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Meet Ryan Zolin: The Man Connecting Wholesalers and Realtors

The 3 Biggest Mistakes Ryan Zolin Learned from Last Year

Meet Ryan Zolin: The Man Connecting Wholesalers and Realtors

Spotlighting an intriguing individual who is reshaping the real estate landscape – Ryan Zolin. Join us as we uncover a man who’s seamlessly bridging the gap between wholesalers and realtors, revolutionizing how these two worlds collaborate and thrive. Let’s dive into the fascinating journey of Ryan Zolin, the visionary connector.

Meet Ryan Zolin: The Man Connecting Wholesalers and Realtors | VLOG

Meet Ryan Zolin: The Man Connecting Wholesalers and Realtors

Meet Ryan Zolin: The Man Connecting Wholesalers and Realtors

Ryan Zolin is a 25-year-old real estate entrepreneur who has been actively involved in the real estate industry since the age of 18. He has completed over $100 million worth of transactions throughout his career. Ryan embarked on his real estate journey immediately after graduating from high school by obtaining his real estate license. Recognizing the value of learning from experienced professionals, he joined a thriving real estate team instead of venturing out on his own.

Within a few months, Ryan’s determination and acquired skill set provided enough value to Jeff Dorsten, who agreed to become his mentor. Under Jeff’s guidance, Ryan gained invaluable experience in various areas, including commercial transactions, business-broker deals, and traditional real estate practices. Together, Ryan and Jeff quickly became one of the top teams at their brokerage. Building on their success, they officially formed “The JR Team,” and Ryan, at the age of 19, assumed the role of team leader, overseeing a group of over 20 traditional real estate agents while managing multiple transactions each month.

During this time, Ryan discovered the world of wholesaling through Templeton Walker’s “Send me your deals” concept. Intrigued by wholesaling, Ryan explored it further and ventured into it independently. With an amicable split from Jeff, Ryan took a couple of agents from his team and embarked on this new chapter.

Following a brief period at a rising MLM brokerage, Ryan’s path crossed with Steve Trang and Stunning Homes Realty. He encountered influential figures such as Jesse Burrell, Matthew Potter, Jared Vidales, and the legendary Jamil Damji there. Under Steve Trang’s coaching and mentorship, Ryan recognized the significance of personal development and investing in oneself. When AstroFlipping, a course created by Jamil Damji, was released, Ryan promptly enrolled as one of the first members, establishing direct contact with Josiah Grimes, co-founder of KeyGlee and AstroFlipping. Through this course, Ryan gained comprehensive knowledge of various wholesaling techniques. However, he encountered setbacks and financial losses while attempting to compete with local real estate investors, primarily due to diving into direct-to-seller marketing without adequate preparation.

During this challenging period, Ryan reconsidered the concept of working with realtors. Through grueling 12-14 hour workdays, countless phone calls, and hundreds of offers, Ryan secured a substantial $30,000 check. The success he achieved through agent outreach and MLS offer without having to invest heavily in marketing convinced him to shift his focus away from direct-to-seller marketing. This strategic decision led to his first $250,000 year in real estate by doubling down on on-market deals. Since late 2019, this has become Ryan’s primary investment strategy, resulting in millions of dollars in assignment fees.

To this day, Ryan’s primary focus remains collaborating with other real estate agents and engaging in on-market deals. His key markets are Arizona and Florida, and he dedicates his time to managing the Agent Investors community and coaching individuals around him to achieve their goals. At Agent Investors, the vision is to cultivate leaders who lead by example, fostering a spirit of collaboration within the real estate community.

Agent Investor
IG: @RyanZolin

Podcast Link | The 3 Biggest Mistakes Ryan Zolin Learned from Last Year

The 3 Biggest Mistakes Ryan Zolin Learned from Last Year

Meet Ryan Zolin: The Man Connecting Wholesalers and Realtors

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