. Interesting. So I look at that as an entrepreneur and um, and it’s also, it’s like comrade, you know, we’re all, we’re all the brand basically is, is be yourself, be who you want to be. Because I know a lot of times people are scared to be who they want to be. Yeah, for sure. And you get judged, right? So it’s like, to me, the brand, it’s be who you want to be. You’re going to get judged anyways. At least you’re being true to who you are.

00:02:01 Cool. Awesome. Uh, so what got you in a real estate? Oh

00:02:07 Man. Uh, I, I was uh, you know, a lot of people know my story. Like I, I was born with a silver spoon in my mouth, you know, I’m not proud of it, but I’m not like shying away from it either. So I bought my first house when I was 16 with daddy’s money, you know, in Arizona here actually. So we would buy in like the first stage of construction and then sell it in the third stage of construction and then we would sell it at that point. So we basically be wholesaling. I didn’t even know what it was, you know. Um, but you know, my father, I got out of real estate, my father passed away and you know, his wealth went, you know, and he made me a promise to take care of my mother after three passed and I didn’t know he was going to die.

00:02:49 So I’m like, Yeah Dad, I’ll do it anyway. So he passes away. Now I have no idea how to make money money. This is like four years ago, man. Oh, okay. I’m a 34 years old. He was 34 years old, like a late blooming piece of crap. You know, like I’m, I’m like, I would say I’m a, I was a little boy until my dad died up until four years ago. I was a little boy, you know, and then I had to learn how to be a provider and I just had to do something. So I read the only thing. I’m like, Rich Dad, poor dad. I’m like, I gotta read this book. It says rich in it, you know, out of 34. Yeah, four years ago. That was just the first. Yeah, that’s I, I read the book and then as soon as I actually read it was an audible because I hate reading.

00:03:32 So it was audible. I love audible. Audible is great now. Yeah. Like when I run now it’s all I do for now. I just listen to audible, but I listened to it and then I put in my two weeks notice I’m a two days after I read it or listened to it. I didn’t put a to two weeks notice, actually wrote them a letter saying that you have to pay me double and I want to work two times less and if you don’t accept it, this is my letter of resignation. I can definitely empathize because I did something very, very similar. Oh really? What’d you do?

00:04:03 Uh, when I submitted my notice, I was like, Hey, you know, I got to leave. And they’re like, well, we hate for you to go, you know, we, we see value here. In fact, they said like, we can see if you can vp of into one of the vps of Intel, one one as I said, okay, that’s awesome. But like, you know, for me to leave like I need to make you know, like 200 grand a year. And they’re like, okay, we’ll see you later.

00:04:21 That number would you have stayed? Yeah, they hit. That number would have stayed. It would have made sense. Right. But, but that’s good. You know, what you wanted and they couldn’t deliver it.

00:04:29 Yeah. So, okay. So that’s what got you into real estate. So then what was your, what were some of the first struggles you had when you

00:04:36 first started? Oh Wow. So I’m going to just talk about all my screw ups because I feel like that could save people time. Yeah, let’s do it. So I, I’m, I’m like, yeah, I’m a real estate investor, you know, and I wasn’t zero marketing. No, I was just like, this is what I’m going to do and I’m reading up on it and I went to this, uh, so like seminar and I’m like, yeah, you know, I’m like, I’m going to go with here and all the people talking, I’m going to tell them that I’m going to get them properties and then sell it to them. That will be my buyers. Make sense? So, you know, I go there, I go talk to the guy, I’m like, Hey, you know, I’m a wholesaler, know I got, I’m going to get deals. He’s like, how long have you been doing it?

00:05:12 I go, ah, you know, five months he goes, how many deals have you done? And I’m like, none. And he’s like, why? And I’m like, what do you mean? Why? Really? Like we just said why? Like it’s like tying your shoelace, like why is he saying that? Just challenge you on the spot. Yeah. So then I started to do things that normally my character probably would have looked at and said that’s beneath me, you know, a silver spoon attitude, right? Audio out of that. So no, I, I got like 10,000 flyers and I started going. I’m like, everyone that wants to fix up their house is going to go to home depot or lowe’s. So I would make a map of all the home depots and Lowe’s is in Las Vegas and I would drive to every single one of them and put flyers. Boom, boom, boom.

00:05:52 I passed out. 10,000 fliers, no deals, nothing, you know. But I discovered the secret when I did that because it’s the secret. The secret is if you put in work, no matter what you do, see, it’ll come to you somewhere else. Maybe it’s not gonna come to you from what you’re doing. Exactly, but the universe gifted me a deal because I was doing this and I was doing passing out business cards. I met a property manager and I told him what I did and he’s like, Hey, I got a guy that wants to move to Canada. He needs to sell his property, set up the appointment. That was my first deal. But that call came strangely enough, the day after the 10,000 flyer was said, which was a goal of mine. When I write, I wrote down pass out 10,000 fliers. Cool. So that was huge.

00:06:36 Well, the activities, right? So if you’re doing the activities, that’s um, you know, there was, remember when the Ravens won a super bowl many years this year. Yeah, the Ray Louis years and it’s like, you know, we create our own luck. And it was like, that sounds ridiculous. You create your own luck, but you do the right things over and over again. Things going to ball is gonna bounce in your favor. Well, you do it enough. Eventually it’ll volume. So it was very cool to fail 100 times. You only as succeed once run. Yeah. So you hit the tenant out 10,000 fliers, prop manager who referred you that first deal and you, you, you wholesale at that one? Yeah. Yeah, I wholesale that. Um, and that was a $2,500 check. But it was the, it was the check that I knew, hey, this is real, you know, I just literally created this money out of thin air.

00:07:23 How did I do that? Just by being me and connecting to people. Wow, okay. I could do this, you know, I just want to, I love doing. I love connecting people. So it, it, it fit. So what happened after that? After that I started to, I put, I didn’t know what I was doing, man. You know, I got put out a website, you know, I started getting leads. I did Google ad words. I didn’t know what the Hell I was doing. I got leads in like a Texas mcallen, Texas, you know, talk to the guy, build amazing rapport with them. It wasn’t selling his house to anyone else. I’m like, okay, how do I close a deal in another state? And I remember I’m like, oh, like one, $800 call now or when they, I forgot the clutter thing, like one 800 sell now or so a fair offer as a company.

00:08:08 Yeah. So I called that number and it said please enter your zip code. And I entered the zip code and I got in touch with somebody who was a licensee for them, the wholesaler in mcallen, Texas. Nice. Okay. David Farris, his name, great guy. So I started talking with them and then I said, Hey David, you know what? I got this deal. I get it under contract. Let me just say this man, I don’t do this normally, you know, I was talking big thing like I want to do this normally but I’m willing to go 50 slash 50 if you just run this home for us. Okay. And he’s, this guy is like, he’s teaching real estate classes, you know, and everybody’s looking at his parties like this guy wants 50 slash 50 for what? A referral. I’m like, no, get it under contract. So I got it under contract, they did the deal, you know, I got, I got like my, I was $2,500, it was five k assignment, I got $2,500. Nice. Sounds the second deal. But it was out of state. I didn’t know what I was doing, you know, but it just kinda happened.

00:09:01 But you had the resourcefulness. Yeah, right. I mean you knew about Alex’s company because you’re in it doing it and then you went and executed. Utilized that. Yeah, that avenue there to, to find me what I needed I guess. And that’s a valuable skill, right? Because entrepreneurship and grit is that, is that problem solving? Right? You have a prompt because I know I’m gonna be honest here. I get out of the state league. It’s like, oh we don’t buy out there man. That one little bit can just in the books. Yeah, just improve my, my, my, uh, my or reduce my expenses right there. So that’s huge. So what would be the first two or three things you would do if you were starting over today?

00:09:42 Oh, starting over today. A man I would, I would join a mastermind or go to a group a lot faster than I did. I was very ignorant when I was young. Again, I’m battling that silver spoon bs that I had to go through. I thought I knew everything. You know, I, I was in the humble enough to sit in a room and listen to somebody else teach me something that I did not know because I know everything. That’s what I was thinking. I didn’t. Now I know I have no shit. Sorry, can I say that’s fine. But yeah, I know. I know nothing now. You know. So now it’s very easy to be the dumbest guy in the room. Like I look for rooms where I could be the dumbest guy in the. Absolutely. So like the first thing I would do is, is, is joined, uh, you know, take a course.

00:10:33 I would take a course. I did take a course, um, do everything in the course and uh, join, join a mastermind a little bit faster. It took me like seven months or eight months to to join one, but I should’ve joined one a lot faster and a yeah, I would’ve done that differently. Another thing I would have done differently is I would incorporate it what I learned from think and grow rich a sooner because that’s that he gives you the blueprint and chapter to anybody. If you guys say you’ve read, think and grow rich. Okay? And you don’t know what chapter two is called and you haven’t read it, you know, uh, it’s called desire. And there’s a blueprint, a seven step formula, how to convert your desire and the riches. It’s the first thing I would do, like, grab that right now. If you’re going to stop this, stop it and go do that. And then you, because it’s gonna help your life, man. Yeah. Sorry. I’m taking people away from the children thinking grow rich. Chapter two. That’s, that’s where it’s at, man. I would incorporate it that immediately.

00:11:27 Yeah. So that was one of my favorite books. In fact, I’ve gone through, right? We talked earlier, like I’ve been doing this for 11 years now and I’ve read tons and tons of books and thinking grow rich is one of the first three or five books I’ve read. Yeah. And in going through and learning all this stuff, I came back and I read think and grow rich again. And it’s like, man, almost everything I’ve learned was in this book and I would just read this book like 100 times. It would have shortcut a lot of trucks. The whole idea of a mastermind is in the book. Yeah, that’s where it started. He said cliff. Okay. Uh, so let’s see. What does a good referral look like for you?

00:12:00 What’s a good referral look like to me? Why I get so many of them? Men, I’m a good one would be a, hey, this person wants to sell. Here’s the telephone number, here’s the name. They warm transfer my acquisitions guy on the phone and they actually want to sell. And the numbers work. I get a lot of, uh, referrals where the ARV is 300, but ARV is 100. You know, arv is $500, arv is 300 really, so it’s, I, you know, people are just starting out so it’s not like you can’t get mad at it, but a good referral is somebody that knows their numbers and and points us in that direction.

00:12:35 Okay. Now you’re in Vegas and there’s, we’ve talked about and some of our other meetups, there’s a few, a handful of areas that are crazy, crazy competitive. Phoenix is definitely on the list for Houston is on the list. My Buddy Jared, but Dallas Vegas is the craziest

00:12:57 genius. Jared, that’s what I call that guy. That guy is his brain as a computer, straight up him and excel at both. Those guys are just on the other levels. I remember south like just to jump in right here real quick, like normally like a person who will work in the daytime, you know, and then work strain the morning, daytime and evening and then they sleep like when it’s time for everyone to sleep. Salads, like continuously going and fixing more problems and more. It just, it’s like a computer. It doesn’t rest. I don’t understand. It might be a computer or alien or something.

00:13:27 Oh, he’s super sharp. We know that for sure. So how. I mean is jared, is jared wrong?

00:13:33 How’s going? So I’m the wrong guy to ask bro, because Steve, like competition is, is to me is a made up word. You know, I love that. Like it’s not real. The competition is in our mind. You know, Michael Jordan did not say I’m going to beat this person. Michael Jordan said I’m going to be better than who I was yesterday. I’m going to be the best that I could be. Right. That’s what I want to do. I want to be better than I was yesterday. I’m looking at company metrics. I want my metrics, the metrics for the Guardian group to be better every year. I don’t care what anyone else is doing. I don’t even know you’re doing 20 deals. Great. Let me talk to you because let’s see what you’re doing. That’s working. Right? But, and I’ll share with you what’s working, but at the end of the day, I’m trying to be better than who I was yesterday. So for me, I feel like I attract or the company attracts its own customers, you know, so my acquisitions guy or my acquisitions gal is going to attract people that they connect with and nobody could take them away. Yeah, it’s theirs.

00:14:35 Well, so I guess part of that too. So her two things, right? A competition with yourself, right? You’re not competing against anybody else. They’re competing with you, right? You’re competing with yourself. I’m competing with myself. Exactly. It can be you’re attracting the best people and that’s where you have the advantage that I hear that right.

00:14:53 Are Training people to be their best self. Yeah. I mean everybody is. Everybody needs something, right? Or else what’s the point of being a leader, right? You gotta you to. You got to level people up or else you’re. What do you’re like a stand, you know you’re not going to do where you should be doing as a leader. That has been a challenge, right? Because I’m not, I was thinking about me, me, me, me, me, me, all my life. And then I’d understand what being a leader was. And you know, Raefiel Vargas is really the first person to put in my head, like, what are we, a real leader was, you know, that’s why he’s king. Raefiel is king man. Like he just, he was like, you know what bro? He goes, you know, you think you’re a leader. You know what you think about yourself, you know you’re not a leader. A leader thinks about other people before they think about themselves to leaders eat last, right?

00:15:39 Yup. Yeah. And Man, when you came in to town as like, okay, like, let’s see what this guy’s about. He’s 26 years old. Let’s see what he knows. A guy starts talking. It’s like man, incredibly wise

00:15:53 outfield talks. You don’t talk because easy Masa was exactly exact wisdom, knowledge and, and, and he just, he has good discernment, very good discernment. Like he knows when to disperse the information very well.

00:16:08 Yeah. So what do you attribute your success to?

00:16:11 Oh, so many. Everybody I’ve ever met, man, honestly, everybody that I’ve ever met in real estate that has actually spoken to me, whether they’ve done deals or not, I’m always learning from somebody. So if somebody’s never done deals before, I’m talking to them and I’m like, oh, that’s why you’re not doing deals. So I can’t be like that, you know, if I see somebody doing better than me, which a lot of people are like, wow, how are you doing that? You know, how are you getting to this level? What are you doing? Let me see your, your attributes, you know, um, that audible like listening, opening my brain up to learning new things. I guess the most, I guess you could say that the most, the biggest reasons my mother because she was my why, you know, now you don’t to start my own family, you know, wife kids do that thing. So it’s like my wife is sort of changing now, but at the end of the day she’s always, why, you know, like I had to take care of her, I had to do whatever I had to do. I just stopped being a child and start being a man and, and, and provide for her. So that lifted me up, you know? And I think it would lift a lot of people up if, if, if they have a strong why like a mother or a husband, wife, whatever child, especially these, you know, like that.

00:17:30 Well that’s interesting. Right? So because we talked about like you’ve made all this progress in four years, which in the grand scheme of things isn’t a very long period of time. So how’d you go from, you know, like silver spoon entitled, and it’s Kinda what it sounded like a very to now humble leader leading your organization, working on the million man. So what do you attribute like the, the short period, like you got there way faster, right then most people do or you can’t just becoming a success in two or three years. You can’t.

00:18:05 But like, like I said, man, going, going to big life changing event was a hot seat event in Washington. Rafiel know. So then that, that taught me, hey, you know what, like you need to get into more rooms like that. And, and just going to different masterminds and different hotseats saw hotseat events being around successful people. You know, there was this saying said, um, you know, if there’s, if there’s four millionaires in the room and you hang around them, you’re going to be the fifth, something like that kind of books that, but the idea is the same, right? So it was surrounding myself with people that, you know, we’re thinking on that level and, and that forced me to level up because something that I thought was impossible, you know, was shown to me to be happening. And then I started analyzing the word impossible and I realized that impossible just means possible and that’s what it breaks down to. So if you say you can’t do it, you’re right, you can’t do it. If you say you can do it, you’re right, you can’t do it. So why would you say you can’t do it? Anything? Why would you do that?

00:19:09 That’s one of my favorite sayings. I want one of my favorite quotes from Henry Ford, right? So that’s why so many audibles there, all the quotes that are like brain. So let’s get real for y’all some more love here. Explain the hot seat. What was his hot seat event? What was it about, what was it like

00:19:24 a home he gave us the blueprint man. Like he, he, he, you know, when you’re first starting out as a wholesaler again, you’re thinking about you, right? So you’re thinking about one deal, two deals, three deals. You’re not really, at least I wasn’t thinking corporation, you know, managers, you know, sales associates, training, you know, Kpis, what’s Kpis? A cereal, you know what I mean? Oh, key performance indicators. Okay. You know, and all of this information. So like that to me was, that’s what that hot seat was. It was basically saying, Hey, I built this company, we built this company, this is how we build it. This is how we make sure everybody’s doing what they’re doing here.

00:20:12 Oh Wow. Okay man. I like, if I don’t do anything, I’m an idiot, right? So, you know, and working with, uh, you know, I met, that’s where I met Alex, uh, Jaylin, Carlos and sal and we know, we went back to our respective areas and we network still and it was just kinda like, oh, I’m doing this, that’s working. And they’re like, I’m doing this. That’s working and then just kind of boom, boom, boom each other up. Right, exactly. Yup. And uh, you know, those guys, you know, just hit another level, you know, and so I learned so much just just being around them, period, you know. Uh, that’s why I ripped. They’re all in right here because you know, that’s, that’s straight up like what they’re doing right now for people, you know, they’re making millionaires.

00:20:52 That’s exactly what the process. It’s a process, it’s a system you plug in system and the franchise and then yeah. And then you. And then you create the processes. Right. So that’s exactly, it’s like the toughest part, right? The execution. And it is the hardest part. Getting the right people to execute it for it together. So I’m sorry about your organization. Right? So you said you had acquisition manager and you’re doing this, what does your organization look like today?

00:21:20 So at this point we have 12 people in lead generation, cold calling on salary, um, and then we have various people that are going driving for dollars for us city wise, uh, we have three people on the acquisitions team. And then we have a, somebody who’s running operations who kind of grooming to be coo, but I like to call them integrator integrator, right out to go through. This is the third integrator that, you know, I’m trying to. Well I, I tried before, now I have done it, now I’ve found my integrator, you know, and he’s integrating, you know, um, and he’s integrating better than me, so I’m okay with releasing the reigns.

00:22:04 A good integrator should. Yeah. Right. And so for you guys that aren’t familiar with the term integrator, that’s when traction, you get the visionary and the integrator and the visionary is great at a lot of things. But implementing is not wonderful. Right? So that’s where the integrator implements the visionary’s vision. Okay. So drop some gems for people is okay. Yeah. Yeah, for sure. Guys, a traction

00:22:27 as a book. Pick that up. And then also if you have a partner right now, you guys, two people who’s the integrator who’s the visionary rocket fuel, same author or Gino Wickman, that’s what we use that. And it really helps you understand your roles and responsibilities guys. So it’s very big that you understand who is going to be doing what because if you’re both doing the same thing, it doesn’t work. One person’s got a rule one kingdom and you guys can’t cross paths or else it ain’t gonna work.

00:22:56 Well, not just that. So I gave the book to my integrator because it also helps to integrate, understand how to deal with visionaries because we’re problems makers. Yes. Because a lot of issues. It’s very easy to hate us. Very easy or easy. Alright. So you gotta have that charm to make them love you. But yeah, there’s a guidebook. How to deal with me. So the other thing too, so he got. So you’ve got $12 a color is on salary. Okay. So what’s that salary was the compensation structure. How does that all work?

00:23:28 Okay. So they’re varied from $4 an hour to $7 an hour. They’re outside the United States. Um, we tried in house, uh, we tried some services, you know, and then we have one person who kind of manages them and coaches them every Monday. We have a lot of incentives, don’t you get a certain amount of leads, you get a bonus, you get a certain amount of leads, you get to spin the wheel and get a prize. So we do like video conferencing or spin the wheel online and make them feel like they’re a part of the team because they are, you know, and uh, just, just really, I don’t know, I’m a very, I mean, if you can’t tell them man, I’m a people person. I love human beings. So I don’t want someone to feel like a cog in the chain. I’m not saying this is the best thing.

00:24:11 Maybe it’s a bad thing I’m doing, I don’t know. But like I want them to know they’re part of the team. So it’s like, hey, if you’re not feeling well, you don’t got to lie. Just don’t, don’t just let me know. You don’t want to work today. You know, it’s great. We’re in it together. You know what I mean? Like if you got some family stuff going on, let me know. Maybe I could help out. You know, there’s been a lot of times I don’t want to get into details, but team members overseas or locally, there’s stuff going on in their families or stuff and they need financial help or they need something, some sort of assistance to hold them over until the commission check or something like that, you know, and I feel like it’s as a leader, it’s, it’s the responsibility of the leader to make sure that everyone’s taken care of at all times.

00:24:51 So like sometimes when people just start out, you know, they don’t have like the silver spoon so they don’t have that money and I understand that, you know, I understand that like some people need money now and maybe you could trust them, give them money now and then they perform. Sometimes they do and you look like a genius, sometimes they don’t and you look like a moron, but at the end of the day you’re better off looking like a and helping. Yeah, exactly. Is that in my book because I wouldn’t be able to sleep, you know, I can’t. Like if I could, maybe I would, but I can’t. It

00:25:24 am. Yeah. So, uh, two things, next time you spend that, we’ll put on Instagram, tag me, I want to see it. And then we’re going to the acquisitions managers now. Right. So you’ve got the 12 cold callers, are they primarily sifting or are they, they’re qualifying. They’re not making offers. No, no, no. The older

00:25:45 doing this, it’s the filling into the pipeline for the acquisitions department.

00:25:50 So they’re, they’re sifting, putting in information in setting it up for the acquisition guys. Exactly. Okay. So the acquisition guys, they’re not on salary? No, no, they’re straight commission. Frustrated Commission. Okay. And then their job then is to do the, when we did the John Martinez scripts over the phone, are they going read

00:26:06 it? You can close the deal over the phone or you go there and it. I teach them to really kind of understand what that person is on the other end and what they want. Because some people, they might give you a high number, you know, on the phone. Yeah. And you’re not even going to get to their face if you talk about numbers, but if you go there and you talk to them and then you find that they’re real situation and now you’ve broken through that barrier that all the lazy people didn’t want to get through. Now you have an opportunity to have a real negotiation in a real conversation. But you know, when you get flooded sometimes we get flooded like in a week, you know, we got like 15 years already into it, like 350 leads a week, you know, gets a little tough to go to all those appointments, you know.

00:26:51 So we’re trying to focus more when we had this problem where we had 350 leads come in and then 300 the next week and then 300, 3:50. So you’re. And you’re standing, you got to over a thousand leads in the month. And I had like no acquisitions people to common one first. But why don’t you call in a away. The last time you called this guy was three days ago. What the hell? It’s hot lead, you know, it’s like you don’t have the manpower. So that forced me to grow and hire more acquisitions people. Very cool. Yeah. So that one right now, he’s my main acquisitions guy. Uh, he, you know, he just started like three months ago, but he’s already locked up. When did the five deals, you know, he’s just, he’s a sponge, you know what I mean? And uh, he’s very crazy thing about one man.

00:27:34 So can I say this? So we went to Iraq. I always say this story and he hates it, but it’s funny. So this guy never ate fish in his life. Okay. So yeah, we go to a restaurant, a Milos in vegas, if you guys are over there, if you’re ever there, biggest go to me. Sits in cosmo Greek restaurant. Okay. So anyways, I go there for lunch all the time. You know, it’s $20. You get lobster and pasta. Oh my God, it’s a good deal. Great deal. But don’t go there at nighttime. At nighttime the price has changed, you know, that same dish is like $100 dish now. Right? So anyways, we go there and then I’m like, yeah, try fish one sec. Okay, so here we go and the chef shows us all the fish, you know, and then he’s like, it’s like choose one and then he just happens to choose the most expensive $350 fish, white fish, you know.

00:28:21 So I didn’t know like no one asked for the money, you know, you’re, I’m not going to go out and do that. So we get it right. So we get, we get the food and the bill comes and I see this guy chose the $350 fish. I’m like man, but we went there because he closed a 30 k a wholesale deal. So you know, we were out celebrating the, that’s another thing to men, which are team that I learned. It will help a lot of people. Man, when you win, win with the team, you know, celebrate the win, you get a deal, go out, you don’t have to blow that much, you know, 100 bucks, Fifty Bucks, 20 bucks, whatever it is, do something to commemorate the deal because that makes you more hungry for more and more and more and then you just alignment works a little bit better.

00:29:02 Okay. Then let’s talk about disposition. I didn’t hear, hear disposition. Did you say I’m this positions positions right now, so I’ll let you get a deal. Your text blasting and you call on people. What do you text blasting? I’m sending out mailers, I’m calling to my. I’m calling my key guys. No. Yeah and I, I do. I need to get somebody in this position because I’m like the nicest guy in the world and dispositions. But like one thing I do is I had never leveraged people against each other. Like my buyers know that too. So if they tell me a price or whatever, I’m not going to be like, oh well, you know, you’ve got to be a little bit higher because so-and-so, I wanted to pay x amount of dollars, you know, so I just let them kind of do what they do. And I’m like, hey guys, this is tight.

00:29:39 I’m getting over asking right now, just letting you guys know. But I need to get somebody in there that’s like a, that’s like a, the dispositions king. Jaden the dispositions king big shout out Putney. So Sonya Scott, a question, where did you hire your overseas cold callers? Who? Okay, good question. Um, so there’s a lot of companies out there guys, what I would say is, you know, Ivus is going to charge you. Ivus is like a company that has the cold callers. You go to upwork, go to upwork, hire two or three of them and when you have two or three people, just ask them for referrals is the best thing to do and ask them. So if you hired somebody at $6 an hour, go have them work for you for a couple of months, get to know their character a little bit, see if they lie or they’re honest people if they wind up being honest and they’re doing their job, say, hey, do you know anyone else looking for a job?

00:30:37 Um, and I’ve gotten like four people just from referrals and I’ve always asked them to see if they have people that work for a dollar less than what they got paid. So it was just, hey, this is that available. If not, then it’s okay, but do you have somebody that fits this criteria? So that, that worked out a lot on Sonia. Sonia. A great question. Um, okay. So now that we’ve talked about your organization, I’m a sourcing deals where, what is your best lead source of cold calling? Cold calling. Who are you cold calling everybody because big, small enough that he can call every single person. Yes. Everybody. So I, um, sadie’s Sadie’s outside your house right now. So yeah, I mean Joe Taylor, bless this man, uh, you know, he, he has this great a lead property, property lead manager, so it’s like a stacking software for their list.

00:31:31 If anyone reaches out to me, I’ll let you know about property. Met a list, property manager, so it’s called. So He lets you stack your lists, you know, so basically you can pull every house in the county, put it in the list and then you could pull a pre foreclosure list. You can put all of these other lists and then you compare. You see, okay. How many people are on multiple lists? You, they want to list three list four list. If they’re on five lists, you know, you think that’s going to be priority to call, right? So doing that, I’m getting into stop direct mail for a little bit, but I got back into it just with the sending out less male and more targeted, just harder to find people. We could, we could just leave it at that. So it’s just people that are a little bit harder to find where normally they wouldn’t get direct mail.

00:32:16 So that’s who we’re sending me a lot too. So let’s elaborate the stacking. Let’s explain to someone. If you’re stacking three boxes, what does that mean? Okay, so somebody pull, you pull up a pre foreclosure list. Someone’s name is on there, right? Then you pull up a tax delinquent list. Someone’s name, same name is on there, right? Hey, you go pull up the water, shut off lists. There’s the same name, right? So this person’s on three different lists. If you don’t have any way to understand that they’re on three different lists and you’re mailing, you’re going to mail three different people. So imagine all that money you’re wasting. Take that and you multiply it by 10,000, right? Yeah. So if you send out 10,000, imagined 3000 people out of the 10,000 are people that you’ve already sent stuff to and you don’t need to, you know, not, you’re sending it again, it’s just you’re sending it to somebody that you don’t need to because they’re already on another campaign.

00:33:12 So you saved money that way. And also, you know, uh, you want to call somebody who’s on multiple lists, right? So if somebody has more pain points, that’s who you want to talk to, you don’t want to talk to the guy just with high equity, even though we call high equity, that’s how we get our, you know, that’s why we get everybody because we pull out high equity. No, I guess not everybody. Okay. If you don’t have any equity, but you’ve got equity and you live in Las Vegas. One of my people have called you, you know, that’s just what we do.

00:33:43 And so I was telling you earlier about my best friend, right? So he’s in California and he’s like, Steve, why are these people call them? And it’s like, okay, gotTa state, you’ve owned it for 10 years, you have had equity. Like how do I get off this list? Like you don’t just don’t get off this list because even if you don’t pay now you go on a pre foreclosure list, you’re on another list and another list. Now you’re really scared. Okay. So we talked about this property manager. What other tools, crm systems could you not live without?

00:34:13 Podio? Man, podio is, is just beautiful. Everyone has podio, right? But, but people use it, I’ve noticed a lot of people veering away from podio and then they come back to podio. Right? But you gotta have the right podio system, right? So, so what’s the right podio system right now? I would go to all in marketing. I even paid for it as man, but I’m just trying to drop some jams for you. Go to nine, go to all in marketing and download one of the podiums that, that the brain child cell set up man, because it’s just next level stuff man. Like, like my podio system for instance. And this is originally, you know, I have my own developer and everything that we’ve developed it, but you know, let’s say you got a contract, right? You don’t want to go in there and get a piece of paper and write the contract, scan it, put it in docusign.

00:35:03 You know you want something fast. So you fill out the podio, you click a button and it fills up the contract. That docu signs that they sign it and puts it right back in the system. That’s the kind of system that you want. You want tracking in your system, right? So you want to say, okay, how many mail pieces or how many phone calls did I make? Oh, I made 30,000 phone calls. 30,000 phone calls generated. How many leads? Oh, okay. 300 leads out of those 300. How many offers did we do? Okay, we did 100 offers. How many deals did we close? Two deals. So you see, you know, the metrics, you see what it takes to get a deal and then what you do. No competition but yourself. You beat those numbers. So if one in every 50 offers is a deal, okay, let’s try and make that one in every 40.

00:35:46 You know, just trying to make that one in every 30. If it’s 30,000 phone calls per deal, that cold calls, if it’s that, why? Well let’s bring it down to 28, 27, 26, right? So that’s podio. Um, gives you the ability to track your business. Someone said this again, I don’t know who said it, but I’m full of quotes. But it’s so important. If you can’t track it, you can’t improve it. Right? So we’re all in this business to improve, you know, as human beings, we’re always improving. So why wouldn’t you track everything? Right? It’s just laziness to me. You know, I was lazy, you know, that my dad died and I had to not be lazy. I’m lazy, you know, but I’m working on it. Yeah. Any other tools or systems you couldn’t live without? ‘Em tools or systems that can live with that man is, is having the ability to be a problem solver, a tool than that.

00:36:42 You know, you’re that tool. Everybody in the organization needs to be a problem solver. That’s one thing I learned the hard way. I was hiring people that work problem solvers. They were like, Oh hey, look, there’s. This is the problem. I don’t want to hear that and what to do about it. Right. There’s a problem, right? What are the solutions? If you don’t know them, then you’re not there. So I think problem solving, you take everything away. Okay. Just rip everything away from me. Even all this stuff just naked and with the ability to be a problem solver, I’ll be cool. I’ll get to. I’ll get to where I’m at now.

00:37:17 All right. Awesome. Uh, so gus, San Diego wants to know how many numbers are you dialing a week?

00:37:23 Oh my goodness. Seventy s let’s see. 12, 12,000. Can I use my calculator? Is that. Sure. Sure. I mean, you’re, you’re, you’re Persian Armenian backgrounds, not compulsory times five. I mean anywhere between 37,000 and $60,000.

00:37:46 Okay. Um, and then nick robustly, sorry. 50. And Nick was, wants to know how many offers to the seller do you make? I guess he didn’t say anything in timeframe. So let’s just say a week. And is there a certain certain formula used to calculate your Mao?

00:38:01 Uh, yeah. Well Mao is dependent on area in Vegas. There’s some people that don’t want to buy anything unless they’re getting it for sixty cents on the dollar wholesale. Some areas like pockets not like out there. Yeah. And then there’s some areas where, you know, you could get eighty cents on the dollar, eighty five cents even we’ve gone up, you know, but normally just the safe bet is kind of like 65 to 70 is just our is our safe bet. And then, um, the Mao that’s presented to the acquisitions manager, we kind of tweaked on the acquisitions manager’s personality, you know, if they are very giving, we give them a lower Mao knowing that they’re going to go over, you know, and if they’re very strong in negotiation with pumping a little bit higher because we don’t want to lose the deal because we got a ferocious beast negotiating, you know, so we just kind of tweak again, I don’t know if that’s the best thing to do, but that’s just what we do.

00:38:57 Okay. And so Rafaelle just jumped down. What’s that? Raphael? He was, we were talking about you earlier before you got on the king is here. Yep.

00:39:08 See any interesting war? Stories me? More stories. Um, what like war stories with seller selling? Yeah. With wholesaling. Huh? Um, war stories. I mean it is this defined war.

00:39:25 So I’ve had, let’s see, I’m trying to think of something that people talked about. Uh, I know Chris, he talked about a couple episodes ago. You walked into a house and he bought it sight unseen, walked into the door, knew he lost money right away because it was a tri level. It didn’t look like a tri level in the photos. Oh shoot. Oh Wow. That um, he had a situation where he lent money and turned out the granddaughter Solo Grandma’s House without grandma knowing. Oh my goodness. So it wasn’t a legit deal.

00:39:56 Oh, well I got war stories. Okay. So at this time when this happened, we had 10 deals in the pipeline. Okay. 10 deals. Every single one of those deals had a seller hold back. Okay. Okay. So if you guys don’t sell or hold back is, is, you know, you’re in wholesaling. Seller rollbacks are huge because you buy the house and the seller gets to stay in the house for an allocated certain amount of time. If they don’t get out by that day, that money is released to whatever the contract sets. Right? So on all our contracts, it said that the money is coming to the Guardian Group. Okay. Now the escrow agent who shall not be named didn’t hold back any of the money for any of them. Sounds like someone got fired. No, because we’re really cool and we didn’t tell anybody, but that escrow officer gave us her personal cell phone number after that day and she stayed open on weekends so, you know.

00:40:52 But uh, the problem was we had, was that like that was like around $5,000, $5,000 worth of money that if, if the sellers didn’t pull their part, that was going to come out of our end. So I had to go talk to each one of the sellers and make sure I got them out because I wasn’t going to fork over that money. Now, of course I could have made with the title company had done all that stuff, but that’s going to slow down business. So I’m not going to do that. I got to pay and then afterwards take care of it. But I had to go to every single one of the sellers and just make sure that all the things were taken care of and some people, like they didn’t even start moving, you know, so I had to pay to get truck side to pay to get people to clean stuff up, you know, and we just got to do whatever we gotta do scramble.

00:41:41 We had to send people to help somebody move because they weren’t going to get out in time. So that was, that was a battle man other year. 10 of them. That’s it. That’s why it was stressful is, was one or two, it’d be different. But. And this lady was never had an issue with her in escrow. We actually funneled more deals to her because she was quicker, faster, you know, she didn’t want so much paperwork. Maybe that was the issue. I don’t know, but I don’t want to throw her under the bus man. But that was, that was crazy. We got lucky. We got out of that situation. So what, how would you share with someone how today, how would you get them to over 100 k wholesale fees mean? I would love to get there. Yeah. Multiple, multiple, multiple, uh, lead sources. Of course, you know, that’s, that’s huge.

00:42:33 Um, have multiple people in multiple places like driving for dollars is, is we just started to incorporate that, but we should have a long time ago. I’m also, if you’re couldn’t be cold calling, it’s very easy with cold calling. Okay. Because all you have to. It’s a numbers game. All you have to do is crank the volume up on the number of calls. Yep. Okay. Which means that you have to buy more leads, which means you have to call more people, which means you have to hire more people. Right? So that’s where the tough part comes in. Right? But if you get a, if you get a high equity lists, let’s say, right, so you, you go to your area and you pull a high equity list, owner occupied, non owner occupied, doesn’t matter, can pull out a high equity list. And then also if you’re on list source, go to unknown equity, just pull up just that separate, that’s a different list.

00:43:17 But get all that information. Skip trace and mall, get all their telephone numbers, put it into a calling system, get cold colors on there with the script, have them bang out the calls, send the leads to your leads, uh, leads department, have them call, I have them make their offers and go to the appointments and just track everything. That’s how you get to a hundred k. So you track everything and you scale. That’s like a phd and like five minutes or two minutes. Hey Man, I’m keeping it real. I’m not consistent every month. One hundred percent man. Like, like that’s the goal. Like you know, three, four. Okay. It’s happening. But like my goal is again, like to do more, you know, it’s, it’s to have like the 200, three hundreds. So really just making sure that systems are in place. So. And I think, you know, Darren hardy is one of my coaches.

00:44:03 I love the Guy, right? And he says like, we all know what we need to do. Yeah, we just don’t necessarily do it. That’s true. Um, I, one of the guys I know, he’s in Las Vegas, man, I call him the little guy. So shout out to you, a little guy. He’s the only guy shorter than me in this game, so that’s what I come go. But anyway, so like he spends no money on marketing, you know, no money, but he’s close to pulling in $100 a month and he’s going to get there, you know, and all he does is just, he has people bring them deals, you know, he just got that, that touch, you know, I don’t know what it is, but like just social media presence is like amazing. Just people just bring them deals, you know, and, and he gets there. So you don’t necessarily need to build the marketing machine and throw a bunch of money into it.

00:44:49 That’s just one way, you know, there’s more than one way to skin a cat. So there’s, there’s other ways to do it. I know some people that they’re not like, they’re in the high end markets like San Francisco or Virginia, you know. Um, and their wholesale fees are 100 $5,200. Is the Jason Boozy, you know, booze, cruise bamboos is amazing, man. Not, I’m not talking about booze right now, but boozy through a mastermind. Actually it was, sorry, he threw a mastermind in San Francisco and I went there and there’s all these San Francisco wholesalers. They’re, you know, they’re telling me their numbers and you know, it was me, Carlo, sal and Alex were all looking at each other and we’re like, man, we should go to San Francisco as you should marketing or you know, maybe we should start incorporating this, but you know, those bigger wholesale fees mean that you have to market less, you know, or you could focus on the niche list.

00:45:36 You don’t have to go widespread, you know, I guess there’s two ways, right? You got wide, you got shotgun approach and then you’ve got sniper. You know, there’s snipers is you got to be a very skilled person to be the sniper, right? Anybody could just get a shotgun and shoot. So when you’re starting out, my advice would be, you know, do the shotgun approach, you know, and you’ll learn what a motivated seller sounds like, what they feel like. You’ll just know right now, like I’ll hear somebody on the phone, I’m like that’s a deal within like maybe like 30 seconds of the call. It’s just, yeah, the, the reaction that the color’s reaction or I’ll be walking by and I’ll hear the seller say something or like a pause. Like, you just learned this stuff man. It’s not like, it’s not like I have this amazing ability.

00:46:21 It’s anybody who’s been in it long enough to see the patterns and, and going higher going just equity and getting a bunch of people will, will train you to be able to handle those niche lists a little bit better. Yeah. Sonya wants to know who do you use for skip tracing a neat skip Tko pole skip man. Yeah. And, and I like I was, I was using me to skip before Nathan. Skip was neat to skip. So I know where the data comes from and I know a solid is, you know, and that’s why to me it wasn’t even like, oh, should I try them or you know. But what I would say is just with any skip tracing, you know, just what I would do is compare. That’s all you can do, you know, sending the minimum for each one and just see for yourself, see the results, track the results because you don’t have to go off if somebody’s word, you’re going off of your own data.

00:47:17 And to me like I know I’m a nice guy, I’m an honest guy, I’m gonna. I’m going to point you in the right direction, but at the end of the day you want to go with your experience, so order a minimum and test it and it’s what is it the product says it is. Then just go with it and if it’s not, find something else, but eventually you’ll find one that you’re happy with very wise. So let’s see if there are anything else. Brian. Sam was, wants to know, if it wasn’t for real estate, what would you be doing instead? Man doing instead, she’s, I, I started six businesses before this. All of them failed miserably. It don’t make any money or whether businesses, oh my God. Okay. So entertainment business like, because I come, I was talking to you. I come from a movie background so I was like making short films for people that didn’t work.

00:48:05 Then, you know, photography, you know, that didn’t work. Then I went to New York and I was doing a hedge fund side. Someone gave me like a Hedge Fund to run $20 million hedge fund. I didn’t even know anything. This is my superpower bro. Like I, I’ll get into a room, I’ll talk to someone and they’ll just give me free shit. I don’t know what it is, if you can get that guy back, but the $20,000,000 we can do business together. Well I didn’t go to jail but he wound up being somebody that you don’t really want to work with. Kind of Italian descent and uh, uh, you know, cause some issues. The FBI called me eventually, you know, I still have the FBI agent O’hara is his name. I remember when he called me, he was like, um, he’s like, yes sir, can you couldn’t say my name?

00:48:47 And I’m like, do I call you agent or heroin or just call me bill. I’m like, can I call you agent because it’s cool. But uh, that business, I’m a bunch of other side businesses that I tried to like buy stuff and sell them, like I’m going to go to garages and, and you know, by like a classic items and sell them and I would buy it and then I wouldn’t sell it, you know. So this is something that’s common I think. Do you have a vehicle? Vehicle dealers license? No, no, I know I’m shocked by cars and the rent amount and buying and selling on craigslist. I know a lot of people in the, uh, in the, in that field, I was actually thinking about buying some exotic cars and they’re renting amount and then just so it pays for itself and then you could just drive it when it’s not rented out so you can make money and drive and exotic at the same time.

00:49:34 Uh, so Chris Jackson wants to know what’s your cost per acquisition? UHF? That is a question for my, uh, uh, integrator. It’s not a question for the. I guess I should know that man, but I’m honestly, it should be a, it should be under $10. Should be like nine around $9 probably if night. Seven to $9. Acquisition or lead? No lead. Sorry. Like cost per lead my going and say, man, I should take that. We’ll take that cost per lead. Take that and multiply by 50 I guess. Right? So let’s just round it. And C, nine times 50. So 450 bucks. That sounds little more realist. Yeah. Alright. So we talked about your superpower puts you in a room, you’re gonna figure it out. Yeah. I just, I just love connecting and talking with people. I just love it man. I like, I genuinely like when I see.

00:50:29 So I don’t know what it is. When I see somebody, I see their potential and I have, I have to tell them because I feel like people don’t do that. They don’t tell somebody like, Hey, I see this gift in you, you have the ability to do this. And I’m like, why don’t more people do that? But I guess as a gift I didn’t, I naturally, I just kinda figured that out about myself where I could just see people’s abilities and then share it with them to make them better, unleash things in them, you know? Yeah. Very cool. I love that. And also, um, I am like, you know, mystique from x men, what was her superpower? She can change and the transformative wherever she needed to be. Exactly. So that’s something that I, yeah, I could try, like, I’ll, I’ll, I’ll see somebody and I’ll take an attribute from them that I love and I’ll say, wow, you know what?

00:51:17 I want to add this to my personality because it’ll help me be a better person. Now it’s like, now I have that, you know, and then I look at somebody and I’m like, wow, I don’t want that personality. I sensed that in myself. Let me take that out and get rid of it, you know, that’s powerful. What is your biggest struggle right now? A consistency, uh, with, uh, the team, you know, making sure that my team is, I think Nipsey hussle Saturday, he said, don’t be, don’t be changing the players on your team too much. He said that in the song. I’m going to say I’m not familiar with that, that a song. All my life, I’ve been grinding on my life all my life. So anyways, but yeah, it’s uh, you know, having, leading somebody to their desire. Yeah. It’s very challenging, you know, because they’ll communicate it to you and then they’ll change is what I’m finding because there’s a lot.

00:52:18 Like for instance, I, you know, I always, again, I want to know what somebody’s goal is, right? I want to know, I want to help them get there. So to me as a leader, it’s not like, hey, here’s where the company’s going, you know, it’s like, okay, where do you want to go? Okay, you want to go here? Okay, well that could fit within the company, get to its goals. So let me help you get to your goal because the company is going to hit it at school, right? So having somebody goal change where like they want to get into, for instance, I’ll give a real life example. Somebody wants to run the company, right? One of my ex partners who wanted to be in the office everyday run the company and then all of a sudden it turned into, well, I’d rather just work from home and you know, I want to be around my kid and I don’t really like the office environment thing.

00:53:03 So like, that changed. So now everything that I’ve planned to help him achieve his goal has changed. So now I have to alter it. So now I got to just completely change everything. So, uh, that’s, that’s been a very big challenge for me. Very big challenge for me. I totally, totally get that. So what is one lesson you want to teach today’s young real estate give? Give in order to receive? Okay. Um, the most successful people in this business are the ones that give the ones that serve, right? So you know, when you’re talking to a seller, don’t look for how much money you can make on this transaction. You want to find a problem that you can fix that you know you’ll get done, you’ll know no one else will do it. And you know, you gotta do it to give you a story linked with that.

00:54:02 If I may. Um, there’s A. Diane. Diane was going through foreclosure, right? So the lead was in the system and I was kind of in acquisitions at this time, but I was pulling away. Someone else was doing it and I saw that we have an appointment for Thursday and then the price, everything makes sense. And I’m like, wash Thursday, why not today? So I get it. I get on the phone and I called her and I find out that her power is off. She hasn’t eaten in three days. She has two dogs. Okay. They haven’t eaten either. What do you think I did with what food. Exactly know. So you have to be able to do stuff like that. You have to be able to see someone’s struggle enough to understand what’s missing. And then go give them what’s missing. Some people are lonely, so you’ve got to talk to them for two hours, four hours, four hours, multiple nights.

00:54:57 Some people, they don’t talk to their brother and Michigan and they need to get into a mobile home park and they have no credit. And in order for you to buy this house, you need to get them into a mobile home park. So you rekindle the relationship with the brother to vouch for her, right, her brother, to make him open to signing and putting his credit on the line to get her into mobile, home park. Things like that. You know, you find a way to get it done to people going through a divorce. They don’t talk to each other. You need to be in, in a meter area, you know, you’re not getting paid for that, but you got to do it. You’re the marriage counselor. Yeah. Yup. Um, if, if a son is living with the mother and the, and the sun is there with the girlfriend and then there’s, you know, five kids live in there and none of them have a job and they’re living off of the sucking the mother’s social security.

00:55:48 You need to be the, the Batman that comes in there, right? And eliminates the problem and gets the mother out of this situation because you could see she has gray hair where two years ago she didn’t have gray hair. You know, like obviously the two are connected. The stress is killing her. So you buy an essence. Are you buying a house and getting someone out of a situation, you’re literally saving them, you know, that’s what I would say. Don’t go after the money, go after saving people go after solving someone’s problem. Instead of trying to put, looking for the fat wallet. Instead of putting this paper in your, in your wallet, just don’t is paper, right? Human beings are human beings, right? Human beings are life forms. They’re living, breathing. You know, you have to help that. You have to help people, you know, don’t worry about the paper that comes. It’s a gift.

00:56:42 Yeah. They’ll come afterwards. You do the right things. Right, exactly. Uh, what is your favorite best or most interesting failure?

00:56:50 My best or most interesting failure, um, to, to, to roof best, most interesting failure, not hitting a, the company goal last year. A one point 5 million idiom come close. But knowing that just kind of humbling me. It kind of humbled me, you know, because I’m thinking million million, million million, you know, and I don’t come anywhere near it. And I’m like, all right, well I got a lot of work to do, you know, it really, it humbled me to a point where I know that I need to improve 10 x what I’m doing and that helped me be more effective leader because then I realized that I need to. You can’t get to the mountain top alone, you don’t need a team and you could either choose to create a team selfishly so all of them are serving you or you could build a team and serve them. So that, that helped me realize that because again, I was selfish at the beginning. It was just about me, me, me, me, me, and I had to learn that lesson.

00:57:54 So 2017 helped you help you to see that? Yeah, it’s awesome. Absolutely huge. Absolutely. Uh, so Hong wants to know if you don’t want to change the team too much, are you going to hire slow? Fire fast? We’re going to encourage some lazy guy to become a b. So that’s a great question on um, I don’t follow the wisdom slow. Hire fast, hire slow, fire fast. That’s wisdom. Do that. Don’t do what I do. So what, what does add

00:58:22 Zaydi is a, you’re in the company, your family, and you’re going to stay because I take care of my family. But if you become a poison, okay, that’s the only time I’m going to cut you off the company because now you’re poisoning other people in. Now you’re affecting them their cancer. Exactly. And you’ve got to cut out the cancer. I’m, I’ve had to do that twice where I just walked into someone’s office. I’m like, look, your attitude is so bad, you got to get out of here. I’m sorry. And you know, they had to commission checks waiting. I didn’t have to pay him, but I did, you know, because it was a part of the agreement to give them a deal and he got the deal, right. Give him room deal, right? You got to honor that no matter what. Um, but again, somebody that’s, that’s lazy, you got to be careful.

00:59:03 People, why are they lazy? They’re lazy because they’re doing something they don’t want to be doing or they’re in an environment they don’t want to be in. So before you go pointing the finger at someone being lazy, make sure that your environment is harmonious. I make sure the team members all around, not one person is annoying somebody, even if it’s you and knowing people, make sure your environment is harmonious. You know, if you’re in an office that’s boring, why do people want to be there? You know, we have like an arcade system that are on her office. You know, we, we, we played chess a little bit. I played chess, I love chess. Um, and uh, you know, just things that are fun, you know, like some people have a foosball tables, ping pong tables, pool tables, just something you’ve got to make sure the environment is fun.

00:59:49 If the environment is fun and there’s no one in there that’s dragging somebody down, then why is that person even there in the first place? So you have to try to solve that problem before you say, oh, they’re lazy, I got to get rid of them. But again, you’re talking to a person that like looks at employees and team members as family. So it’s difficult to, you know, you don’t just cut out your family because they have a bad month, you know, you give them the tools they need to succeed and if they don’t and they become a cancer, okay, then you got to like, then it’s no mercy then then, you know, then I turn into, you know, let me, you’re out of here. There’s no conversation.

01:00:26 What book have you gifted more than any other think and grow rich? Yeah, hundred percent. I love that one. A lot of people have a hard time reading. I recommended that book so many times. People can’t.

01:00:36 You really, you don’t need read your chapter two. Is it just reach out to chapter two, chapter two. All right, well, you’re right. You’re right. They, they, because it’s very. It talks about why this works and you’ll find it. And then all these, the history, I think it gets boring maybe.

01:00:51 Uh, it’s a tougher read for sure. It’s not like today’s books. Every. Everything’s kind of like a fable, you know? It’s a very dry read, but I love the one, if you guys can find it. Last time I looked for, I couldn’t find it was the audible version with Napoleon hill speeches in between that exists. So because there’s recordings of him, right? A species. So there’s a couple of chapters. Here’s him speaking. Here’s a couple of chapters. Harrison speaking. It’s, it’s incredible. So I don’t know if it’s on audible store, but I mean I have in my phone, so that’s

01:01:22 seeing that. But yeah, I mean maybe we can talk about that afterwards. That’s, I would love that there’s a bunch of Napoleon hill recordings on this youtube channel where it’s Napoleon hill recordings and like some like upbeat music either why c, Y, b, o or something like that, I don’t know. But,

01:01:37 and then share that with you after a to, uh, for tate thinking grow rich. That was the book. And then there’s another one, uh, seeking what the devil was it.

01:01:46 Oh yeah, yeah, yeah. A interview with the devil. Is that what it is?

01:01:49 And another Napoleon Hill Book. That one’s a huge, huge book as well.

01:01:53 Great Book. Another one, secrets of the millionaire mind actually. Very, very powerful book because of the, uh, not affirmations, but where they called you to. You read it. Yeah. Yeah. What’s he say? That when you have to do stuff, declaration declarations. Declarations are powerful. Actually replace, you know, when he says he says like tells you to declare something and say, point to your head and say, I have a millionaire mind. So when I do that, I always go, I have a millionaire mind. No, that’s the. I’m trying to not trying. I’m programming billionaire in my mind because I know that this is a computer, so why am I going to limit it, you know?

01:02:27 Yep. Uh, okay. Yeah. Sonia outwitting the devil. That’s why. There you go. Thank you very much. Appreciate it.

01:02:33 Characters to he turns into like the devil’s character. It’s exciting.

01:02:38 The backstory behind it’s pretty, pretty fascinating too. So, uh, that’s, it’s someone wants to get ahold of you. How would they do that?

01:02:45 Um, best way guys. Is instagram a Zaydi Leesie a d y l e e n instagram. Uh, yeah, that, that would be the best way, man. I, I answered those all the time. The instagram takes priority over everything else because I’m just on it so much. I don’t know. I get on there and I, I do a lot of stories where I’ll share things about the business and I’ll go live and then I’ll talk about stuff. Like when I go live I dropped like literally like company secrets. So I always erased the live right afterwards because I’m like, I look, you know what, maybe you don’t want to give everybody the entire blueprint, you know, but because I don’t charge anyone, I’m just like, people have called me to for coaching, I just give them knowledge, like just don’t worry about coaching, grow here.

01:03:30 And there’s also a lot of dancing looking for dance videos,

01:03:35 gang dancing man. So the shirts are coming soon. That’s going to be exciting made in America.

01:03:43 And then again guys, if you liked this show, please share this episode right now. And then we got next week. Kenny. Klaus isn’t talking about how he’s crushing it right now as a traditional agent with all the technologies coming today, how are we staying relevant in today’s industry and challenges. So thank you guys for tuning in and thank you. This was awesome.

01:04:05 It’s a pleasure for me to even be invited out here. Thank you so much. I appreciate it.

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