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Meet David Olds, the Transaction Coordinator King


Meet David Olds, the Transaction Coordinator King

The Transaction Coordinator King, David Olds of ezREIclosings.com from Chattanooga, Tennessee, shares his incredible journey in real estate with just $10,000. Through determination and ingenuity, David defied the odds and turned his limited resources into an extraordinary success story.

Meet David Olds, the Transaction Coordinator King | VLOG

Meet David Olds, the Transaction Coordinator King

Meet David Olds, the Transaction Coordinator King

David Olds: Revolutionizing the Real Estate Industry with ezREIclosings

In the ever-changing landscape and with an unwavering passion for real estate and an unparalleled drive to succeed, David has become a formidable force, disrupting the industry with his groundbreaking company, ezREIclosings. As the visionary behind this revolutionary venture, David has made it his mission to make real estate investment easier, more affordable, and of the highest quality.

David’s journey in real estate began in 2002 when he and his wife unknowingly purchased their first home, which turned out to be a foreclosure. Little did they know that this fateful event would ignite their passion for real estate investing. After successfully flipping the property and making a staggering $50,000 profit, David and his wife dove headfirst into the world of real estate.

In Central Florida, before the crash of 2008/2009, David honed his skills as an investor, undertaking numerous successful property flips. However, when the economic downturn hit, finding lucrative deals became a challenge. Undeterred, David and his wife made the bold decision to relocate to Chattanooga, TN, in search of new opportunities. Through sheer hard work and unwavering determination, they quickly established themselves as the leading wholesalers in the region.

Throughout his career, David’s expertise has expanded beyond wholesaling. He has amassed an impressive portfolio of over 100 rental properties, mastering property management, raising private capital, and executing successful rehab projects. Recognizing the need to share his wealth of knowledge, David has emerged as a highly sought-after speaker and coach, guiding the next generation of investors toward rapid growth and financial success.

At the core of David’s success lies his unwavering commitment to a set of guiding principles. “Simple is Scalable” and “Always Start With The End In Mind” are mantras that have propelled him to build an exceptional business supported by an extraordinary team. David’s common-sense approach to entrepreneurship and his ability to streamline and simplify complex processes have proven invaluable to his students, followers, and clients.

While growing his real estate companies, David identified a significant gap in the industry—a pressing need for a service that would facilitate efficient and timely closings for wholesalers, freeing them to focus on revenue generation. In response to this need, David founded ezREIclosings in 2020. In an impressively short span of time, ezREIclosings has emerged as the largest Transactions Company in the nation, revolutionizing the way investors and wholesalers close their deals in all 50 states.

The mission of ezREIclosings is simple yet powerful: “Help Investors Do More Deals and Make More Money.” Thanks to a stellar track record and glowing recommendations from countless successful students, as well as a groundbreaking affiliate program for coaches and influencers, ezREIclosings has experienced exponential growth over the past year. The impact of ezREIclosings in the industry is undeniable, with investors across the nation reaping the benefits of David’s innovative approach.

If you are ready to join the ranks of successful investors and wholesalers, ezREIclosings invites you to explore the possibilities. Whether you are seeking to promote ezREIclosings within your network or coaching group, the team is eager to collaborate with you. Reach out today to unlock new opportunities and embark on a journey toward unparalleled success with ezREIclosings.


Podcast Link | How I Bought $7MM In Real Estate with $10000

How I Bought $7MM In Real Estate with $10000
How I Bought $7MM In Real Estate with $10000

Meet David Olds, the Transaction Coordinator King

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